Eargasm High Fidelity Silicone Ear Plugs

Last updated: July 5, 2023

If you're searching for a durable set of ear plugs with a little something extra, consider these ear plugs. We love that this reusable set comes with a handy storage case connected to a keychain. The plugs consist of non-toxic, hypoallergenic silicone that won't cause itching. Thanks to the attenuation filters, this set of ear plugs also reduces noise evenly without leaving sound muffled.

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Product Details

Key Takeaway: These ear plugs reduce noise to protect your hearing, plus they come with a keychain.

In our analysis of 217 expert reviews, the Eargasm High Fidelity Silicone Ear Plugs placed 4th when we looked at the top 10 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

eargasm earplug earpiece noise reduction noise cancellation concert motorcycle earbuds Earplugs, Earplug, Hearing, Noise Reduction eargasm earpiece noise reduction ABOUT US Eargasm Earplugs is based out of sunny Southern California and started with the idea that in the 21st century, the simplistic foam earplug needed an upgrade. Foam earplugs are designed to completely block out the world around them. However, in today’s world there are so many situations where people still want to interact with their surroundings, just at a lower volume. Our earplug’s patent pending design solves this problem by filtering, rather than blocking out, sound to a manageable level. The Revolution in Hearing Protection Has Arrived Contains two shell sizes to comfortably fit most ear sizes and the discreet, low profile design make them nearly imperceptible to others. Whether you’re at a concert, a musician performing with your band, riding your motorcycle, or numerous environments, Eargasm High Fidelity Earplugs help you turn the volume down anytime you need it. Multiple Shell Sizes to get the Perfect Fit Discreet Design Made with Hypoallergic Soft Silicone Up to a 21 dB drop in Noise Levels (NRR 16 dB) eargasm earpiece earbuds eargasm, earpiece, noise reduction, concert Reduce Noise without Compromising Quality Eargasm Earplugs reduce noise levels proportionally while maintaining sound integrity. It is like having your own volume knob for life! You hear everything, but at safe and enjoyable levels. At the heart of each ear plug is an attenuation filter. These filters reduce noise to safe levels while preserving clarity of speech and richness of music. Sounds are reproduced exactly as your ear would hear them but at a reasonable volume. eargasm, earpiece, noise reduction, concert Reduce Noise without Compromising Quality eargasm, earpiece, noise reduction, concert Multiple Uses eargasm earpiece earplug Hypoallergenic Soft Silicone eargasm, earpiece, concert, noise reduction Easy Transport eargasm, earpiece, noise reduction, concert eargasm, earpiece, noise reduction, concert eargasm, earpiece, noise reduction, concert eargasm, earpiece, noise reduction, concert eargasm earplug earpiece aviation travel Sizes Normal to Large Ear Canals Small Ear Canals Normal to Large Ear Canals All Ear Sizes Two Sizing Options Use Cases Live events, motorcycle riding, noise sensitivity Live events, motorcycle riding, noise sensitivity Live events, motorcycle riding, noise sensitivity Sleeping, studying, traveling Air travel, altitude changes Noise Reduction Ability Up to 21 dB (NRR 16 dB) Up to 21 dB (NRR 15 dB) Up to 21 dB (NRR 16 dB) NRR 32 dB Reduce ear pain during air travel

Expert Reviews

What reviewers liked

Did lower the volume without affecting sound fidelity!
Offer a slightly more subtle profile as they employ an interesting little side tab design for placing them in and removing them from your ear, rather than the central rod design.
The silicone is non-toxic, sufficiently flexible for a better fit, hypoallergenic and sweat proof.
When it comes to reducing sound levels in noisy areas, these earplugs work like a miracle.
The amazing thing about the innovative attenuation filters is that they preserve sound quality by reducing noise evenly from the surrounding background while at the same time preserving the full spectrum of sound and protecting your hearing.
The plugs are soft, comfortable, and easy to keep on over longer periods of time.
Are a ready-fit source of hearing protection for any noisy environment.
Set comes with case and 2 pairs of earplugs to ensure the best fit. Comfortable enough to wear for hours at a time without slipping out. Effective in minimizing loudness of music, still allowing easy conversation. Convenient pull tab for removal.
They go in and stay in comfort all day. On the highway, you can hear music from your Bluetooth helmet because the Eargasms block most of the wind noise.
They have been designed with effective attenuation filters that are able to give you the chance to reduce noise evenly and maintain safe hearing.
A waterproof seal makes it safe to bring these earplugs with you anywhere, protecting them from moisture and debris.
The earplugs come out safely with an elongated pull tab. For added convenience, there’s a nice-looking portable storage case.
These earplugs are made with soft silicone that will not hurt your ears at all.
These earplugs have pull tabs for easy insertion and removal.
They use special filters to evenly reduce noise without muffling sound—perfect for concerts. They’re made of hypoallergenic, soft silicone, so you can reuse them for every show, and they’ll fit perfectly thanks to two different-sized earplug options.
The ear plugs have multiple shell sizes that provide you with a great and comfortable fit.
Made of hypoallergenic soft silicone, the triple flange design of the High Fidelity earplug is assured to fit snugly into all ear sizes and offer supreme comfort.
The earplugs also come in a terrific case, which has a waterproof rubber seal to protect the earplugs from moisture and dust.
They’re also incredibly soft and pliable — and they shouldn’t cause tension pain or allergic reactions.
They’ll help mask a moderate amount of noise – perfect for those concerts that are just a little bit too loud.
They come with a storage case, which is designed to minimize space. Part of the storage container design lays the anti-slick interior, which means removing earplugs from the case is easy.
These earplugs are hypoallergenic and one of the main reason buyers like to buy this product. These won’t itch while wearing them and offer an excellent option for people who want earplugs that are safe to wear and are also reliable.
Another reason why musicians like the Eargasm Earplugs is its aluminum case. It’s 35% smaller than other brands and fits your keychain. Also, it has a waterproof rubber seal which protects them from debris, moisture, and dust.
What we love most about Eargasm is that not only reduces sound by 21 decibels but it DOES NOT distort the sound of the music.
These Eargasm earplugs have an impressive Noise Reduction Rating of up to 21 decibels.
One review mentioned that the earplugs still sounded great for live sound mixing as they don’t filter out too much high frequencies unlike regular foam earplugs.
High-fidelity earplugs will still deliver above average sound quality.
With these earplugs the frequencies are smooth across the range, allowing you to hear everything as you normally would, but with a significant reduction in volume.
Have a soft, clear silicone exterior so they nestle gently in your ear and become imperceptible to others.
These plugs are made with non-toxic soft silicon in order to ensure that you’re at your comfort after putting these on.
Eargasm offer full refunds to people who buy online if indeed the earplugs do not fit, which might be the case when buying them for children.
These provided the most reduction and still maintained good frequency response.
I LOVE high-fidelity earplugs for live music and driving, and I've never experienced any as high-qual quality as the Eargasm version.
It is very easy to remove as it is fitted with an elongated pull tab to allow you pull the earplug out.
Instead of blocking all sound, the noise is filtered so that only good noise can go through. Using an innovative attenuation filter reduces noise evenly to maintain the full spectrum of sound while protecting your ears.
These are great for anyone super concerned with hearing but still want to crank the amps up to 11. Musicians who spend a lot of time in small rooms with loud noise or for music lovers who can’t wait for that next show, will benefit from the amazing construction of these earplugs.
They also have a tab that sticks out on the plug. This makes them much more easy to remove from your ears when you’re finished.
Comfort-wise, they’re great, and don’t feel like something unnatural has been jammed in your head.
The design of the Eargasm earplugs are well thought out, and feature an ergonomic ‘tapering’ off which makes them super comfortable to wear.
The thing I love about the Eargasm earplugs is that they come with two differently sized outer ‘shells' — so you can pick the size that fits your ears, and simply drop in the sonic filter.
The set includes a total of three earplugs and six filters. While it may seem silly, the third plug gives users of the opportunity to continue using their earplug set should one become unrecoverable.

What reviewers didn't like

They didn’t reduce the volume as much as the other pairs.
They don’t offer quite as versatile a fit (they only send two sizes, instead three, like others.
The little plastic nub for pulling them out can be a bit difficult to find at times.
A bit on the expensive side.
Shape of the case is a bit awkward.
To insert them correctly, you need to follow the product's instructions, and if they don't fit perfectly, there's no way to adjust them.
Silicone gets slippery
Some find it a bit uncomfortable as it is a bit longer than others.
Recently customers have mentioned that this product was delivered with several pieces missing from the box
Not a great fit for small ears.
Larger in size than other ear plugs.
While they may be good for concerts or other louder events, they’re not specifically designed to help reduce noise while sleeping.
Two sizes to pick from, which means people in between sizes might not find a proper fit
Some buyers have reported that they were not able to fit these properly into the ears and they also felt some kind of discomfort when they kept these in for a period of more than eight hours.
There are some complaints that consumers experience using this device. They stated that the Eargasm Earplugs plastic material would make them feel uncomfortable after wearing them for extended periods.
They don’t come with distinguishable filters.
Most negative reviews were from issues with fit and some from user error or misuse like using them in ultra high volume situations (construction work, airport runways, machine shops).
Lower NRR compared to other brands.
Expensive option.
Might not fit all ear sizes.
They won’t block noise completely.
More visible.
Not designed to fit well in small ears.
Are a little expensive than other brands,
Not as Much Noise Attenuation as Other Models
They do cut a bit of high end.
May not be as comfortable as foam or custom options for some people.
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