Dilettante Chocolates Assorted Espresso Bean Chocolate-Covered Snacks

Last updated date: November 8, 2021

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Dilettante Chocolates Assorted Espresso Bean Chocolate-Covered Snacks

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We looked at the top Candied & Chocolate-Covered Snacks and dug through the reviews from some of the most popular review sites. Through this analysis, we've determined the best Candied & Chocolate-Covered Snack you should buy.

Update as November 8, 2021:
Checkout The Best Candied & Chocolate-Covered Snacks for a detailed review of all the top candied & chocolate-covered snacks.

Overall Take

You’ll get a 3-pound jar filled with four different espresso bean flavors, covered in chocolate made from cream and cocoa butter. The included flavors are white, milk, dark and marbled chocolate.

In our analysis, the Dilettante Chocolates Dilettante Chocolates Chocolate-Covered Espresso Bean Snacks placed 2nd when we looked at the top 6 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

HIGH-QUALITY INGREDIENTS: Dilettante’s Chocolate Espresso Beans are made using house-roasted coffee beans and decadent layers of chocolate made from cream and cocoa butter. LUSCIOUS CHOCOLATE TASTE: This bean blend offers all four of Dilettante’s chocolate espresso bean flavors. Enjoy a smooth and rich taste, expertly paired with the robust flavor of real whole roasted coffee beans. LARGE BULK SIZE MADE TO SHARE: This three-pound jar is perfect for filling candy dishes, sharing with friends, or for keeping an office for an energizing and delicious treat. MADE WITH ALL-NATURAL INGREDIENTS: All Dilettante Chocolate is made with natural ingredients to provide the highest quality and taste possible. CAFFEINATED TREAT: Enjoy Dilettante’s Chocolate-Covered Espresso beans to wake up in the morning or to stay energized throughout the day.

An Overview On Candied & Chocolate-Covered Snacks

Chocolate has been touted as a somewhat healthy daily treat. As long as you eat it in moderation, there are certain benefits you can get — in particular, a boost in antioxidants.

But it’s important to look for the right type of chocolate. The benefits are specific to dark chocolate. The more manufacturers mix in ingredients like sugar, milk, and butter, the more you dilute the strength of the cacao tree seed they come from.

When you’re shopping around for a good chocolate-covered snack, what’s inside the chocolate shell is important, too. You won’t want a sugar- or oil-filled snack covered in chocolate if health is your goal. Even a fruit-coated snack can be deceptive if the fruit isn’t real or it’s artificially sweetened. Look for naturally sweetened fruit or, at the very least, pay close attention to the ingredients in your snack.

Nuts are also a popular choice for candies and chocolate coating. Nuts are often roasted, which could involve butter, and some are even caramelized in sugar. Look closely into this before you choose this type of snack as a “healthy” option. An interesting alternative to chocolate-coated nuts is the chocolate-covered sunflower seed. These are smaller but still pack that satisfying crunch.

Lastly, there’s the chocolate-covered coffee bean, which is a delicious way to get a quick dose of caffeine. These can be heavily caffeinated, though, and with the combination of that and sugar, you could find you have a little more energy than you intended, especially if you can’t just eat a few.

The Candied & Chocolate-Covered Snack Buying Guide

  • Packaging is important in any snack. You’ll want it in a format that’s easy to seal up between snacking sessions. Some come in zippered pouches or bags, while others are in plastic containers with lids. You can always transfer your snacks to a resealable bag or storage container once they arrive, but having them in a ready-made container can be a big help.
  • Not all dark chocolate is equal. Make sure before buying that the chocolate has a limited amount of milk and cream if you’re hoping for that true dark chocolate experience.
  • Some snacks can be heavy by nature, so a bag that’s labeled by the pound might be deceptive. Look at the bag measurements and consider the size and weight of the items inside to avoid disappointment.
  • Having chocolate shipped can be tricky, even if you live in a cooler climate. Melting is definitely a risk. Check to see if your snack will be shipped with ice packs and make sure you’re home to bring the package inside when it arrives on your doorstep.
  • Over-snacking can become a problem, especially if you find a chocolate-covered snack you love. For best results, take small amounts out and use portioning to make sure you only have a small amount handy wherever you are throughout the day.
  • Serving sizes can be deceptive. When you’re checking the nutrition label, make sure to note how many are included in the assessment.
  • The chocolate to snack ratio can differ dramatically. This is especially true of coffee beans, which some manufacturers cover with a thin coat of chocolate but others surround with a thick chocolate shell.