Gerber 15-In-1 Titanium Multitool

Last updated: June 6, 2023

This compact yet ergonomically designed multi-plier makes using its tools easy, even for large hands. Smooth, spring-loaded action ensures quick release on most features. The lightweight construction makes it easy to carry but no less durable. We found this tool to be well-balanced during our testing; we also really liked the functionality of the spring.

We looked at the top Multitools and dug through the reviews from some of the most popular review sites. Through this analysis, we've determined the best Multitool you should buy.

Product Details

Key Takeaway: The Gerber Suspension Multi-Plier is small enough to take anywhere, with a light yet durable construction

In our analysis of 124 expert reviews, the Gerber 15-In-1 Titanium Multitool placed 7th when we looked at the top 22 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

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Expert Reviews

What reviewers liked

We had no issues with the durability and construction of the Suspension. This is as much a testament to our rigorous pre-screening of products as it is to the interest these tool companies take in making solid products.
The tools in the Suspension are all solid and most follow classic Gerber design, like the rather ‘plump’ scissors. They are all accessible when the tool is closed, which is sort of a mixed blessing.
One feature that makes this model different is the open frame. It has two main goals, to make this tool lighter and to offer interesting design. In addition, the level of grip is better than with other multi-tools, so it is a great choice if you are going to use it in complicated situations.
Comfortable curved design of the plier handles puts a lot less strain on your hands when you’re really squeezing
It has 12 tools, all of which lock (save for the pliers). This includes a straight blade, a serrated blade, a saw, pliers, a wire cutter, three screw drivers (two different size flatheads and a Phillips), scissors, a bottle and can opener, and an awl.
It is lightweight and easy to carry.
The multi-tool is easy to open with a spring-loaded design and the curved handle is comfortable to hold. The Saf.T.Plus component locking system ensures extra safety when you close the handles.
User-friendly design for easier operation.
Traveling with this product is a piece of cake. Unlike most standard tools that need a lot of storage space, for instance, its foldable design is convenient. Measuring just 4-inches, you can store in your pocket whilst traveling without issues. It also has a lightweight design. You will never struggle to transport its 9.6-ounce frame to your workplace.
Comfortable for large hands
We also like the compact style. It’s small and lightweight enough to be an EDC, yet it’s big enough to tackle any job or challenge set forth. The design was also sleek looking. It had cut out holes that looked like they were cut by a laser.
The handles of the tool do not pinch your fingers like most other multitool kits out there. So when you open the tool it is simple and safe.
Best of all, the Gerber system of anti-blade clumping is employed on this tool. Flying beneath the radar unnoticed, those little tabbed washers are pure genius.
Made from superior quality steel that prevents the Gerber multi tool from corrosion.
The needle-nose pliers in this multi-tool are located at the very center and are designed with spring-loaded action, so there’s no need to worry about pinching yourself.
The knife portion is extremely sharp (this was also a con for me as I accidently flayed my finger open within minutes of opening it)
Contoured handles for improved grip and usability.

What reviewers didn't like

Its bulky and heavy.
For a 3.75″ long tool, the knife blades seem rather short with just under 2″ of cutting edge.
Weight/bulk. These things are pretty heavy - a little over 9 oz, to be exact
A flaw in the locking system.
Individual tools and lock spring can be a bit tough to open
Quite heavy when you compare to other multi tools.
Can pinch when closing
It can be a tiny bit challenging to open with one hand. I was working on my car and my left hand was holding up the exhaust and I grabbed the multitool with my right hand and it took me a few seconds to be able to open it.
Velcro on the sheath is not the best idea for a tool that's built to last for years.
Handle cut-outs serve no purpose, and do not make the tool any lighter.
The opening tools have thumb notches for both the serrated edge and straight edge knife blades but none on the other tools.
Spring loaded needlenose pliers stopped being springy after torsion testing.
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