Gelish Harmony Professional LED Nail Dryer Lamp Light

Last updated date: June 15, 2020

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Gelish Harmony Professional LED Nail Dryer Lamp Light

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Overall Take

You'll get fast results when you opt for this nail dryer. In fact, it cures gel polish in just 5 seconds. The lamp is spacious and you can use it for both manicures and pedicures. Additionally, this unit is constructed with a patent-pending eyeShield to reduce the amount of light exposure. In our analysis of 67 expert reviews, the Gelish Gelish Harmony LED Nail Dryer Light placed 3rd when we looked at the top 9 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

Editor's Note July 1, 2020:
Checkout The Best Nail Dryer for a detailed review of all the top nail dryers.

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What experts liked
Scratch and acetone resistant screen for protection. Best gel nail light for 5, 20 or 30 seconds fast cure time. Removable pull off magnetic tray for quick and easy sanitizing. 36 watt LED light with Patented eyeShield™ for limiting LED light exposure and Safelight™ Technology. Meets worldwide standard safety compliance
- Best Nail File
If you want gorgeous gel nails which give you the polished and pulled-together look, then you'll enjoy learning about this professional LED nail lamp from Gelish. When you choose this sleek and modern nail lamp, you'll access a model with thirty-six watts of LED lighting. If you want fast drying, you'll love the large opening of this nail lamp. It means that you'll be able to dry all ten fingernails at once.
- Nail Products
This is about as professional as you can get. It’s sleek, from a trusted brand, and above all, it’s fast. Like curing some coats in five seconds fast. It beeps when a cycle is done in case you have your back turned or a client isn’t paying attention. The padded hand rest is a perfect spot to apply your polish and the lamp is acetone resistant to hold up to a salon environment.
- Heavy
This is the best LED UV nail lamp that the market has to offer because it has an eye-shield feature that protects you from light exposure. Additionally, it features a magnetic tray to ensure there is thorough and effortless sanitizing as well as acetone resistance.
- Top Best 10 Reviews
Providing quick-drying, it only needs 5 seconds, and your nail polish is hard and smooth. Also, it has a removable tray that doesn’t need tools. The nail rests comfortably on the tray, and it is easy to sterilize and is acetone resistant. Supplied with eye protection features, no risk of eye damage due to UV light.
- All Top Ratings
Gelish is another illustrious gel nail polish brand with a good reputation. This particular model of nail lamp is commonly used by professional nail technicians. The Gelish 18G LED nail lamp is a high end machine and pricey but it’s worth the investment, especially if you’re a professional.
- Styleaurora
What experts didn't like
The buttons are positioned for salon setting, and home users may find the beeping annoying. Bigger initial investment.
- Heavy
Some features fall out quickly
- All Top Ratings
The heat spikes while it cures the nail. It does not offer a warranty.
- Styleaurora

From The Manufacturer

The Gelish Harmony 18G Professional Gel Nail Polish LED Lamp is specially designed for rapid, efficient gel curing, particularly for the high-performance Gelish Soak-Off Gel Polishes. While maintaining the performance of professional LED nail curing lamps, this lamp cures gel polish in just 5 seconds. It is both pedicure and manicure friendly. The lamp's replacement tray is magnetized, so it is quick and easy to replace for sanitation purposes between clients, Additionally, the light-reflecting finish on the Gelish 18G replacement tray allows for maximum exposure, while the finger-stopper guides the hand for proper placement and a flawless finish, every time. Features patent-pending eyeShield, which limits light exposure. Includes (18) 2-watt LED lights for 36 total watts that never need replaced. Magnetic tray. Effortless, thorough sanitizing and acetone resistance. Cures in 5-30 seconds. LED accelerated for the fastest nail curing and drying in the industry.

Overall Product Rankings

LKE Gel UV LED Nail Lamp Dryer
1. LKE Gel UV LED Nail Lamp Dryer
Overall Score: 9.5
Expert Reviews: 10
OVLUX SUN5 Pro Professional 72W UV LED Nail Dryer
2. OVLUX SUN5 Pro Professional 72W UV LED Nail Dryer
Overall Score: 9.3
Expert Reviews: 2
Gelish Harmony Professional LED Nail Dryer Lamp Light
3. Gelish Harmony Professional LED Nail Dryer Lamp Light
Overall Score: 9.2
Expert Reviews: 6
4. SUNUV LED UV Nail Lamp
Overall Score: 9.0
Expert Reviews: 21
Fixget UV LED Nail Lamp Dryer
5. Fixget UV LED Nail Lamp Dryer
Overall Score: 8.9
Expert Reviews: 1
Goyaesque UV LED Nail Dryer
6. Goyaesque UV LED Nail Dryer
Overall Score: 8.7
Expert Reviews: 4
Terresa UV LED Nail Lamp Dryer
7. Terresa UV LED Nail Lamp Dryer
Overall Score: 8.7
Expert Reviews: 9
MelodySusie UV Nail Lamp Dryer
8. MelodySusie UV Nail Lamp Dryer
Overall Score: 8.7
Expert Reviews: 5
DIOZO LED Nail Lamp Dryer
9. DIOZO LED Nail Lamp Dryer
Overall Score: 8.7
Expert Reviews: 3

An Overview On Nail Dryers

Having well-manicured nails all the time would be every woman’s dream. However, it’s so time-consuming to paint nails and for many women, time is hard to find. Whether you are a businesswoman, a homemaker or both, you need your nails to dry in a flash. The best way to do that is to invest in the best nail dryer. Discover the time you’ll save when you start using a nail dryer on your freshly painted nails.

Before you go buying the first nail dryer you see, you’ll want to know a few things about nail dryers and how they work. There are two main types of nail dryers, LED nail dryers that are used for gel manicures and UV nail dryers that are mainly for shellac polish but will also work on gel polish. Both dryers emit UVA rays that will cure or dry your nail polish. The LED nail dryers are lined with tiny LED bulbs along the top of the dryer and as the light waves hit the photoinitiators in the gel, they dry really fast. The UV nail dryers feature fluorescent tube lighting which emits wider wavelengths and takes a bit longer to cure the gel. Although the UV nail dryers can dry the gel polish, it will take roughly 5-7 minutes to dry it rather than 3-5 minutes under the LED nail dryer. Therefore, the time saved from an LED dryer is quite significant, making it the best nail dryer for gel manicures. In the end, the type of dryer you choose depends on the kind of polish you prefer to use.

Once you’ve found what type you want to purchase, take some time to consider how and why you’ll use a nail dryer. There are a few reasons you might want to buy that nail dryer you’ve been eyeing: less drying time; efficiency if you are a professional nail artist; you can dry shellac at home; the finish is much nicer than air-dried nails; your manicure will last significantly longer and you will have much less smudging. In addition, they are super easy to use. Most nail dryers have timers you can set with sensing technology such as the SUNUV LED UV Nail Lamp. With the right nail dryer, you will certainly find enough time to get the finished, professional nails that you want in your everyday life without an expensive salon visit.

DWYM Fun Fact

Wherever there is exposure to UV rays, there is cause for pause and reason for research. After multiple studies, it was found entirely safe to use UV and LED nail lamps even regularly. The levels of UV emitted are so low, it does not pose a cancer risk.

The amount of UV rays emitted from nail dryers is the same as sitting in the sunlight for 1-3 minutes and even if repeated every day (which you most likely are not doing your nails every day) it would take significantly more than that to cause cancer.

The back of the hand is much more resistant to UV rays than the human back and is considered to be the most UV-resistant body part.

The Nail Dryer Buying Guide

  • Look for a nail dryer that’s sturdy and built to last.
  • Find a lightweight nail dryer for easy portability.
  • Check the electric usage on it if you are concerned about it increasing your utility bill upon frequent use.
  • Read the manufacturer’s warnings and suggestions to ensure you get the right type of polish for that particular dryer.
  • You’ll want a curved smaller opening to protect your eyes from the UV rays.
  • Choose a dryer with several timer settings and opt for a sensor timer so you don’t have to push any buttons with wet nails.