Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic Preset Modes Instant Camera

Last updated: October 11, 2021

Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic Preset Modes Instant Camera

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We looked at the top Instant Cameras and dug through the reviews from some of the most popular review sites. Through this analysis, we've determined the best Instant Camera you should buy.

Overall Take

This instant camera has all the bells and whistles for the photographer who just wants to have fun. Preset modes like "party," "pet" and "kids" will make it easy to capture the perfect shot. It includes both a tripod socket and a timer, so you can make sure you're always in the shot.

In our analysis of 119 expert reviews, the Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic Preset Modes Instant Camera placed 3rd when we looked at the top 15 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

The INSTAX Mini 90 Neo Classic combines a premium build quality with a stylish, retro camera design that offers a full range of camera functions. Featuring a variety of new shooting modes, the INSTAX Mini 90 now includes double exposure and macro modes for users who want to express their photographic creativity with beautiful image quality. Focusing-motor-driven 3-range switching, 0.3m – ∞ (macro mode: 0.3m – 0.6m, normal mode: 0.6m – 3.0m, landscape mode: 3.0m – ∞)

Expert Reviews

What experts liked

There are exposure settings for portraits, landscape, fast action, long exposures, and multiple exposures on the same film frame.
It's no surprise that the mini 90 neo-classic from Fujifilm is so loved in the instant photography world! This sleek and stylish camera gives users more creative control with brightness options, a high-performance flash, and modes like party mode, and kids mode.
- iMore
In indoor settings with predictable lighting conditions, the Instax Mini 90 can take some fantastic photos that are impressively crisp with bright, vibrant colors.
This fun-to-use camera doesn't just look good. It's also packed with features like double-exposure mode and a self-timer. It's the only model with an adjustable flash and its battery can be recharge. It can place on a tripod
The advantage here over a cheaper instant-print camera is an LCD display strip at the back revealing your chosen settings.
The Mini 90 is made of plastic, it’s well constructed and the textured materials feel great to the touch.
The Mini 90 features a number of modes to make it more versatile. There is a very useful macro mode, a bulb mode for long exposures, kids & pets mode for high shutter speed, double-exposure mode, and a couple of others.
There are three motor-driven focus positions: One for normal shooting, one for Macro mode and one for Landscape mode.
The Instax Mini 90 offers a rechargeable battery, an integrated LCD display, and manual exposure control for more precise snapshots.
Automatically detects the brightness of the surrounding and adjusts the amount of flash and shutter speed to optimize photo quality
One thing I love about the Mini 90 is that it uses a rechargeable battery just like Fujifilm’s digital cameras.
The Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 is powered by a slim rechargeable NP-45S battery. This one slides easily to the back of the camera and should give you around 100 shots per recharge.
Modes are great as well as the aperture ring-like control
The mini 90 has a macro mode for those up-close shots. It has a slow shutter speed mode, great for capturing light trails and movement. On top of these features, as if they weren’t enough, it even has a double exposure mode, capturing two scenes on one print. Neat!
It also features a timer which can be used to capture a special moment without leaving a member of the group out to snap the photo – make use of the tripod mount for the perfect shot.
The Instax Mini 90 promises to give enthusiasts a higher degree of control over their shots, with a raft of features and shooting modes to chose from. Coupled with an all purpose 60mm lens that delivers great results, this is clearly the most powerful Instax camera yet.

What experts didn't like

The slim NP-45S battery loads in a rear compartment—the plastic battery cover is one of the few things about the Mini 90 that looks a little cheap.
Unfortunately one of the biggest complaints lodged against this camera is the higher price tag and its delicate frame.
- iMore
This camera also struggles quite a bit with backlit situations. If you're trying to do anything more complex than a simple silhouette against a bright background, you're likely going to lose a lot of detail in the photo.
Film is expensive. Some find the viewfinder inaccurate
Tiny viewfinder. Lack of handgrip.
The optical viewfinder is a slight letdown, however, as it’s very small and difficult to view with your eye any further than a few millimeters away; you might have trouble framing your shot if you’re wearing glasses.
It is more or less square, and it isn't immediately evident how to hold it. We realized after taking a couple of shots that we were actually holding it sideways.
Difficult to frame closeups. Somewhat complicated to use.
The only thing you'll have to keep in mind is keeping the flash on, at times, since this one sports a small f/12.7 fixed aperture.
Film after a while will turn into quite the expense
This camera doesn’t have as many colors
It is one of the more expensive cameras in the Instax range. As with all instant cameras, the cost of film can be expensive.
The viewfinder is quite small and hard to use for anyone with bad eyesight or reading glasses.

Our Expert Consultant

Jay Soriano   
Portrait photographer

Jay Soriano a headshot and portrait photographer in Las Vegas.


Instant film cameras have made a comeback in recent years, as a new generation has discovered how fun they are. In a digital-driven world, consumers find it fun to have an instant print of whatever shot they’ve just captured.

These cameras are perfect for you if you enjoy the “instant gratification of a print,” says Jay Soriano, a portrait photographer based in Las Vegas.

“Overall, they’re fun and they’re great gifts,” Soriano says. “It can also be a fashion statement with the accessories.”

Today’s instant film cameras have come a long way from those sold in the mid- to late 1900s, packing features built for a tech-driven market.

As you start shopping for an instant film camera, it’s important to keep those more modern features in mind. You’ve probably gotten used to taking photos using a smartphone camera, which is a completely different experience than capturing a shot using a viewfinder. If you wear glasses, you’ll also need to pay attention to the size of the viewfinders. Some of them are so small, it can be tough to get your eye close enough to see the image.

You’re probably also used to taking selfies. There are cameras that build in selfie mirrors to make this easier, but it’s not like seeing your image on a smartphone screen. If you want to take group pictures, you’ll also need to look for an instant camera that has a tripod mount and timer. Without the timer, someone will always have to be near the camera to press the shutter button.

There’s a big difference in the type of camera a pro shooter needs compared to someone who just wants to have fun. Instant cameras build in automatic features, similar to what your smartphone has. Serious photography enthusiasts will want to be able to override these automatic features for manual control, but not all instant cameras have that capability.

Perhaps the most important factor, though, is the quality of the print you’ll receive. This can be subjective, but look for cameras with prints that are as true to life as possible. Instant cameras that both print pictures and allow a microSD card to save images digitally can be especially useful.

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