eBoTrade 32-Piece Makeup Brush Set

Last updated date: June 17, 2020

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eBoTrade 32-Piece Makeup Brush Set

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Overall Take

This set includes every possible shape and size brush you could ever need to apply makeup — and all at an incredibly low price. The synthetic brushes are made to last. Every piece also fits in a convenient carrying case made of eco-friendly materials. This set helps you look good and feel good, too. In our analysis of 31 expert reviews, the eBo eBoTrade 32-Piece Makeup Brush Set placed 12th when we looked at the top 14 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

Editor's Note June 17, 2020:
Checkout The Best Makeup Brushes for a detailed review of all the top makeup brushes.

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3 expert reviews
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692 user reviews
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What experts liked
Offers large selection of brushes at a value price. We love its roll-up carrying case, made from earth-friendly materials.
- BestReviews
Roll up carrying case stores and protects brushes with ease.
- Booms Beat
Nice, dense and soft bristles.
- 10 Best Review
What experts didn't like
Some users don't have the need for so many brushes, and some of the larger brushes shed.
- BestReviews

From The Manufacturer

America's Most Reliable Electronic Product Brand Faster And Safer Products With Our Leading Ebotrade Technology 10 Million Happy Users And Counting Features: This 32 Pc Set Includes All The Brushes You'Ll Ever Need To Create Perfectly Polished Makeup Styles. Perfect For Professional Salons Or Personal Use! Each Brush Is Covered With A Clear Plastic Wrap For Cleanliness. Our Exclusively Selected Natural Hair Mineral Makeup Brushes Will Make A Great Addition To Your Collection. This Complete Collection Of Luxury Makeup Brushes Includes The Essential Brushes Used By Professional Makeup Artists Throughout The Makeup World. Description: Size: Black Pouch Bag Is About 8.2Inch Length Material: Natural Hair Color: Black Brushes Set Contains: Powder Brush, Large Contour Brush, Square Shadier Brush, Large Sable Shadier Brush, Small Sable Shadier Brush, Lip Brush, Mascara Brush, Large Synthetic Shadier Brush, Etc How To Clean Makeup Brushes: 1. Run The Bristles Of Brush Under Warm Running Water. 2. Apply A Small Amount Of Gentle Shampoo To Bristles And Work Into A Light Lather. 3. Rinse Bristles Thoroughly Under Running Water. You Will Notice That The Water Leaving The Brush Is Tinted From Old Makeup. 4. Continue Rinsing Until No Color Leaves The Brush. 5. Allow It To Air-Dry. Package Included: 1 X 32 Pcs Professional Cosmetic Makeup Brush Set With Leather Case

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eBoTrade 32-Piece Makeup Brush Set
12. eBoTrade 32-Piece Makeup Brush Set
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Expert Reviews: 3
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An Overview On Makeup Brushes

With the right set of makeup brushes, you can think like a professional makeup artist and look like a model, all from the comfort of your own home. If all you ever use are the mini brushes included with compacts and palettes, your beauty routine may be ready for a major boost.

Using the right brush will make it much easier for you to apply every step of your makeup. That means less time staring in the mirror and a later wake-up time for you. How can a few little tools make such a huge difference? Overall, the right brush helps you apply makeup in a more precise manner.

There are several factors to consider when shopping for a set of makeup brushes. They range in price but you should be able to find one that fits your budget. The handles and bristles are made of a variety of materials, which come with their own pros and cons.

Then, you need to look at the intended use of each brush. Some are multipurpose while others are precise and aimed at applying one product to one area only, according to our beauty expert Natalie Setareh, a makeup artist, beauty coach and the author of the book “Be Your Own Makeup Artist: Unleash Your Inner Beauty.”

“The traditional rule of thumb that synthetic bristle brushes are best suited for cream products and natural hair bristles are best suited for powders and dry makeup still applies,” she says. “There are also makeup brushes that blend both synthetic and natural hair bristles, which also provide unique functions, depending on the type of makeup application you seek to achieve on a regular basis. ”

Arguably, the most important factor is the material used for the bristles. Bristles are made of either synthetic or natural materials. Most professional makeup artists prefer natural bristles.

What really makes natural bristles stand out is that they behave like human hair and have a cuticle. This allows them to grab pigment from your makeup products and hold onto it until you place it exactly where you want it on your face.

One top-quality natural bristle is from blue squirrel. It’s also the most expensive. Other natural bristles that perform well are pony hair, goat and Kolinsky sable. However, synthetic bristles have come a long way in recent years.

There are also a growing number of eco-friendly brushes made with sustainable materials. These makeup brushes are super soft and excellent for sensitive skin types.

You’ll also want to consider the materials used to make the other parts of the brushes.

“When I shop for brushes, I like to know where and how they are made (for example, hand-made or machine-made), if they are cruelty-free (yes, natural hair brushes can be cruelty-free too), whether or not their handles are anti-bacterial and what the material of the ferrule (the piece that attaches the bristles to the brush) is made of,” says Setareh.

All of these sets include many more brush options than what you’d use on a regular basis. Professional makeup artists suggest a basic foundation of four main brushes. You want a large powder brush, a slightly smaller fluffy multi-use brush, an eye-shadow brush and a smaller shadow brush. The standard eyeshadow brush should be the size of a fingertip, and the second should be about half that size. From there, you can add on a few more sizes for more precision and fine-tuned application.

Brush shapes also vary as well. You want to look for a slightly domed tip with a bit of fluff in all brushes. This shape helps the bristles roll across the skin smoothly. The fluffy texture isn’t just for show. A fluffy brush deposits less pigment so you can be more precise and slowly build for more drama or keep a subtle look.

A high-quality set of brushes truly is a worthwhile investment. When you take care of them properly and clean them regularly, they can last decades. That’s a lot of beautiful years to look forward to.

DWYM Fun Fact

Makeup brushes likely date back to the Ancient Egyptians. We can all thank Cleopatra and her strong eyeliner game for the earliest forms of brushes. Meanwhile, other modern cultures around the world entered the brush industry and made their mark. Germany and Japan are known for their excellent brush-making.

In Japan, the first makeup brushes were inspired by calligraphy brushes. In fact, brush-making was so prolific in Kumano, Japan, it earned the nickname the City of Brushes. The brush-making techniques have been passed down through the generations. These luxury brushes are truly an art in and of themselves.

The high-end brushes are still handmade, one at a time, today. The unwieldy brush hairs require the close attention of human hands. As such, they are arranged, hand-tied and trimmed by hand. After all that painstaking work, it’s no surprise they garner high prices.

The Makeup Brush Buying Guide

  • It’s more important to have the right brush for each task than a perfectly matching set to display on your vanity.
  • The handles and bristles consist of a variety of materials, each of which come with their own pros and cons. Make sure to check the intended use of each brush before buying. Some are multipurpose, while others are precise and aimed at applying one product to one area only.
  • Price can play a major factor when shopping for makeup brushes. Sets can range in cost from budget-friendly options to more expensive versions. The BS-Mall Makeup Brushes, for example, are affordable and have extremely soft bristles that make the experience of applying your makeup a comfortable one.
  • A few makeup brush sets include bristles that are so soft, some users compare them to teddy bear’s fur. You’ll also get a great experience with other sets that features dense, but velvety fibers that ensure even application.
  • No matter how much you spend on a set of makeup brushes, you’ll want to maintain them by cleaning them regularly. Experts recommend cleaning them with a gentle soap at least once per month. Brushes used around the eye and for applying foundation need a wash every week to prevent bacteria buildup.
  • Cleaning makeup brushes is so important, there are dedicated gadgets to help with the cleaning process. Gloves, solutions and mats can all help clear away product buildup from the bristles.