Delta Children Emery Deluxe 6-In-1 Convertible Crib

Last updated date: August 5, 2020

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Delta Children Emery Deluxe 6-In-1 Convertible Crib

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Overall Take

If you're looking for a crib that will grow with your baby, this model is your best bet. It starts out as a crib, but can then be converted into a toddler bed, sofa bed, daybed, full bed with headboard and footboard and full bed with headboard. Parents can choose between a white, dark chocolate or gray finish. In our analysis of 229 expert reviews, the Delta Children Delta Children Emery Deluxe 6-In-1 Convertible Crib placed 1st when we looked at the top 14 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

Editor's Note August 5, 2020:
Checkout The Best Crib for a detailed review of all the top cribs.

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9 expert reviews
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946 user reviews
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What experts liked
Sturdy, solid wood. Adjustable mattress height and JPMA certification. Built for infancy to adulthood; converts to a toddler bed/daybed/full-size daybed.
- BestReviews
The Delta Emery is an overachiever in this area, converting from a crib to a toddler bed, daybed, sofa, full-size bed with headboard, and full-size bed with a headboard and footboard.
- Healthline
Suitable for children weighing up to 50 pounds. This sturdy crib features a 4-in-1 design that allows it to grow with your child, and has been JPMA certified for added peace of mind.
- Baby Know How
Possibly the only bed you'll ever need to buy, this handsome solid-wood model can be converted to a toddler bed, daybed, and full-size bed.
- Chicago Tribune
Thanks to its three-position mattress height adjustment, parents can lower the mattress as their little one starts to sit or stand.
- mabel + moxie
This crib does the standard conversions to daybed, toddler bed, and full size bed, but it also adds in the option to become a sofa if we eventually want to create a reading nook in the playroom. (We won’t tell if you don’t that your sofa used to be a crib.)
- Scary Mommy
It includes easy to read and understand instructions. No experience is needed to put this crib together.
- Baby Gear Tested
It’s easy to assemble (for most people) and sturdy and durable. The high quality makes it an alluring buy for the affordable price.
- Parenting Passage
Strong and sturdy wooden frame. Classic and elegant design.
- Baby Cribs Central
What experts didn't like
Some components for converting it as baby grows must be purchased separately.
- BestReviews
Several reviewers mention that the slats rattle when kicked or otherwise moved, which may wake babies during sleep.
- Healthline
You'll still need to buy additional parts when it's time to convert it.
- Chicago Tribune
It’s worth noting that while the daybed rail is included, the toddler guardrail and full-size metal bed frame are sold separately.
- mabel + moxie
Then there was someone who didn’t like that the product doesn’t come with a toddler guardrail, instead of just with the daybed rail actually included.
- Baby Gear Tested
Parents don’t like that the crib has paint that easily chips. It isn’t a health hazard (the paint is non-toxic), but this has alarmed more than a few parents.
- Parenting Passage
Toddler guardrail and full size metal bed frame sold separately.
- Baby Cribs Central

From The Manufacturer

Create a picture-perfect nursery with the Emery Deluxe 6-in-1 Convertible Baby Crib by Delta Children! The crib’s beautiful bell-shape headboard with intricate molding and airy slats all around creates a polished look, effortlessly. Its grow-with-me design features an adjustable height mattress support that allows you to lower the mattress as your baby begins to sit or stand.

Overall Product Rankings

Delta Children Emery Deluxe 6-In-1 Convertible Crib
1. Delta Children Emery Deluxe 6-In-1 Convertible Crib
Overall Score: 9.7
Expert Reviews: 9
Dream On Me Aden 4-In-1 Convertible Mini Crib
4. Dream On Me Aden 4-In-1 Convertible Mini Crib
Overall Score: 9.2
Expert Reviews: 9
Union 3-In-1 Greenguard Gold Certified Convertible Crib
5. Union 3-In-1 Greenguard Gold Certified Convertible Crib
Overall Score: 9.1
Expert Reviews: 33
Delta Children Canton 4-In-1 Convertible Baby Crib
8. Delta Children Canton 4-In-1 Convertible Baby Crib
Overall Score: 8.9
Expert Reviews: 26
Graco 04530-21F Storkcraft Benton 4-In-1 Convertible Crib
9. Graco 04530-21F Storkcraft Benton 4-In-1 Convertible Crib
Overall Score: 8.7
Expert Reviews: 13
Delta Children Portable Mattress & Mini Baby Crib
10. Delta Children Portable Mattress & Mini Baby Crib
Overall Score: 8.6
Expert Reviews: 26
Dream On Me Violet 7-In-1 Convertible Life Style Crib
11. Dream On Me Violet 7-In-1 Convertible Life Style Crib
Overall Score: 8.6
Expert Reviews: 22
Dream On Me Carson Classic 3-In-1 Convertible Crib
12. Dream On Me Carson Classic 3-In-1 Convertible Crib
Overall Score: 8.4
Expert Reviews: 12
Dream On Me Ashton 5-In-1 Convertible Crib
13. Dream On Me Ashton 5-In-1 Convertible Crib
Overall Score: 8.2
Expert Reviews: 9
Dream On Me Synergy 5-In-1 Convertible Crib
14. Dream On Me Synergy 5-In-1 Convertible Crib
Overall Score: 8.1
Expert Reviews: 5

An Overview On Cribs

The biggest purchase you’ll make after finding out you’re about to become a parent is a crib.

As the days roll closer to bringing your baby home, you will want to prepare in so many ways. There is quite a bit of design effort put into cribs, and they are drastically different between companies. However, finding the best crib is not just a matter of personal style but also of safety. Discover what the experts are saying along with all the safety features to consider when shopping for that perfect crib for your little love.

Safety first when it comes to researching the best baby crib. Several safety features are required of manufacturers to include when designing a crib. These standards are set by the government based on past recalls and baby sleep studies. Manufacturers must abide by the standards or their product cannot be sold in stores.

To name a few safety standards: There cannot be a bigger gap than 2 3/8 inch between slats and corner posts as it has been determined that any bigger can cause entrapment issues for baby. The corner posts should not be higher than 1/16 inch above the end panels. All hardware should be set in securely without sharp screws or nail heads sticking out. Older, used cribs may pose the risk of lead paint so it is highly recommended to either get a lead test or just skip using an old crib. The mattress needs to be a tight fit so baby can’t get caught between the mattress and the slats. (When in the store looking at cribs, do the two-finger test: If you can fit two fingers side-by-side between the mattress and the slats, you need a bigger mattress than what they’ve got in there). Keep the baby’s crib free from all stuffed animals, bumpers and loose-fitting blankets and sheets.

Kate Desmond, a writer and infant safe-sleep expert as well as mom to two young daughters, has spent an enormous amount of time researching the safest and best products for her kids.

“The most important thing to consider when purchasing your baby’s crib is safety,” she says. “Remember, drop-side cribs are no longer deemed safe, so this is a great reason to say no to heirlooms from your mother-in-law. Mattresses are sold independently of cribs so be sure to select one that fits, leaving no gaps, and cover only with a tight-fitting crib sheet. Remember to keep the crib empty of all blankets, pillows and stuffed animals. Babies under one year of age sleep safest alone, on their back, in their crib.”

After learning the safety regulations and hearing from an expert, you know what to look for and can go shopping. One last thing to consider is the size and style of your nursery as this will determine the crib you buy. If you are tight on space, you can consider a combination crib and changing table in one, like the Delta Children Emery Deluxe 6-In-1 Convertible Crib, Babyletto Hudson 3-In-1 Toddler Convertible Crib, Graco Storkcraft Benton 4-In-1 Convertible Crib or the Dream On Me Aden 4-In-1 Convertible Mini Crib.

All of these cribs will be a beautiful addition to a darling nursery of any style.

DWYM Fun Fact

Dating back to just the 19th century, cribs are a relatively new concept. Before cribs, parents co-slept with their babies, mostly because of the simplicity of homes and shelters. Even when cribs were invented, they were more like bassinets or cradles. The reason that cribs, bassinets and cradles were raised off the ground was because it was a common belief that toxic fumes were found below knee level and explosive vapors were found near the ceiling. Iron baby cribs were popular because they were thought to be sanitary and prevent bug infestations including lice, bed bugs and moths. These were not always safe, however, because frequently they were painted with lead paint.

The phrase crib was coined to describe a “slatted, high-sided child’s bed.” However, in Old English it means stall or manger. Now, the word “crib” is additionally used as slang for a person’s house.

The Crib Buying Guide

  • The safest cribs are usually the simplest. Find a crib that doesn’t have drop sides or fancy bed knobs on the corners.
  • Buying new is best because it is more likely that it is up to safety standards.
  • Bring a ruler with you to measure the spaces between the slats when you shop.
  • Baby crib mattresses are also an item to buy new. Many have been recalled for being too soft. Also, when you buy new, you can buy one that fits super snug into your crib with no spaces on any side.
  • Put tight-fitting sheets on your crib.
  • “Most modern cribs require some assembly,” says Desmond, “Just make sure you follow the directions and ask an expert for help when needed.”
  • For the mother’s healing and safety as well as the baby’s safety, you should pay attention to the level of height of the crib mattress. Most cribs have three levels to help parents reach the baby in the early stages but keep a growing baby safe from climbing out later on in their development.
  • Immediately stop using a crib if you notice baby attempting to climb out.