Edward Tools Rubber Ergo Grip Hoe & Cultivator Hand Tiller

Last updated date: April 15, 2020

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Edward Tools Rubber Ergo Grip Hoe & Cultivator Hand Tiller

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Update as April 15, 2020:
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Overall Take

The Edward Tools Rubber Ergo Grip Hoe & Cultivator Hand Tiller boasts a carbon steel blade and head for heavy-duty use. The ergonomic rubber handle is comfortable and grippy, and the shaft is made of solid oak for extra strength and durability.

In our analysis of 80 expert reviews, the Edward Tools Rubber Ergo Grip Hoe & Cultivator Hand Tiller placed 3rd when we looked at the top 10 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

Edward Tools Hoe and Cultivator Hand Tiller is the perfect tool for hand tilling, weeding and digging in and around your garden. Made of high grade carbon steel, this hand hoe feels heavy and durable which makes for easier work in breaking up the soil. The solid oak handle is cover with a soft ergonomic rubber grip that creates less fatigue and more grip. This hand garden tiller is available with free expedited shipping!

Expert Reviews

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What experts liked

To provide decent service on various terrains, the blade is made of tough carbon steel. It will dig, hoe, till, weed and also loosen the soil.
- Industry Ears
Uses ergonomic rubber handle for better grip and comfort.
- NexusWorks
Apart from tilling vegetable gardens, this tool is suitable for digging and weeding fallow fields. The sturdy construction of its prongs is impressive.
- Toolz View
The tiller feels solid and durable in your hand, ensuring easier work in breaking up soil.
- Family Handyman
It is great for digging, weeding, and loosening soil. The durable solid oak handle has a rubber ergo grip.
- Flower Glossary
Made of high grade carbon steel, this hand hoe feels heavy and durable which makes for easier work in breaking up the soil.
- Best Gardener Supply
The tool is designed to enable you to easily till, dig, and weed your garden.
- Green and Vibrant
On one side, you have a cultivator fork with extra-long tines. It’s perfect for working into a thatch of weeds and prying them from the ground. On the other, you’ve got a narrow hoe blade, which can cut or loosen the solid, hard soil.
- Epic Gardening
There’s a rubberized grip that’s 5 inches long, providing comfort for your hands and minimizing the chances of blisters.
- Daily Gardener
The blade of this tiller is made of a resistant carbon steel material. Its head part is also very durable, so that you can count on it for a long time with no concerns.
- Soilcrust

What experts didn't like

This hand tiller might be too short for tall gardeners that are at least 6 feet
- Toolz View
Rubber handle may slip off
- Green and Vibrant
But watch out for the tines on the tiller. The steel here is thinner and you may find the tines bend back on themselves in tougher conditions.
- Daily Gardener
Not a right choice for extensive gardens
- Soilcrust

An Overview On

Whether gardening is a hobby or just something you do to improve your home’s curb appeal, the right tools make the job easier. But if you’re new to gardening, you may not know exactly which tools you need. Some are designed for digging up weeds, while others are geared toward turning over soil and planting. There are also pruning shears for cutting back limbs and keeping your shrubbery in good shape.

If you’re starting from scratch, it will be worthwhile to invest in a full gardening toolset. A set gives you all the basics you need to get started. For the basics, consider at least purchasing pruning shears and a trowel to start. A good gardening knife can also come in handy for weed removal.

Once you’ve amassed a few tools, you’ll probably want something to store them in. If you buy a full set, it will likely come with a tote for carrying. But you can easily find caddies and backpacks with varying storage capacities. Look for one with pockets designed specifically for carrying the types of gardening tools you’ll be using.

A gardening toolset can also be a great gift for someone else, particularly if it comes with its own tote bag. Check first to make sure the recipient doesn’t already have a full gardening set. If so, the one you buy may simply duplicate what the person already has. However, you may take a look at someone’s existing set and realize that you can provide something much more durable and useful.

The most important feature in most gardening tools is the blade itself. You’ll want something that’s not only sharp enough to handle the task but also can remain sharp through many long springs and summers. Gardening tools will be exposed to dirt and moisture, and they can be subject to corrosion and rust over time. At the very least, a weaker tool’s blade will quickly begin to dull.

The Buying Guide

  • Durability is an important issue with gardening tools. Look for tools with a handle that will hold up to the rigors of gardening, as well as a blade that will stay sharp over many uses.
  • The handle of your gardening tools plays a role in how torturous the work is. An ergonomic, comfortable design can protect your hands while you’re gardening, allowing you to work for longer without fatigue.
  • The blade design also plays a role in a tool’s functionality. Stainless steel tends to be the most durable, holding up to pressure and working more efficiently.
  • If you invest in a tote bag for your gardening tools, keep in mind it will regularly be exposed to dirt and grime. A darker color will likely work best.
  • With pruning shears, the spring can sometimes lead to hand fatigue. Look for one that isn’t too stiff. A protective sheath over the spring itself can keep moisture and dirt from corroding the spring and causing problems.
  • With a tool like pruning shears, compact design can come in handy. It allows you to easily slip it into a pocket while you work.
  • Pruning shears are rated for a specific cutting diameter. Pay attention to the types of branches you have in your garden and choose a pair that can easily cut through your branches.
  • Some shears are better at growing and green branches, but they struggle when it comes to dead branches. The sharper, the better if you have an abundance of dry limbs to manage.
  • If you’re left-handed, take a close look at the locking mechanism on your shears. Make sure it isn’t designed specifically for those who are right-handed.
  • Sap and dirt can wear down your gardening tools. For best results, wipe each tool down with a clean rag before storing. Make sure you store them in a dry place between uses, especially during the long winter months.