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Update as November 23, 2020:
Checkout The Best Hoverboard for a detailed review of all the top .

Overall Take

In our analysis of 72 expert reviews, the GOTRAX Hoverboard placed 21st when we looked at the top 22 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

DESIGNED IN DENVER – Our hoverboards feature LED lights and are made of high-quality UL Certified materials. ELECTRICAL SAFETY CERTIFIED – Electrical, battery, and charging systems are UL 2272 tested and certified. MORE POWER! – Enjoy 500 WATTS that will push your balance scooter to speeds of up to 7.4 mph. MORE FUN! – Ride for up to 12 miles (90 minutes+) on your 2 wheel self-balancing scooter. VIBRANT COLORS – Choose between 7 different self balancing scooter colors and designs.

Expert Reviews

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What experts liked

Affordable. Lightweight. Has Self-Balancing Technology
- Gadget Review
They responded quite quickly to our emailed questions and were very helpful in their responses, earning the Hoverfly a solid score in this test.
- Tech Gear Lab
Lightweight and portable. UL 2272 certified. Non-slip foot pads and rubber bumpers that ensures a safe traveling experience. Sleek design and exciting colors to choose from. Quick and easy training mode that helps beginners learn how to operate the hoverboard. Highly affordable. Fast battery recharge time of 1.5 hours
- The Self Balancing Scooters
GoTrax offers a variety of boards under their brand HOVERFLY. Highly rated and colorful, GoTrax is a brand for kids, but the manufacturer does make off-road boards as well. These typically do not support over 250 lbs, and the wheels are slightly cheaper for the base models. Faster than SwagTron, these boards have dual 250W motors and can go up to 7.4 mph for up to 12 miles on a single battery at full charge. With LED lights, different color configurations, and charger systems, it’s a great beginner board for a kid.
- Review Institute
The ECO is a lightweight board, lighter than the Razor or Halo, this is great for carrying it, especially if it’s a child transporting it.
- ALT Riders
October 12, 2018 | Full review

What experts didn't like

Low Range. No Smartphone or Bluetooth. Low Maximum Speed
- Gadget Review
Finally, we noticed that this board again struggled when trying to clear larger bumps or thresholds, stalling out as it tried to clear the obstacle and usually causing us to step — or fall — off.
- Tech Gear Lab
Weight capacity limited to 220 pounds. Lack of Bluetooth support and mobile application
- The Self Balancing Scooters
I feel like adults could get frustrated by the lack of speed and power.
- ALT Riders
October 12, 2018 | Full review

An Overview On

“Back to the Future” predicted a time in which hoverboards would be an essential part of getting around, particularly for young people. But while hoverboards are widely available, they don’t exactly match the ones seen in science-fiction films of the past. Rather than hovering in the air slightly above the ground, they sport wheels that are in direct contact with the pavement, concrete and other ground types as you roll along.

Since they’re largely popular with younger consumers, safety is one of the top priorities for hoverboard manufacturers. Parents want to know that the product their children are using is 100% safe, especially since the early days of hoverboards were filled with stories of fires and explosions. If you’re looking for a hoverboard, it’s important to pay close attention to their safety standards.

Once you’ve narrowed the field to the safest hoverboards, your next concern will likely be usability. Some hoverboards are better than others when it comes to climbing hills and traveling over various terrains. Even if your neighborhood is relatively flat, there may come a day when you want to take it on the road, so pay close attention to these limitations.

One thing many hoverboard buyers may not consider is battery life. You’ll have a limited range after each charge, which means you’ll only be able to travel so far before you need to return to recharge. You should also keep charging time in mind as well, especially if you’re dealing with impatient children who will be anxiously watching every second as they wait to get back out there.

As you shop for a hoverboard, there are many things to consider, many of which are based on your own personal uses for one. Know in advance whether you’ll be pushing it to its limits or idly riding it around your cul-de-sac. That will help you identify a hoverboard that works for all your own unique needs.

The Buying Guide

  • Whether you plan to take your hoverboard off-roading or not, it’s comforting to know you can easily go anywhere. Look for an all-terrain hoverboard that is able to handle grass, pavement or any other surface you throw at it. Typically, this type of hoverboard will have 400-watt dual motors and 30% larger wheels.
  • If you’ll primarily be using your hoverboard on stable surfaces, like city sidewalks, a smooth ride may be more important. The Hover-1 Helix Electric Hoverboard, Galaxy offers a stable ride.
  • Some models can be a little jerky at times, especially at lower speeds.
  • Look for a hoverboard that lets you use your knees instead of only your feet to steer. This adds an element of stability other hoverboards don’t have.
  • When it comes to safety, it’s important to know exactly which features to consider. One area of safety is with the battery, which had issues in the early days of hoverboards.
  • Some hoverboards have a fire-retardant shell, protecting the unit itself in addition to the battery. One concern with some models is that braking appears to be slower, which means there could be a higher possibility of an accident.
  • Unfortunately, hoverboards have limited range due to the fact that they run on rechargeable batteries. Look for a model that has an especially long battery life. A battery that lasts an hour should be able to allow you to go more than 10 miles.
  • You may not think water resistance matters, but consider the possibility that eventually you’ll be caught outside during an unexpected rainstorm. Consider a hoverboard that is water-resistant, giving you peace of mind of knowing you can handle some rain and the occasional puddle.