Etekcity Voltson Mini Smart Plug Outlet, 6-Pack

Last updated: January 4, 2022

Energy monitoring makes the Etekcity Smart Plug stand out from the many competitors that don't have this feature. You can use the app to check the energy use on individual outlets or all connected appliances combined. Compatibility with a wide range of smart devices gives you voice control using the equipment you already have.

Etekcity Voltson Mini Smart Plug Outlet, 6-Pack

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Product Details

Key Takeaway: Keep an eye on your energy use with the energy monitoring feature built into the Etekcity Smart Plug.

In our analysis of 106 expert reviews, the Etekcity Voltson Mini Smart Plug Outlet, 6-Pack placed 12th when we looked at the top 15 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

Manage your home, even from afar. Control from afar The Etekcity Voltson WiFi Electrical Outlet empowers you to remotely control your appliances, whether directly with your VeSync app (on your smartphone/tablet), or with Alexa voice control set up at home. Use it at home, from the office, or even from a cafe with Wi-Fi. Even create custom schedules so you can ditch double-checking your appliances all the time! Make your home smart at saving energy and costs Smart management actually helps eliminate excess consumption of electricity, since household devices can still eat up energy, even when not in use. This outlet also monitors a device’s power usage via the VeSync app, so you know how much power each device uses. Be smart about home! Save on your bill, and save valuable energy. Streamline home security Moreover, for the extended days you’re away, replace old-fashioned timers that are limited in function. This smart outlet can turn on lamps on a set schedule, or at a moment’s notice as you’re miles away. Amazon Alexa Setup 1. Open Amazon Alexa APP on your phone; 2. Search for Skill “VeSync” and enable; 3. Sign in to your VeSync account in Alexa; 3. Go to Alexa Smart Home section and Discover your Devices; 4. Finish. Control your devices using Alexa. Please note that your VeSync account is case sensitive, so make sure you have entered the right account in Alexa. Or they will tell you account doesn’t exist.

Expert Reviews

What reviewers liked

Small design that doesn't take up 2 outlets and energy monitoring capability that helps save electricity.
Incredibly low price.
You can sync your outlets with your Wi-Fi and thus control them with your phone.
This one can control your electronic devices via Wi-Fi, letting you turn them on and off, and set timed commands and schedules.
You can control devices plugged into the Etekcity plug either through the VeSync app or via Alexa, Google Home, or IFTTT. The energy monitoring feature will also allow you to cut your power bills.
Using their smart phone app, you can do things like create a customized schedule and view energy usage for specific outlets.
This Wi-Fi smart plug mini outlet, works with Alexa which enables it to follow voice prompts. Apart from providing smart functions, it also allows monitoring of power utilization by connected appliances. With ability to connect to various devices with your phone it's possible to manage your appliances from anywhere.
Allows you to track the power usage of your plugged-in device to determine which devices use the most energy.
It allows you to save energy consumption and also allows you to track power consumption.
Comes in multipacks with a price tag that’s impressive, considering that each one has energy monitoring, scheduling, and the option to create an away mode.
The most interesting value in choosing the Etekcity WiFi Smart Plug Mini is its affordability, especially since you get two smart plugs in one package.
In the app, you can also view power consumption of each device using this plug. Also protects your devices from power spikes; We can set a threshold so that the power will cut off when power is over the threshold.
This outlet also monitors a device's power usage via the VeSync app, so you know how much power each device uses.
The app is easy to navigate and reliable, without any crashes.
One of the really useful functions of these plugs is their ability to monitor and report electrical usage. You can get the information right on your smart phone or tablet.
Allows you to create customized schedules for your appliances so that they run on your schedule.
Able to turn on your outlet from anywhere thanks to the accompanying smartphone app.

What reviewers didn't like

Difficult to set up and sync to Alexa. Tends to drop connection.
Can't use both plugs on the same outlet.
It does not support SmartThings and Homekit.
Relatively basic core features.
The biggest issue here is its size— the plug is barely too large so that it covers up the bottom outlet, taking up both spaces so that you can’t use the bottom one.
Doesn`t support SmartThings, Homekit, or IFTTT.
The app requires you to enable your location services which can be a privacy issue.
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