ForeverSpin CNC-Machined Titanium Spinning Top

Last updated date: May 3, 2022

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ForeverSpin CNC-Machined Titanium Spinning Top

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Overall Take

This titanium spinning top is precision machined to perfection. It is elegant and timeless. The top is perfect for kids and adults and helps improve focus and productivity.

In our analysis, the ForeverSpin ForeverSpin CNC-Machined Titanium Spinning Top placed 1st when we looked at the top 6 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

Forever Spin tops are Made in Canada, and CNC-machined from a solid piece of metal for precision, quality and durability. Every spinning top is meticulously checked to ensure that only perfectly balanced tops receive a serial number and carry the Forever Spin seal. We have taken the world’s oldest toy and transformed it into a timeless jewel. Your Forever Spin top can be passed on for generations to cherish. It’s the perfect gift, designed to last forever. Forever Spin is one of the most recognized spin top company in the world. Look for our authentic holographic serial number and don’t settle for imitations. The titanium top is the most popular top of the ForeverSpin collection. It has the highest strength to weight ratio of all metals and its light weight and high durability makes this top perfect for upside down spins. 1.4″ tall x 1.125″ diameter. 0.6oz.

An Overview On

Spinning tops have been played with by children and adults for thousands of years. It is unclear specifically when and where they were invented as they have been found by archeologists around the world on every continent except Antarctica. In the Middle East, clay tops have been discovered dating as far back as 3,500 BC. In Turkey, tops made from ceramic and terra cotta have been found, dating to 3,000 BC. In China, archeologists have discovered wooden tops dating to 1,240 BC.

Why have spinning tops been so popular across history? It could be that their shape is derived from nature, resembling a simple acorn. It’s unclear whether this would have been the inspiration for the spinning top, but it is interesting that people have played with them independently all over the world. Historians believe the first ever spinning tops were likely made out of natural objects, such as a seed or nut with a stick or thorn stuck to the middle of it.

Today, spinning tops are made from a variety of materials, from titanium to plastic to wood to stainless steel. While they may have been a simple pastime for children, today tops are enjoyed by people of all ages who love to see how long they can get their top to spin for. Once the top starts spinning, it is mesmerizing to watch it go round and round. People love to try different spinning strategies to see which way will result in the longest spin.

The Buying Guide

  • There are tons of spinning top games you can try. A challenging one is spinning top bowling, where the bowling ball is replaced by the top. You can use almost anything as pins, as long as they are tall and lightweight – think markers or dowels. The goal is to spin the top in a straight line towards the pins and knock them down, just like in regular bowling.
  • The classic game of Simon Says is another great activity to incorporate into spinning tops, especially if you and your friends like to learn new tricks. Have one person be Simon and conduct different tricks with the tops, such as cool spins or flips, and have others follow suit and replicate them.
  • For those who love the game of curling, you can actually play it with spinning tops as well. All you need is some sidewalk chalk to draw circle targets on the ground. Then spin the tops and try to have them land within the targets. Assign points to the targets so you can see who wins.
  • Do you know how to spin a top so that it can withstand a few hits and nudges? If so, try a battle game with your friends. Let your tops go at the same time in a confined space to see whose will last the longest and whose can keep going even if they get bumped around by other tops. If you want to take this game up a notch, consider releasing multiple tops from each player so they can battle as a “team”. This way, you have multiple chances of winning and knocking down your opponent’s tops.