DEKOPRO Auto Repair Mechanics Tool Set, 192-Piece

Last updated date: June 5, 2020

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DEKOPRO Auto Repair Mechanics Tool Set, 192-Piece

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We looked at the top Mechanics Tool Sets and dug through the reviews from some of the most popular review sites. Through this analysis, we've determined the best Mechanics Tool Set you should buy.

Update as July 7, 2020:
Checkout The Best Mechanics Tool Set for a detailed review of all the top mechanics tool sets.

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In our analysis of 25 expert reviews, the DEKOPRO Auto Repair Mechanics Tool Set, 192-Piece placed 12th when we looked at the top 13 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

DEKO Tools aims to provide high quality, competitively priced, Hand Tools and Power Tools constructed of the finest quality components and designed for the auto repair enthusiast.

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When DEKOPRO were developing their Mechanics Tool Set, they had value in mind. Their goal was to create something which provides all of the pieces that a car mechanic would need while simultaneously keeping the price down. Of course, whenever a company adopts a strategy like that, the worry is that quality will suffer. You can often get costs down, but the quality tends to suffer too. Is this the case for the DEKOPRO? It turns out that this isn’t what’s happened with the DEKOPRO at all. In fact, it’s quite the reverse. Just like the leading brands in the space, the DEKOPRO toolset offers full chrome vanadium forged bits for extra durability. Plus, all of the pieces conform to ANSI critical standards, and the casing material is reassuringly robust. The only downside of the DEKOPRO is that it’s missing some of the tools that most mechanics would like to see in an all-in-one toolset product. The most notable absentee is wire cutters – something that car mechanics are utterly dependent upon for all kinds of work they need to carry out on car electronics. Also, despite containing more than 192 pieces, the DEKOPRO does not include a full drill bit set. You may, therefore, find yourself reaching for your regular drill set or keeping a pot of extra bits, for when you need them. Overall, however, the DEKOPRO is an excellent option for people looking for an affordable starter kit to get them going. The company arranges all of the pieces intuitively, making it easy to see what you’ve got and where to replace things once you’ve finished with them. However, if you require a full drill bit set and don’t have one already, then you might want to look elsewhere.
- Circuits at Home
Durable chrome vanadium forged tools, Essential tools included, Portable case, Tools are held tightly in the case
- Auto Quarterly
The next set on our list is again one which consists of plenty of tools. The total number of tools is 192. You can use it for most of the household repairs. You can tighten screws and open boxes with the help of this kit. Moreover, it is suitable for automobile repair as well. The chrome vanadium construction means that durability is not an issue. It is housed in a blow molded case which makes it easy to carry all the tools around. You can keep the tool-case in your automobile without any problem. The main USP of this toolset is the compact case size which makes the entire set highly portable.
- All Top Ten Reviews
The DEKOPRO Mechanics Tool Set is designed for the basic household repairs as it comes with the most essential and useful tools for such an application. The tools set is designed with durable, high-quality steel that is forged with an anti-corrosion protective layer of chrome vanadium. The set is housed in an easy to carry molded case designed for the ease of storage, portability as well as protection. Its interior is sturdy and the organizer ensures that all your tools are in place. All the tools in the set have met or exceeded the ANSI specification standards, and the use of quality materials eliminate the need for any repairs on the tools.
- Put Product Reviews

What experts didn't like

Does not come with a warranty
- Auto Quarterly

An Overview On Mechanics Tool Sets

Automotive repairs require special tools, whether you’re working on a car, truck, motorcycle or a vehicle like a riding lawnmower. You may already have some basic tools, but if you’re equipping your garage to tackle some serious repairs on a regular basis, it’s worth an investment in a specialized mechanic’s toolset.

If you have a toolkit that you use for basic household tasks, you have a good start on a mechanic’s toolset. A good pair of pliers and a full set of screwdrivers will come into play far more often than you expect. You may also already have a good pair of latex gloves, which are much more useful in protecting your hands than mechanic’s work gloves, which can be too thick for many tasks.

But those basics are only the start. One item that’s essential to any mechanic is a toolset specifically designed for working on vehicles. It will include sockets, extensions and a ratchet, at minimum. You’ll need varying sizes of sockets and ratchets, so you can save money and time by simply buying a kit with a wide range of options from the outset.

You should also invest in a torque wrench for tightening nuts, but when it’s time to remove a nut or bolt, you’ll turn to your ratchet toolkit, either using one of your ratchets or a breaker bar. When you choose a torque wrench, carefully coordinate it with the drive size of your socket set.

Chances are, you’ll need to get underneath your car from time to time. For that, a car ramp will be required. You can instead choose a jack, but ramps tend to be safer. Your ramp will come in handy when it’s time to change the oil in your vehicle, which is a task you’ll perform fairly often. For oil changes, you’ll also need an oil drain pan to keep messes to a minimum, as well as an oil funnel for replacing the oil you’ve drained.

You may think a jumper box is something you’ll only need on the rare occasion your battery dies. But when you start working on cars, you’ll be surprised how often you accidentally drain the battery, and having a jumper box in your garage will help you get your car started again afterward.

Once you’ve purchased these basics, you can add to your tools as needed. Make sure you have plenty of extra storage space for all the items you’ll buy as you advance in your DIY mechanic work.

The Mechanics Tool Set Buying Guide

  • By buying your repair tools in a kit, you often save significant money over buying each item separately. Additionally, you’ll get a case that helps you keep everything neatly stored in one place.
  • Toolsets for mechanics come in a variety of sizes, from smaller sets with just over 50 pieces to those that have hundreds of pieces. You’ll find a combination of sockets and multiple ratchets, but often there are other items, as well, including extension bars. The larger and more comprehensive the toolset, the less likely you’ll have to head back to the store in the middle of your work.
  • Some toolsets come with handy extras like measuring tape and pliers. Even if you already have these items in your house, it can be nice to have an extra set for your garage or work shed.
  • Pay particular attention to the case the tools are stored in. Many have thick, durable cases that keep your tools safely stored when not in use. But make sure the set has a compartment for each ratchet and socket to avoid items getting scratched up from rubbing against each other.
  • Many ratchets feature a finish designed to ensure they last through many uses without rusting or corroding.
  • Ratchets come in varying drive sizes, each used for different tasks. Some of the most common sizes are 1/4-inch drive, 1/2-inch drive and 3/8-inch drive. You’ll find that you change from one to another throughout the course of your work.
  • For general use, you’ll likely need a gearless ratchet, which uses a rolling bearing, reducing the effort you have to put into your work. There are also jointed and flex-head ratchets, which require a little more manual labor but can help you get into those tight areas.
  • You’ll also find ratchets vary in tooth count. The higher the tooth count, the easier you’ll find the handle is to move around while you’re working.
  • There is a wide range of socket types, each with their own unique uses. If you’re new to working on cars, you may not realize the full scope of what you’ll need. Having a set with a variety of sizes will be a big help in those early months.
  • Ratchets vary in operation. Some are easier to twist and turn than others, while some feature conveniences like release valves that make it easy to eject the socket. These small things will add up if you’re using the ratchet regularly.
  • You’ll find your work will call for sockets of varying sizes and depths. Don’t underestimate the value of a kit that contains a wide range of socket sizes. You’ll likely find you need many of them over the course of your work.
  • For some, the brand is important. Although there are many trusted brands in toolsets, you can save money and get the same value from a lesser-known name. Still, if you want to impress your buddies, you may want to either go with a tried-and-true brand or look for a toolkit that doesn’t blast its name across the front.