FineDine Easy Clean Complete Bar Set, 14-Piece

Last updated date: August 31, 2022

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FineDine Easy Clean Complete Bar Set, 14-Piece

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Update as August 31, 2022:
Checkout The Best Bar Set for a detailed review of all the top bar sets.

Overall Take

The FineDine Cocktail Shaker Bar Set offers a comprehensive set of barkeeping tools at an affordable price. It includes essentials like a bar spoon and jigger but also helpful extras like pour spouts and an effective Hawthorne strainer. The stainless steel construction on this kit will keep odors away and ensure a long life.

In our analysis of 28 expert reviews, the FineDine Easy Clean Complete Bar Set, 14-Piece placed 10th when we looked at the top 11 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

a w As a family run company that knows the importance of sitting down together at a dinner table, we at FineDine hold a very high standard for kitchenwares. Our company develops high quality glassware, serveware, and kitchen tools that not only look great, but make preparing, serving and cooking meals as enjoyable as eating them! This elegant bar set is no different! This 6 piece set has all the basic tools for making cocktails like the pros! Made out of fine grade stainless steel with a mirror finish, this set not only looks fabulous, it’s high quality and fun to use! w w r qr Love a cocktail clear and smooth? An advanced filter included with the shakers will keep ice cubes and fruit chunks from sliding into your drink. Only the best will make it into your final product. Have it easy. Be precise. A bottle opener will eliminate the struggle of opening beer and sodas. A double jigger of 1 oz (20 ml) and 2 oz (40 ml). Get the most out of it. Muddler will allow you to crush fruit and herbs at the bottom of your glass, releasing their flavor. Achieve the rich smooth drink you crave. All with a spoon. Drink the night away. 2x 3 oz shot glasses are perfect for that spontaneous swig with a friend. Never search for glasses. Instant pleasure 6 pour spouts will ensure measuring is precise and fast. df as Set Includes 28 and 18 ounce boston shaker Hawthorne strainer Bar Spoon doubles as muddler Bottle opener Double jigger 2 2oz shot glasses 6 stainless steel pour spouts 14 Piece home Bar Set Nothing like a smooth, creamy cocktail to lift your spirits. Get restaurant quality cocktails right in your home with this all-inclusive cocktail set. Shakers are equipped with a Hawthorne cocktail strainer that’ll keep ice chunks and fruit pieces from falling into your drink. 6 stainless steel wine pourers enable you to accurately dispense wine without overpouring or making messes. Additionally, a bottle opener, muddler, and 2 x 3 oz shot glasses complete the set. Here’s Why a a c aa Don’t compromise. Quality and beauty at their best. Set is crafted of matt stainless steel, that’ll effectively take care of the fingerprint issue. Durable and modern, you’ve gotten a timeless piece. Mess and stress should not be part of the experience. Shaker seals tightly and is 100% leakproof. Have your cocktails mixed, then go on to enjoy your drink. No cleanup in between. Everyone here to drink, disappears when time to clean? Don’t be the one left to scrub and scour. Deposit entire set into the dishwasher and begone alongside everyone else. What to get your wine enthusiast? Search no more. Grant him the opportunity to concoct his own cocktails. Set is packaged in a jolly gift box for the complete effect. ss ss s Let the Bar Come to You Why go to the bar when you can have the bar come to you? Create restaurant quality cocktails in the comfort of your own home. Goodbye pricey outings. Something better’s waiting. Hosting Redefined Wow them all. Bring your hosting standard up a notch by serving scrumptious cocktails concocted in your very own bar. Be the talk of the town and the envy of your guests. Don’t forgo Get perfect cocktails wherever you are. Crafted of durable stainless steel, this set is ideal for travel and outings. You’ll be one lucky traveler.

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If you’re an aspiring mixologist, you can use this kit to mix martinis, margaritas, and whiskey sours. The stainless steel material will ensure that the kit doesn’t develop odors or lose quality.
- Product Reviews
November 25, 2019 | Full review
The set also includes a Hawthorne strainer to filter ice and also does a good job of keeping leafy herb ingredients getting through!
- Mixstik
December 3, 2018 | Full review
FINEDINE offers a more amazing and 14-in-1 cocktail shaker set which makes your cocktail shaking experience becomes expert level.
- Best Reviewy
If you’re after a fairly no-frills cocktail set and have plenty of cabinet space to stash it, this one hits all the important points: shaker, strainer, bar spoon, jigger, shot glasses, pour spouts, and a bottle opener to boot
- Chowhound
February 25, 2019 | Full review

What experts didn't like

An Overview On Bar Sets

When friends are on the way to your place, anyone can stock the fridge with a few beers and wine bottles. What truly elevates a get-together into a party are cocktails. Mixing drinks shows that you care about your guests, and even when you’re not entertaining, it’s always nice to have the option to make yourself a nice martini or mai tai to cap off a long work week.

Of course, it takes more than just the booze. A good set of bartending tools makes the whole process of mixing a drink into a ritual to look forward to.

If you’ve never owned a home bar set, don’t be intimidated. You likely won’t need the entire arsenal of gadgets you see behind the bar at a fancy cocktail lounge, but there are a few essentials that every good home bartender should own.

First and foremost, there’s the shaker. Shaking drinks is the flashiest, most physical part of any cocktail preparation — and also the messiest if you don’t know what you’re doing. Amateurs might want to stick with a cobbler shaker, which is a drink container covered with a tight-fitting lid. The lid usually incorporates a cap with a strainer, so you can easily filter ice and other solids out as your pour.

The version you’ll see most commercial bartenders using is the Boston shaker, which is essentially two cups (usually metal), one smaller than the other. Making a watertight shaker out of the two — and pulling them apart to strain the drink — takes a bit of practice, but nothing says “I know my cocktails” more surely than doing it right.

Another must-have implement is a good jigger. That’s the tiny, double-ended cup bartenders use to portion out their liquor, and they come in two standard measurements: One ounce on one side, 1/2-ounce on the other; or 1 1/2 ounces on one side and 3/4-ounce on the other. Let the usual serving size of your drinks dictate the type you want to use.

Even if your shaker incorporates a built-in strainer, you’ll usually want a full-size strainer — especially if you plan on mixing drinks with a lot of fresh fruit, mint or other solid ingredients. The most common and effective type is the Hawthorne strainer, a perforated disk that’s fitted with a metal spring. It should fit snugly onto the shaker cup and makes light work out of filtering those tropical drinks. There’s also a Julep strainer, a simplified version that’s basically a perforated spoon that fits over the top of pint glasses. Need to filter the juice out of some seed-heavy fruits? You might also want a set with a mesh strainer, which is harder to find but effective at keeping seeds and leaves out of your drink.

Last but not least on the basic bar kit all-stars is the bar spoon. It’s a long spoon with a spiral handle, made specifically for stirring drinks without unduly bubbling up or “bruising” the alcohol. American, European and Japanese bar spoons offer subtle variations on the same basic design, but all of them will do the job.

Beyond those absolute musts, there is a wide array of tools that will make your bartending experience easier (or just more fun to watch). They include pour spouts, muddlers, wine keys, ice tongs, or even ice mallets (for making your own fresh-crushed ice). Let your experience level be the guide, and don’t be afraid to try some of these tools out even if you’ve never used them before. Every mixologist has to start somewhere.

The Bar Set Buying Guide

  • You want your bar tools to look good, and there are many options out there to suit any style. But when it comes to materials, you should stick with the classics. Most bar sets (and especially shakers) are made out of stainless steel for good reason. It doesn’t rust, it’s easily cleaned in a dishwasher and it won’t hold onto smells from those fruity drinks you mixed the night before. You can find copper shakers and jiggers out there, but unless you don’t mind cleaning them frequently, stainless steel is the way to go.
  • Flair aside, making drinks is a lot like baking: Follow the recipe and you can’t go too wrong. That goes for the ingredients as well as the way they’re mixed. Shaking a drink that’s meant to be gently stirred will result in a vastly different experience.