Dr. Infrared Heater DR-988 Manual Garage Heater, 5600-Watt

Last updated: June 6, 2023

This industrial-strength heater quickly heat up to 600 square feet and allows warmth to flow through your work area. Keep warm safely thanks to the integrated automatic overheat cutoff protection. A built-in thermostat makes this unit energy efficient and increases comfort.

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Product Details

Key Takeaway: This garage heater circulates heat throughout your space.

In our analysis of 144 expert reviews, the Dr. Infrared Heater Manual Garage Heater, 5600-Watt placed 6th when we looked at the top 17 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

The DR988 industrial electric garage heater is perfect for warming any construction site, garage, basement, and workshop with its specially designed heating element and features an impressive portable design. It comes with a built in thermostat that can be adjusted from low to high. It also features a fan that provides continuous warmth. The DR988 industrial heater is dependable and sturdy.

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Expert Reviews

What reviewers liked

The DR988 Garage Heater is perfect for heating large spaces thanks to its quiet, powerful circulating fan that allows the warmth to flow throughout your workspace. Capable of providing up to 19,100 BTUs, this space heater features two thermostat settings. The low setting is capable of 45 degrees Fahrenheit and the high setting is for 95 degrees.
Easy to control with dial for temperature control and a button for controlling the fan.
It heats spaces very quickly and the thermostat maintains a constant temperature. The fan is powerful and does an excellent job mixing the air to keep the entire space comfortable and its noise level is reasonable.
The heater is able to heat up any residential or industrial plant area up to 600 sq ft. Additionally, you needn’t hang it; you can place it on the floor (preferably on a concrete one). This will especially please those who like to repair their car, lying on the floor underneath it as now they are guaranteed to not freeze. For safety, it stays relatively cool to the touch and has overheating cut-off protection. The unit is solid and sturdy. Its lightweight and compact size can be moved around easily and stored in the summer without taking much space.
It serves perfectly as a spot heater for any sort of workshop. The mechanism allows it to raise the temperature by 10 each hour. The maximum temperature you will be able to enjoy is 95 degrees. This happens on the higher setting and power output of 5600W. If you want to maintain your garage’s temperature of just above freezing, then no problem. The Dr Infrared Heater DR-988 can go as low as 45 degrees.
The fan mechanism also does a great job of circulating air in the space, helping to maintain a stable temperature throughout your entire work area.
Automatic energy saving features save on power and has an impressive heating capabilities of up to 600 square feet.
- Cozzy
It comfortably heats rooms with temperatures ranging from 45 to 95 degrees providing a warm and comfortably working space. Moreover, this heater comes with a thermostat control that lets you conveniently control the temperatures to your liking. It is UL and C-UL certified.
This device is also very quiet when operating as Mr. Infrared Heater designed the single fan to move air from the heating system without an overabundance of noisy moving parts. As a result of this quiet design, this unit’s maximum sound generation only reaches a very quiet 45 decibels.
It is not only good for a medium sized garage it can also be very useful in the basement, workshop or any other place where heater might be necessary. It has a thermostat, which can be adjusted to high or low. It is also strong and long lasting with its the built style. Since it is portable it can be moved from place to place according to the need. This is a heater which is very well constructed and made for easy use.
Built-in thermostat allows for effective temperature control. Quiet and no noise pollution.
Among others, one of the best things about this product is its built-in thermostat, which will make it easy for you to adjust the temperature from low to high. This also means that you will have complete control in choosing the heat output of the product. Another feature that is worth noting is the built-in storage for the cord. When it is stored, you can keep it neat. This will also prevent the cord from ending up being tangled.
This is excellent for 1 and 2 car garages.
With its steel casing, it’s also exceptionally safe. One other thing you might notice with DR-988 is the fan. The combination of electricity and fanning gives this heater the ability to cover 600 sq. ft. of space, more than enough for a medium-sized garage. So, to sum up – bright-red, electric, portable, fan-driven, small, lightweight, and durable.
This is not a necessity for a good workshop heater, but it’s definitely a big plus. This heater is able to distribute the warm air over a large surface. The big fan pushes the hot air further into a room than other space heaters.

What reviewers didn't like

It is not designed for standard residential use and requires a 220V plugin which is rare in many circumstances.
However, it is not suitable for general residential or household use and cannot be mounted on ceilings.
This heater is a little loud
On the downside, the warranty is only 100 days. The thermostat is also interchangeable. Don’t expect any rattles from the fan – it will be pretty quiet. There’s also overheat protection but no remote control.
Some users have reported only a minimal temperature difference of less than 1 degree in their garage space when using this heater.
It’s bright red and sticks out like a sore AC thumb.
- Cozzy
This doesnt employ a mounting bracket.
This one is an infrared heater which is slow in heating.
It is a bit expensive.
Motor can produce a loud noise and can be a potential fire hazard.
This may need re-wiring depending on your electrical setup and strong fan creates moderate noise.
No remote control and has only single-direction blowing of heat.
This unit’s red color is very noticeable. Everybody’s eyes will be attracted to it. This might not be the best feature if you’re looking for a good shop heater. Some people complain that this model makes rattling sounds when it works. The fan operates silently, but the whole unit might shake and make those sounds. If this is the case, place the unit on an even surface.
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