Giftgarden Elegant 5 x 7 Picture Frame, 2-Pack

Last updated date: July 20, 2020

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Giftgarden Elegant 5 x 7 Picture Frame, 2-Pack

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This 5 x 7 picture frame is simple yet elegant, with a sleek modern look. It's an excellent choice for displaying wedding and graduation pictures, as it's made with an attractive glass design. It's important to note that while this model does not come with a wall mount, it can be displayed vertically or horizontally on a tabletop. In our analysis of 2 expert reviews, the Giftgarden Giftgarden Elegant 5 x 7 Picture Frame, 2-Pack placed 4th when we looked at the top 5 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

Editor's Note July 20, 2020:
Checkout The Best 5 x 7 Picture Frame for a detailed review of all the top 5 x 7 picture frames.

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From The Manufacturer

Glass mirror to protect the photo. The total size of hand painted Standard Frame is: about 18x23cm(7.1 x 9.1inch), and the inner Picture Frame Sizes is: 5 x 7 inch. The Elegant Picture Frame design will make you room in new fashion level and give you a fresh feeling. If you want a very romantic, feminine, delightful appearance Beautiful Picture Frame, then certainly purchase this Ornate Picture frames. The frame is in simple and elegant design, the Fancy Picture Frames will make you picture shine.Turn your posed portraits and everyday shots into a spectacular display in this Special Picture Frames. It is a wonderful Picture Frame Moulding and a beautifully crafted Glass Frame, and it is a idea gift for fashion mother, friends, girlfriend and someone you love. Please don’t hesitate to have the Romantic Picture Frame. Fashionable and trendy home decor photo frames, the 5 x 7 picture frame decorative frames will light your room and make your home look more fashion and elegant.

Overall Product Rankings

upsimples Rustic 5 x 7 Picture Frame, Set Of 5
1. upsimples Rustic 5 x 7 Picture Frame, Set Of 5
Overall Score: 9.5
Expert Reviews: 1
Scholartree Wooden 5 x 7 Picture Frame, 3-Pack
3. Scholartree Wooden 5 x 7 Picture Frame, 3-Pack
Overall Score: 9.2
Expert Reviews: 0
Giftgarden Elegant 5 x 7 Picture Frame, 2-Pack
4. Giftgarden Elegant 5 x 7 Picture Frame, 2-Pack
Overall Score: 9.0
Expert Reviews: 0
Q.Hou Rustic Brown 5 x 7 Picture Frame
5. Q.Hou Rustic Brown 5 x 7 Picture Frame
Overall Score: 8.9
Expert Reviews: 0

An Overview On 5 X 7 Picture Frames

Picture frames are not only important for keeping your portraits protected over time, but they also enhance the images and add a touch of style to the room in which the pictures are being displayed. If you’re in the market for a 5 x 7 picture frame, there are a few things you’ll want to consider before you make a purchase.

Determine what type of material you’d like your 5 x 7 picture frame to be made out of. Some are constructed from an acrylic resin that is designed to resemble real wood, while others are made of eco-friendly, high-quality medium-density fiberboard (MDF) wood. Frames can also be made from metal, glass, plastic, polystyrene and many other materials.

Consider the design of the 5 x 7 picture frame also, as you want it to match the feel and decor of the room in which you intend on placing it. If you’re going for farmhouse chic, for example, you’ll want to look for a frame in a rustic brown or distressed white. A more elegant space, such as an office, would do better with the Giftgarden Elegant 5 x 7 Picture Frame, 2-Pack, which features a stylish mirror border and is made entirely of glass.

You may also wish to consider the window mat, the backing and associated hardware and accessories for mounting. Check how pictures are kept stable inside the frame, and whether the backing board clips and other hardware that keep your photos in place are of good quality and easy to move. Also, consider if you want your photo frame to be able to display images both horizontally and vertically.

Looking for a 5 x 7 picture frame that can be given as a gift? Some picture frame sets include an attractive gift box that makes them ideal for wedding, Christmas, birthday and housewarming gifts.

Ultimately, you may end up making your choice based on cost and the appearance of the frame — and those can be very personal decisions.

DWYM Fun Fact

Here are a few interesting facts that you may not have known about the history of picture frames:

  • A picture frame was discovered in an old Egyptian grave. It featured the portrait of a woman and was made out of wood that dated to between 50 and 70 A.D.
  • American Empire Style Frames were one of the first lines of picture frames to be created in America.
  • According to the Guinness World Records book, the largest collection of picture frames goes to Lara Khoury from the United Arab Emirates. Khoury is recorded as having 2,214 different picture frames in her possession.
  • There’s actually no copyright law when it comes to picture frames, which is why you’ll find so many frames that look exactly alike.

The 5 X 7 Picture Frame Buying Guide

  • No matter where you choose to display your 5 x 7 picture frame, you’ll need to clean it from time to time. Dust tends to collect on objects and people end up leaving fingerprints behind when they pick up the frame to look at the picture. Should your frame simply need a good dusting, use a feather, lamb’s wool or synthetic duster. If the frame is in need of a deeper cleaning, you’ll need to carefully remove the picture frame’s backing, take out the picture and the glass insert and wipe the frame down with a damp lint-free cloth. You can use a bit of glass cleaner and a paper towel to clean the glass insert. Carefully reassemble the picture frame and return it to its designated location.
  • Never directly spray a picture frame with water or any cleaning solution. You could ruin the picture held within the frame.
  • Picture frames are great for much more than just displaying a family photo. You can use them to proudly show off your child’s artwork. You can press a few flowers and arrange them within a picture frame to bring the outdoors indoors. You can even mount a map or a favorite poem inside the picture frame.
  • Since 5 x 7 picture frames often come in sets of different numbers, it’s important to determine how much you’re being charged per picture frame. To do this, you’ll need to divide the total cost of the set by the number of frames included in the set. The upsimples Rustic 5 x 7 Picture Frames, Set Of 5 comes out as the cheapest set, while the LaVie Home Rustic Distressed 5 x 7 Picture Frames, Set Of 3 is able to fetch a modest price. You’ll pay the most per frame for the Scholartree Wooden 5 x 7 Picture Frames, 3-Pack 21 and the Giftgarden Elegant 5 x 7 Picture Frame, 2-Pack 15.