De Buyer French Blue Steel Crepe Pan, 8-Inch

Last updated: May 26, 2020

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Product Details

In our analysis of 70 expert reviews, the De Buyer French Blue Steel Crepe Pan, 8-Inch placed 8th when we looked at the top 9 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

De Buyer’s French Crepe Pan offers the perfect cooking surface for delicate crepes, caramelizing vegetables, and pan searing meat. Made in France from blue steel that’s easy to season and maintain, it builds up a natural patina with use over time for a foolproof non-stick quality with quick food release. Specially designed with a contoured handle to assist in swirling crepe batter to form perfectly thin, delicate crepes. With a cooking surface of 8-inches and overall surface of 9.5-inches, rim to rim, its shallow depth and flared sides allow delicate foods to be flipped and plated effortless without them breaking apart, from crepes to fluffy pancakes and fried eggs. It works equally well for braising meat, poultry, and fish. A great addition to cooking tools for easy, professional-style cooking in the home kitchen. To season before first use, simply wash in hot, soapy water and scrub with a stiffer brush to remove protective wax coating. Dry thoroughly. Add enough cooking oil to cover the bottom of the pan and heat it over medium flame until smoke appears. Carefully discard the oil and wipe the pan with a paper towel. Voila, the pan is now seasoned and ready for use. To clean after each use, hand wash under hot water with a gentle sponge. Always dry thoroughly. Do not use soap, clean in the dishwasher, or scrub with abrasives, as these will spoil the natural patina buildup and its non-stick quality. Never soak the pan, as it could rust. Should rust occur, simply scrub rust away and repeat the seasoning process.

Expert Reviews

What reviewers liked

Offers many of the same even cooking benefits of cast iron; conducts heat well to create crispy-edged crepes. Can be used for pancakes and omelettes, too. Popular with pro chefs.
The special material used to make the De Buyer Blue Steel has all of the benefits of a traditional cast iron model while featuring a lighter and smoother surface.
It offers a contoured handle which allows the user better ability for swirling the batter and making thinner crepes. This also allows for an easier hold.
The pan is shallow and is ideal for those traditionalists who love to create omelets, pancakes, and crepes for a delicious and savory breakfast.
Blue steel is actually carbon steel with a special finish that prevents oxidation, thus keeping your pan in a perfect condition for a long time.
With some oil, this pan is an excellent heat conductor and very nonstick.
This pan is made from blue carbon steel, which gives it better heat dispersion and control than aluminum over glass-electric cooktops.
This is a fine pan that is designed wonderfully with shallow depth and flared sides that allow flipping the food with utmost ease. Also, it prevents dripping.
Blue steel is known for its incredible durability; premium built quality, and genuine taste of food.
This is one of the best pan to make crepes.The cooking surface is great for creating, flipping, and plating perfectly thin, crisp, and delicate crepes every time.
The flat non-stick cooking surface works great for more than just crepes. You can fry fish, vegetables, eggs, or even pan-sear meat all with this pan.
The inner surface is so smooth that it can be conveniently used. The people much like the French- style curvature.

What reviewers didn't like

Like cast iron, it requires seasoning before use. Careful cleanup is required to avoid damaging the surface.
Some find it difficult to season
Nonstick can wear off quickly.
Can rust with regular contact with water and acidic foods
Might rust and corrode over time
Small quantity
It is better not to use scrubbers at the time of washing or cleaning the pan as the coating may get removed from the product.
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