Fat Cat By GLD Mercury Electronic Target Area & Scoreboard Dart Game For Adults

Last updated date: January 31, 2022

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Fat Cat By GLD Mercury Electronic Target Area & Scoreboard Dart Game For Adults

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We looked at the top Dart Games For Adults and dug through the reviews from some of the most popular review sites. Through this analysis, we've determined the best Dart Game For Adult you should buy.

Update as January 31, 2022:
Checkout The Best Dart Game For Adults for a detailed review of all the top dart games for adults.

Overall Take

You can play up to 28 different dart games on this board, such as cricket and 01. It comes with six starter darts with six spare tips. The board also includes all mounting hardware.

In our analysis of 35 expert reviews, the Fat Cat By GLD Mercury Electronic Target Area & Scoreboard Dart Game For Adults placed 1st when we looked at the top 6 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

Top Quality Segments: Compact 13.5” electronic dart board target area is durable with precision engineered concave segment holes that lock in your shots. Enhanced Scoring Experience: Ultra-thin spider and extended catch ring make scoring easy and the Fat Cat Mercury dart board easily tracks all of your throws. 28 Games for up to 8 Players: Includes popular games like 01, Cricket, and more; with over 150 scoring options and up to 8 player multiplayer, everyone can join in on the fun. Built-in Cabinet and Storage: Sleek cabinet doors with built in storage for six soft tip darts keep your setup organized and looking good. Included Accessories: Comes with six starter soft tip darts, mounting hardware, six spare tips, and is powered by the included AC adapter.

Expert Reviews

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What experts liked

Total of 34 different games to choose from with 5 difficulty levels. 183 scoring options to choose from. Made of durable ABS plastic material. Large LCD on front that displays scores. Front panel is very easy to read. Designed to prevent bounce outs, making each game more fun. Comes with a 1-year warranty. Allows 8 people to play at once on any given game.
- Table Gamez
Excellent if you’re on a budget. Cyber game mode. Simple scoring system.
- Leisure Sports and Games
Ideal for home use. Closed cabinet design. For solo and group games. LCD screen. One year warranty.
- Rec Room Pick
The board is housed inside a sturdy ABS cabinet.
- Spy
Strong and durable. 1-year warranty. It allows up to 8 people to play andy game at once.
- Dart Goals
A lot of well thought out storage space inside the cabinet. One of the brightest and easy-to-read score displays in any electronic dartboard of whatever price range. 6 spare tips. 34 games with 183 variations. Inexpensive dart board considering other cabinet-less dartboards cost around the same.
- Man Cave Advisor
Quick and easy setup. Multi player game modes. Thermal resin construction. Includes installation hardware. LCD control panel. One year warranty. Multiple game variations.
- Darts Dojo
Games come with 150 scoring options. Includes cabinet with built-in darts storage. Easy to install, set up, and operate.
- Group Games 101

What experts didn't like

Some problems have been reported with the sound function not working properly after a while.
- Table Gamez
Bad quality darts. Only 34 games available. Small target area.
- Leisure Sports and Games
No tip storage. Darts don't really stick to board.
- Rec Room Pick
The outer cabinet requires more wall space and more secure fixing than other boards.
- Spy
Some users say that darts fall off the board very easily.
- Dart Goals
Bounce-outs are often because of the large spider and segment holes. Soft-tipped darts easily break.
- Man Cave Advisor
The darts themselves are too light. The darts might hit the control panel that’s below the target, creating marks on its surface. The target dartboard is smaller than the regular dartboard 13.5 inches.
- Darts Dojo
Requires a power outlet, doesn’t take batteries. Dart quality isn’t as good as with other boards.
- Group Games 101

An Overview On Dart Games For Adults

Darts is one of the most popular games in the world. From bars to pubs to basement game rooms, there are tons of dart games for adults to enjoy. If you’ve got a little bit of space and some hand-eye coordination, you can set up and enjoy your own dart game.

Dart games come in several varieties, but the goal of each one is the same: to throw the dart onto the bullseye. A popular type is bristle board darts which are also sometimes called boar bristles. In this game, you use steel-tipped darts and throw them at a board. This type of dart game is what is commonly found in bars and pubs. The board is self-healing, similar to a cork board, so the sharp darts do not damage the surface.

Another option is the electronic dart board, in which the tips of the darts are soft and made from plastic. The board has thousands of electronic sensors in tiny holes on the surface. When the dart sticks to one of the sensors, the board calculates the corresponding score. The obvious benefit of this type of dart game is you don’t have to worry about keeping score as the board will do it for you.

Most dart games for adults come with darts, but you can also purchase additional darts separately. When selecting darts, the weight is an important factor. Heavy darts tend to fly straighter but require more power, while lighter darts typically float with a small arch. The style of dart will also determine how you play. For example, with longer darts, you may need to place two fingers on the barrel, while with shorter darts you will only have room for one finger.

The Dart Game For Adult Buying Guide

  • Depending on how many darts you have and the quality of darts, you may want to consider getting a specialty dart case. This is a good way to keep your darts organized and free from damage. Keeping your darts in a case will also ensure that they don’t wear too quickly.
  • A dartboard accessory you will need is a line marker on the floor. This can be made with tape, chalk, paint or another material. The goal is to mark a spot behind which players have to stand in order to play the game. Without a line marker, some players may stand closer than others, giving themselves an unfair advantage in the game.
  • When selecting a dart game for adults, be sure to consider how you will hang it up. Check to see whether the game comes with installation hardware as well as detailed instructions. If it doesn’t include any hardware, you will need to purchase the items you need to install the dartboard separately.
  • Where should you install the dart board? Ideally, you will need a long clear space. A game room or basement is a popular spot for hanging dart boards at home. Some people hang up the boards behind doors while others hang them up on the wall. Just ensure you have enough space to play with a couple of friends.
  • If you have young kids who want to play darts, opt for a game that has velcro or magnetic darts. This is much safer than using the soft-tip or steel-tip darts usually found in adult games. Heavy or sharp darts may end up injuring young children, so it’s best to find a game that is more appropriate for them.