GORILLA GRIP Phthalate Free Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Mat

Last updated date: March 9, 2022

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GORILLA GRIP Phthalate Free Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Mat

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We looked at the top Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Mats and dug through the reviews from some of the most popular review sites. Through this analysis, we've determined the best Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Mat you should buy.

Update as March 22, 2022:
Checkout Protect Your Feet By Getting The Best Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Mat for a detailed review of all the top anti-fatigue kitchen mats.

Overall Take

Whether you need a mat in front of your sink or in a dining area or doorway, this anti-fatigue kitchen mat can hold up after years of use. The beveled, anti-slip design will keep people from tripping as they pass through your home. You'll also get a chemical-free surface that allows for worry-free barefoot standing.

In our analysis of 103 expert reviews, the GORILLA GRIP Phthalate Free Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Mat placed 7th when we looked at the top 14 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

My back aches from working in the kitchen – how can this mat help? We all spend a great deal of time on our feet in the kitchen – cooking at the stove, washing dishes. Standing for long periods of time on hard surfaces can put undue stress on your body (feet, ankles, knees, hips, and back), causing not only significant pain but also muscle and joint fatigue. Does your back ache from cooking and washing dishes? Do you feel leg or foot fatigue? Siatica nerve pain? Eliminate these issues with our top rated ergonomically engineered 3/4″ anti fatigue mats. Our mats are designed with these premium specifications: Highest-grade foam to eliminate pressure and provide superior support. Strong, durable materials for high traffic areas. Easy to clean water resistant material that can be vacuumed or wiped with a wet cloth. Spill some liquid or food on your mat? No problem, it will wipe right off. Is this mat good to use all day at a standing desk? Not only is it good, it was designed for this use. Some mats use lower quality foam that feels too soft, resulting in the feeling that your heels are bottoming out. Not our mats – we don’t call it GORILLA for nothing! Our premium quality foam was designed and tested to provide the perfect balance of softness (for comfort) and firmess (to eliminate pressure and provide superior support over long periods of time). Plus, our mats are perfect for heavy use as our high quality materials will not break down or compress over time. Help, my joints are aching! Will this mat provide support in the laundry room? The laundry room is one of those places where we all spend a lot of time bending, squatting, lifting, folding, and moving that iron side to side. You may not realize it, but this can do a number on your body. The Original GORILLA GRIP support mat will truly make a difference. You won’t know how you lived without it. Our mat is also great for a work room, in front of your bathroom vanity (not intended for use in the shower), salons, at the cash register, or anywhere else you spend time on your feet.

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What experts liked

Gorilla Grip Anti Fatigue Mat does not roll even when there is more traffic going on. It stays flat to floor which makes it even more convenient to use.
- A Top Daily
It uses one the highest grade foam and measures three-quarter inches which are ideal for hard surfaces or even rough textured grounds. It is incredibly strong to provide ultimate support, especially high traffic areas.
- Top Best 10 Reviews
The mat contains no toxic or harmful chemical element. Therefore, it is very safe for barefoot standing.
- Buy Me Top 10
July 17, 2019 | Full review
This is a beautifully designed mat with a ¾-inch thickness cushioning for great body support. It features high-grade foam to support the body and eliminate fatigue.
- The Z8
It has texture surface as well as enhanced beveled edge design that assists prevent tripping and slipping.
- Paramatan
November 8, 2019 | Full review
This one is super thick measuring a ¾ inch. With this, it means perfect cushioning as well as ideal support to keep away muscle and joints pains.
- Dotbeasts
January 11, 2019 | Full review
This standing mat is non-toxic, and free from phthalates. If you’re concerned about ‘falling into’ the mat, no need. This mat has been designed to be soft enough to provide you with a comfortable standing surface, yet firm enough to help you stand comfortably erect for long hours.
- Theme Country
It performed relatively well in durability and cleaning tests too.
- Your Best Digs

What experts didn't like

Doesn’t stretch well though it remains durable regardless of how much you use it
- Top Best 10 Reviews
The Gorilla Grip actually shifted more underneath our feet in traction tests.
- Your Best Digs

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An Overview On Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Mats

Working in the kitchen can take time, especially if you’re making a big meal. Not only do you have to prep your ingredients and cook them, but someone will also have to deal with cleanup once everyone’s eaten. An anti-fatigue mat can keep you comfortable, whether you’re standing there for hours or minutes.

“Whether you already spend hours on your feet in the kitchen or you’re just tired after a long day, anti-fatigue kitchen mats make meal prep and cooking a ‘walk-in-the-clouds’ kind of experience,” says home expert Vicki Liston. “These shock-absorbing mats reduce foot fatigue and can help with standing knee and back pain as well. ”

Anti-fatigue mats don’t just have to be used in the kitchen, even if they’re labeled as such. You could move it to a garage or home office. Those who stand on their feet for hours often use them in their own workplaces. You may see an anti-fatigue kitchen mat in a salon or behind the counter at a retail shop. With the popularity of standing desks, anti-fatigue mats are also becoming popular in workplaces as standing pads.

When using a kitchen mat for ergonomic purposes, though, the first factor you’ll want to look at is the foam core inside. This varies from one manufacturer to another, so pay close attention to the technology. It’s important to not only find a foam that can support you without being too rigid but that will also hold up after hours of use. Some standing pads can lose their cushioning after having weight flatten them for a period of time.

Safety is another feature you’ll see mentioned when shopping for anti-fatigue mats. If a mat slips from beneath you while you’re standing or moving around on it, you can lose your balance and fall. Most kitchen mats will use an antislip surface underneath to prevent these issues. However, also make sure the edge is designed in a way that you won’t accidentally trip over it. Over time, flat edges can begin to curl, which is why you’ll find that many modern antislip mats are built with beveled edges that can stand the test of time.

Look for labels like “tear-resistant” or “curl-resistant” or “non-slip” on the mat before you buy, says Liston.

“Use after use, your mat will need to stand up to daily foot traffic, which is typically heavy in a kitchen,” she says. “Purchasing a durable model that won’t tear and won’t curl to cause trips will ensure you get several years of comfort out of it. The ‘non-slip’ should include both the bottom and top surfaces. A non-slip bottom is normally standard but you also don’t want to experience slipping across a too-smooth top surface.”

The Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Mat Buying Guide

  • Most anti-fatigue mats provide comfort through the use of foam insulation, which varies from one manufacturer to another. If a manufacturer advertises the unique technology it uses, it’s likely their own proprietary build. Look for high-density mats that retain their shape, as well as paying attention to the thickness of the mat itself.
  • Some mats have a chemical smell when you first unpack them. This smell should dissipate over time, but you may want to plan to let it air out on your front or back porch for a few hours before setting it up in your kitchen.
  • If you’re concerned about the environment, some mats advertise that they are constructed using eco-friendly processes and materials.
  • The materials used in the mat also play into how well it will hold up after years of use. Look for a mat that won’t easily puncture if you drop something on it.
  • Some mats feature a pattern that makes them tough to clean. Flat, even surfaces are easier to wipe clean than one with a woven pattern, for instance. You’ll also want a waterproof mat that can not only be cleaned but can also handle the occasional spills and splashes that are inevitable in a kitchen.
  • In addition to the nonslip bottom, some mats also have an upper surface that helps keep you from sliding on while you’re standing there.
  •  There’s no getting around the fact that the appearance of the mat plays a big role in whether you buy it or not. There are plenty of mats available in different colors and designs to help you customize your look. You’ll even find mats that are provided in varying sizes.
  • Some mats can fold up if you need to store them. Perhaps most important, though, is the fact that a few manufacturers fold up these mats to ship them, which can create a crease that weakens the structure of the mat. You’ll also find these mats don’t lay flat as well once they’ve been folded, which can create a tripping hazard.