Fansay Fans Foldable Rave Fan

Last updated date: September 1, 2021

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Fansay Fans Foldable Rave Fan

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Update as September 1, 2021:
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No matter what you're celebrating, you'll want to accessorize with one of these brightly-colored rave fans. The satin fabric used adds a shine to the already exciting design. Each fan comes with its own fabric case, which protects it from dust and damage when not in use.

In our analysis, the Fansay Fans Fansay Fans Foldable Rave Fan placed 4th when we looked at the top 10 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

MULTIPURPOSE. A LIGHT-WEIGHT VERSATILE TOOL FOR ANY OCCASION. Fansay fans can serve as shade, performance accesories, decorations, gifts for womens / mens / drag queen, tai chi, abanicos en mexico, raves, party, or wedding. Tested and verified for maximum convenience at electronic or EDM festivals, beaches, tropical weather, wall decor, hot flashes, church, cosplay, concerts, costumes, disco, fiesta, and more! RAVE / FESTIVAL ACCESSORY. ENHANCE YOUR FESTIVAL WARDROBE! Bring your # 1 Fansay with you to EDC, UMF, Stage Coach, Coachella or any other music event to keep your fire down from dancing and wildin out while vibin w/ your Kandi Pack / Rave Squad / Festi Fam. Its the PERFECT GIFT for any raver, festie, or event goer. Be everyone’s biggest FAN by keeping you and your friends staying FANSAY and cool! EXQUISITE CRAFTSMANSHIP. CAREFULLY CHOSEN WOODEN RIBS AND MASTERFUL DESIGNS TO MATCH ANY STYLISH OUTFITS FOR FESTIVALS NIGHT OR DAY! Fansays make a pleasantly loud “thworp” sound when you clack the fan open, perfect for when the DJ drops a banger! Please be considerate of others when clacking in crowds. DIMENSIONS. LARGE HANDHELD FOLDABLE FAN – {OPEN] 13 x 25.5 x 0.5 inches | [CLOSED/FOLDED] 13 x 1 x 0.5 inches. 100% GUARANTEE. LIFETIME WARRANTY YOUR MONEY BACK – The only fan that is durable and will last with a warranty!! For the cost of dinner, you can stay Fansay for life!

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An Overview On

An interesting trend has emerged at raves, concerts and other crowd gatherings in recent years. Partygoers show up bearing interesting fans, inspired by the Asian folding fans that have been popular throughout history.

They may look attractive, but rave fans, at their heart, keep you cool. At an outdoor festival or concert, they come in especially handy, especially if you’re baking in the sun all day. But even indoor gatherings can become sweatboxes after a while. If you have enough space, opening one of these fans and waving it in front of you can make a small improvement.

But for most people, rave fans are all about costuming. They make a great, eye-catching accessory for many party-based events, going well beyond raves to be seen at concerts, drag shows, clubs and more. Most of the rave fans you’ll see on the market are designed to be opened and carried around, with eye-catching designs that let everyone know you’re there to have a good time.

You’ll find most rave fans focus on bright designs that help create a festive mood. These fans may depict anything from scenery to characters to abstract shapes and beyond. It’s a great way to express your personality. However, you may find it hard to find one that matches your outfit exactly. The good news is, it doesn’t have to. Just choose one you like and enjoy.

If you ask around, you’ll quickly learn the one defining feature in a rave fan is that sound it makes when you snap it open. That means not only does it need to be able to fully open with just a flip of the wrist, but also that it gives a loud clap as it does. You’ll know the sound when you hear it.

For that reason, you’ll likely want to look for a rave fan with a bamboo frame. This gives you the clap while also holding up through multiple opens and closes. The cloth that stretches over the frame should be durable, as well. Nylon will hold up under the stress while also being water-resistant.

The Buying Guide

  • Fans aren’t just for taking out on the town with you. Some use them to decorate areas of their home. The right one can really pop if you hang it in the right spot on a wall.
  • Take a quick look around before pulling your fan out and snapping it open. If someone’s standing nearby, your fan could make contact, which is painful at worse and annoying at best.
  • Hitting someone isn’t the only way to annoy them. Fan-clacking has become such a nuisance, at least one festival has banned it altogether. Consider how ear-piercing the sound can be, especially if you’re in a somewhat quiet space and you do it repeatedly, and adjust your behavior accordingly.
  • If you’re at an entertainment-related event, don’t clack your fan when audiences are trying to enjoy the performance. Even if you think the noise drowns it out, your constant clacking can interfere with the audio experience of those around you.
  • At any point, if someone asks you to stop clacking your fan, stop immediately. You may be asked to leave if you insist on continuing to make the noise when you’ve been asked to stop.
  • Thinking about buying a rave fan? Why not buy more than one? You’ll have a spare or two in case you lose one or, even better, you’ll have some to share with friends when they start to feel the heat.
  • Look at the fan’s measurements when fully open. A fan may actually be smaller than it looks online, and you’ll want to make sure you’re getting the presentation you’re expecting.
  • The measurements when closed come into play, too. If you’ll be folding your fan up to take in a purse or backpack, you’ll want one that’s compact enough to comfortably fit inside.