EverSport Panoramic Kids’ Swim Googles, 2-Pack

Last updated date: September 1, 2022

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EverSport Panoramic Kids’ Swim Googles, 2-Pack

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We looked at the top Kids' Swim Goggles and dug through the reviews from some of the most popular review sites. Through this analysis, we've determined the best Kids' Swim Goggle you should buy.

Update as September 1, 2022:
Checkout The Best Kids’ Swim Goggles for a detailed review of all the top kids' swim goggles.

Overall Take

This two-pack of kids' swim goggles comes with both regular and mirrored goggles. This set is available in seven color combos and comes with ear plugs and mesh bags. The lenses allow for clear vision with anti-fog and anti-UV features.

In our analysis, the EverSport EverSport Panoramic Kids' Swim Googles, 2-Pack placed 4th when we looked at the top 10 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

WHAT’S IN THE PACKAGE BOX: swimming goggles×2, portable mesh bags×1, ear plugs×4, user guide and 12 months warranty. ANTI-FOG/ANTI-UV/WIDE VISION: Fogging during swimming is really annoying. The high-tech Anti-Fog and UV coated lenses make unrivaled clarity with no misting or glare. Do not touch the inside surface of the lenses by hands or sharp tools, or it will damage the lenses, damage anti-UV and fog function. ULTRA-SOFT SILICONE SEALS: No leaks at all! The ultra-soft silicone seals create a perfect seal around eyes, ensuring no water in. It fits comfortably and never gives you the goldfish eyes. For kids, the impact-resistant PC lenses keep the safety of children. CRYSTAL CLEAR VISION: The anti-fog treatment coated lenses with 180-degree peripheral vision let you see clearly without blurring or distortion. Not as other colored lenses, these lenses are really transparent/crystal clear. ONE BUTTON CLICK and COMFORT: Super easy to adjust! Well-designed clasp makes it easy to put swimming goggles on and off through one press. Flexible silicone frame and gasket can provide kids with maximum comfort. The adjustable straps can make every child remain dry around eyes and keep hair snag-free. 12 MONTHS GUARANTEE and PERFECT SERVICE FOR CUSTOMERS!

An Overview On Kids' Swim Goggles

Whether your child is on a swim team or just swims for fun, a good pair of swimming goggles offers important benefits. Usually made of soft rubber,  swim goggles protect your child’s eyes from chemicals in the water and can help keep them comfortable. They also allow for clearer vision when swimming under water and come in many designs and colors to help your child express their fun sense of style in the pool.

While shopping, you’ll want to choose swim goggles that offer the right fit for your child. That way, there’s a good seal, and the goggles won’t hurt your child during wear.

Kids’ swim goggles often have a specific age range assigned to them, so you’ll usually find options sized for younger and older children. To allow for flexibility, kids’ swim goggles often come with an adjustable strap and may have an adjustable nose bridge, too. The goggles may have an outer-eye fit that can be more comfortable for children than the mid-eye fit that can cause more pressure around the eyes.

Children’s swim goggles will come with several lens options. You’ll want to think about whether your child mostly swims inside or outside, how your child might handle the lenses and what concerns they have.

You’ll find clear or lightly tinted lenses that perform well when your child’s not swimming in bright sunlight as well as mirrored lenses suited for outdoor use. Some swim goggles will have a single large lens that allows for wide vision, while others have two lenses like traditional glasses do. It’s common for swim goggle lenses to have handy features that prevent fogging, protect the eyes from ultraviolet light and be made of an impact- or scratch-resistant material.

Kids’ swim goggles often come with features that make them easier to use. For example, the straps on the goggles may have a button so your child can easily adjust them for comfort or put on and remove the goggles quickly.

To provide some convenience, kids’ swim goggles might come with handy accessories such as nose and ear plugs. You can also find sets that give you both clear and mirrored goggles so that your child has pairs suitable for different swimming settings.

The Kids' Swim Goggle Buying Guide

  • Even if you purchase anti-fog swimming goggles, your child might still have the issue from time to time, especially as the goggles get older and any anti-fog coating wears down. To compensate, you might try using an anti-fog spray inside the goggles or even having your child wet their face before putting them on.
  • To help your child’s swim goggles last longer, they need a proper cleaning after each use to rinse off any chemicals from the water. You can just use some water since soap can harm the coating on the goggles. You’ll want to let them air-dry before storing the goggles to prevent mildew growth.
  • When buying swim goggles for a child, it can take some trial and error to get a good fit for your kid’s face. You’ll know you’ve found the right pair when your child’s goggles feel comfortable and have suction around the eyes for a good seal. You might need to adjust the bridge on the goggles to get a good seal and adjust the strap so that the goggles are snug but not too tight on your child’s head.
  • If your child needs vision correction with their swim goggles, you can find some options with this feature. However, be aware that you might not find their exact prescription if you choose a non-custom pair. Usually, the spherical powers for the lenses go in steps of 0.5, and you’ll want to round down if your child’s prescription is between two options. This means going with -2.50 rather than -3.00 if your child’s diopter strength is -2.75.
  • While your child might usually just throw their swim goggles in their swim bag with everything else, doing this can damage the lenses. So, consider getting them a soft case for their swim goggles for proper storage.