Easy@Home EHE009 Adjustable Pulse Tens Unit

Last updated date: December 31, 2021

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Easy@Home EHE009 Adjustable Pulse Tens Unit

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We looked at the top Tens Units and dug through the reviews from some of the most popular review sites. Through this analysis, we've determined the best Tens Unit you should buy.

Update as February 9, 2022:
Checkout Connect Your Mind And Body With The Best TENS Unit for a detailed review of all the top tens units.

Overall Take

Four electrodes and six massage settings will provide muscle relief similar to what you get on a massage table. This TENS unit muscle stimulator has a lighted screen that makes it easy to see the settings you're choosing. The lightweight build also makes it easy to slide into a pocket or bag and take on the go with you.

In our analysis of 72 expert reviews, the Easy@Home Adjustable Pulse Tens Unit placed 5th when we looked at the top 12 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

tens unit for pain relief TENS Unit Muscle Stimulator EHE009 – Pain Relief Therapy Pulse Massager Device Overview Easy@Home EHE009 Pulse Massager TENS UNIT is a natural, drug-free, and easy-to-use pain relief device. The TENS effectively delivers electric impulses to nerves and muscles on different areas of your body. When used with proper strength and frequency, these impulses make continuous and gentle stimulation to trigger your body to produce a natural response to block and relieve pain, as well as regenerate tissues. EHE009 handheld device has a portable, compact, and stylish design making it easy to bring with you anywhere. ems muscle stimulator Feature Highlights Effective, Natural, Safe and Drug-Free Pain Relief Fully programmable easy-to-use control with 6 auto procedure options and 10 intensity levels 2 independent channels allow for different massage mode and intensity on multiple areas Large LCD Display that shows the mode selection and treatment progression clearly Portable, compact, easy to carry with excellent Battery Life, 4 AAA batteries (Included) Note: DO NOT use the product if you have a cardiac pacemaker or an existing cardiac condition, implanted metal devices/screws areas of the body, pregnant or suffer from epilepsy. If you have any condition requiring the active supervision of a physician, please consult with your physician before using. Electrode pads included do not contain any latex. Replacement electrode pads: B00VS9FTJE and B07PGNH9ZD tens unit EHE009 easy@home professional tens unit heat therapy wireless tens unit tens unit portable professional tens unit ems electrode pads tens unit TENS Unit Muscle Stimulator EHE009 Professional Grade TENS and EMS Unit with Heat Therapy, EHE018 Easy@HomeMini Wireless TENS Pulse Stimulator EHE015 Rechargeable TENS Unit + EMS Muscle Stimulator EHE029G-B Professional Grade TENS Unit Electronic Pulse Massager EHE012PRO 16 2″x 2″ TENS Unit Replacement Electrode Pads Backlight ✓ ✓ ✓ Electrode pads 4 2 1 4 4 16 Timer ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ Battery 4X AAA Rechargeable battery Rechargeable battery Rechargeable battery Rechargeable battery Touch keypad Intensity level 10 20 20 20 20 Modes 6 8 6 16 8 Weight 137 g 200 g 20 g 40 g 127 g 100 g Portable ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓

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What experts liked

If you are interested in pursuing TENS for your aches and soreness, definitely check out the Easy@Home TENS Handheld Electronic Pulse Massager from Healthcare Manager. The unit currently costs a reasonable $29.99. I was pleasantly surprised at the ease with which I could use my new device. I simply opened the box, placed the batteries in the device, plugged in the wires, and attached the electrode pads. The unit offers a variety of functions and speeds, so you can tailor the pain relief to your needs. I personally have found the Easy@Home TENS Handheld Electronic Pulse Massager is awesome at providing some mild and temporary relief for muscle soreness.
- Parenting Patch
August 23, 2017 | Full review
This is a simple handheld electronic massage pulse machine that you can easily use from the comfort of your home. It is a highly rated massager with excellent features for easy use and operation.
- Best 10 Choices
December 30, 2018 | Full review
Comes with rechargeable batteries so you don’t have to change them every so often. It’s well-lighted screen interface is also designed to be easy to navigate. Comes with pictures of the massages you can choose from.
- Relax Like a Boss
I have a pinched sciatica that is causing muscle spasms down my leg and to add insult to injury I had full knee replacement on the same leg as the spasms. I have an older tens unit as well as biofreeze, a hand held massager, hot and cold. My Physical therapy is on hold because the I T band is so tight. I received this new tens unit today and with the first use I feel some relief. GREAT machine.
- Review Meta
It runs on 4AAA batteries making it a portable selection to use when travelling. It also features four electrodes, ten intensity levels and a large LCD screen for you to see what is happening. There are a total of six massage settings to choose from different parts of the body. Overall, this is a great buy worth your money.
- Paramatan
November 3, 2019 | Full review
Lightweight, Portable and easy to use. Lots off settings. The electrode patches can be reused, as long as they are kept clean and dry. Comes with batteries.
- Crafty Spices

What experts didn't like

The pads do loose stickiness with time.
- Best 10 Choices
December 30, 2018 | Full review
The control buttons have a clicking sound when pressed on and are susceptible to getting stuck in the long run. This unit doesn't come with a carrying case.
- Relax Like a Boss
I received this product yesterday and it did not work at at. I replaced the batteries that came with it with new ones and still nothing. Nothing happened at all. And then I find out I cant even get a replacement or refund for an error that came with the product.
- Review Meta
The intensity knobs can be easily turn by accident. Would prefer if the display were back-lid for an easier reading in dim light. The manual should have a more detail explanation of all the settings.
- Crafty Spices

An Overview On Tens Units

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) uses a battery-powered device to deliver quick electrical impulses to your nerves, muscles or joints. You’ll get pads that stick to the body, which connect to electrodes that connect to a small device. Often this device has a screen, along with buttons or knobs, and the screen allows you to scroll through multiple settings to get the exact type of treatment you need.

A TENS device can sometimes be confused with an electronic muscle stimulator (EMS), which is designed to deliver relief to muscles. Before you pick out a TENS device, determine the specific type of pain you need to relieve. If you have nerve issues, there are TENS devices that focus on that, while still others are better for taking care of joint pain.

Ideally, you’ll check with a medical professional before beginning treatment using a TENS device. This is the case with anything you do that can directly impact your health. If your doctor currently has you under supervision, you should steer clear of TENS devices unless you’ve cleared it first. Although TENS devices are now widely available over the counter, a physician can guide you toward the best model for your unique needs.

There are a variety of conditions TENS devices are reported to help with, and the benefits are usually specific to relieving pain. Consumers use TENS devices for issues like arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, back and shoulder injuries and tennis elbow, among many others. Joint pain affecting areas like the knee, arm and wrist can also be helped by TENS devices, although you’ll need to look for one that has pads that will easily stick to those areas.

The best TENS devices give you multiple mode options. These generally represent preprogrammed massage types, with some adjusting based on the body part you’re treating. Although it can be tempting to choose the device that has the most options, with some units, you’ll find that one mode doesn’t differ all that much from another.

Another adjustable setting on TENS devices is the strength behind the treatment you’re getting. If you need intense pain relief, you may be in the mood to put it on its highest setting. But primarily this adjustability comes in handy because intensity preferences can vary dramatically from one person to another.

The Tens Unit Buying Guide

  • The first thing to look at when shopping for a TENS device is how many electrodes it provides. A device with eight electrodes will be able to hit more areas than one that only has four. If you’re treating a large area like your entire lower back, consider that it will take multiple electrodes to cover the space and buy accordingly.
  • Also study the various settings offered. Go beyond looking at the sheer number of massage modes and focus on the options. You’ll find some devices have options like kneading, cupping, deep massage and acupuncture, for instance, and some will even let you go into a mode that combines multiple massage types to keep things interesting.
  • Different TENS devices are better for specific body parts. If you’re suffering from back pain, you’ll probably opt for a different massager than one that helps with tennis elbow. Look around and make sure you find the one that’s best for your specific type of pain.
  • The electrodes attach to your body using sticky pads, and those pads will eventually have to be replaced. Consider how many pads come in the package with your purchase and also research how easy it is to order replacement pads when those wear out. Some TENS devices use pads that can stick for only a time or two before you need to toss them, while others have pads that you can use for weeks or even months.
  • Pad size is also a consideration. Some TENS devices give you the option of small, medium or large pads, and those devices are more versatile. If you plan to only use your device in one spot, this may never be an issue, but there might be a day when you need pain relief in a different area and having a one-size pad will become an inconvenience.
  • Your TENS device comes with a screen, and that screen plays a very important role in your user experience. Look for a screen that’s easy to read and also backlit, if you feel you’ll be looking at it in dim lighting. You’ll also have buttons or dials to walk you through the options. Check that those are easy to manipulate.
  • When you think of portability in a device, usually you’re just thinking about how easy it will be to tuck into a bag. But portability in a TENS device can come in handy in a variety of ways. In addition to being able to comfortably clip it to your clothing to wear around the house, you can also tuck a smaller device into a pocket and use it while you’re at work, sitting in a business meeting or enjoying dinner in a restaurant with your family.