Dr. Scholl’s Invigorating Pedicure Foot Spa

Last updated: September 20, 2019

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Product Details

In our analysis of 191 expert reviews, the Dr. Scholl's Invigorating Pedicure Foot Spa placed 11th when we looked at the top 11 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

The Dr. Scholl’s Invigorating footbath delivers soothing and invigorating massage to revive tired feet. Unit comes with mart heat which maintains the water warm for a relaxing/soothing relief. Unit comes with a massaging roller, removable pumice stone & 5 piece pedicure kit to keep your feet soft and nails polished.

Expert Reviews

What reviewers liked

There is a pumice stone located front and center, which is good for removing dead skin. Behind the pumice stone, toward the rear, there is a nodule-covered roller that gives a reflexology-style massage to the soles of your feet.
I found the bubbles to be extremely relaxing. Vibration function relieves tension. Definitely a bargain!
A 5-piece pedicure system is included in the box so you can work on other aspects of foot care at the same time if you wish.
Compact and lightweight in comparison with similar spas. Spas with a lot more features tend to be very heavy and difficult to move around, making filling and emptying them a bit of a chore. This spa is lightweight and easy to store.
Can be used with hot water alone, but it also works great when used with oils and bath salts for a more improved spa experience. If you do plan to use some salts, be sure to clean the product thoroughly as leftover salt can block the area where bubbles come out.
This foot spa helps to revive and relax tired feet by means of its massage roller that massages the feet and gives off warm soothing bubbles. You can also use it in vibrations mode if you desire more action.
In terms of lining and surface, it’s one of the most comfortable out there and brings a host of features to offer maximum comfort.
The good thing about this model is that you do not need to fill it with warm water as the heating function can raise the water’s temperature.
This machine lets you use Epsom salts and oils with it. When you need to turn it on or off, there is a waterproof control on the top that you can easily press with either your toe or finger.
There are holes for the bubbles which provide a nice circulation in the water.
The rollers can deliver a soothing massage on top of the relaxing effects of the water. After you filled it with warm water, the built-in heater can maintain the temperature.
- Joovio
The Dr. Scholl is easy to clean, and comes with a removable pumice stone, but is not recommended for individuals with large feet, and because of its relatively small size it is more suited to women than men.
This foot spa is one of the best in providing a soothing a soothing, bubbly and rejuvenating massage.It features innovative rolling massagers at the bottom that relieves sores and unwinds tight feet muscles.
It comes with the usual massaging features to add some pampering to your foot bath. All round this is an excellent choice for the price.​
This units multiple features, along with its lovely purple color, make it highly desirable. It provides soothing bubbles as well as heat to provide a relaxing massage experience.
It has removable pumice stone which will soften your heels. At the end of the massage, your feet will feel soft and your nails will be polished!
It's bubble emitter shoots out oxygenated bubbles at your feet that covers all over so flush out toxins from your skin. This also improves blood circulation and metabolism of your body.
The specialized feature of this foot massager is the bubbles; the bubbles are formulated within the device and these bubbles offer good massaging experience to all the users.
I love the fact that I won’t have to visit the salon. With the 5 piece pedicure, all I need is at the comfort of my living room. It’s a convenience for me since I can keep my feet soft and nails polished without having to move an inch.
The 5 piece pedicure set is an extra money-saver you will enjoy with this package. The rolling massager delivers more effective massage effect than static massagers.
You will appreciate the “SMART” heating system that keeps the water at a comfortable temperature. While you still have to fill the unit with hot water initially, it will keep it at a soothing temperature.
One key benefit of this system is its "smart" heating system, which ensures that water stays at the perfect temperature. As well, we love the fact that this foot bath comes with a five-piece pedicure set.
There is a nice bubbling effect that allows for a soothing treatment, and the machine is not too loud, so it won’t distract you as you’re relaxing.
This device is equipped with a fixed rolling massager at the center. This works efficiently to revive your tired underfoot and also targets the arches. The nerve endings are well massaged and its positive effects are seen in the other parts of your body.
Another amazing fact about this one of the foot spa machine, it can be filled with water and heat it to a comfortable level. As it’s done, you can get the soothing relief of smart massage.
The foot spa product features rolling massaging nodes that work up and down the feet, refreshing and rejuvenating them while loosening up tight muscles. Along with SMART Heat System, the water stays nice and warm so there’s no need to keep topping it up with more hot water.
It generates bubbles and can offer a really nice and warm heat for spa oasis. The stone soften heels that come with this device is also spot on and very convenient for the users.

What reviewers didn't like

However, you cannot select the level of bubble production.
The heater is quite ineffective. It’s quite flimsy. I’d like extra depth for more water.
The goal of this foot spa isn’t to generate heat. It offers a weak element that works to maintain hot water levels over time.
Noisy. Many consumers have complained that the unit is loud in comparison to similar products. Some have noted that putting a mat under the spa cuts down on the noise, however.
It does not heat up lukewarm or cold water. You have to pour in hot water and the machine maintains this warmth for about 20 minutes. It is noted that going beyond the suggested time frame could damage the motor.
It does not heat water, which means you need to heat the water elsewhere in advance. This can be inconveniencing to some. Some users also complain that it does not keep the water hot for long.
If there is one feature that’s a little lacking, it’s the programming function that other devices, even less expensive ones, offer.
Smart heating system not really efficient. Be careful if you have big feet, it might be uncomfortable.
Noisy and not suitable for big feet.
It is loud.
Does not come with its own heating system, hence you need to fill it up with warm water.
Some consumers have noted that they wish this home foot spa would also heat the water, and while this is a nice convenience it does not affect its performance.
Since this foot spa is a budget product, it doesn't have strong massaging power, like you'd experience in a hot tub.
This set doesn’t have an advanced water heating feature, so you will need to fill it up with either preheated water or hot tap water.
The sides should be angled out some for having more relaxed. The rollers are little rough for smooth massage.
Not so great in design.
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