Culligan EPA Certified Wall-Mounted Showerhead

Last updated: February 17, 2023

Culligan EPA Certified Wall-Mounted Showerhead

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We looked at the top Showerheads and dug through the reviews from some of the most popular review sites. Through this analysis, we've determined the best Showerhead you should buy.

Overall Take

When you are searching for budget-friendly without compromising the quality, choose the Culligan Wall-Mounted Showerhead for the Best Value option. The filtration system is top-notch and the filter is easy to replace the filter and not too costly. Find excellent water quality when you choose the Culligan Wall-Mounted Showerhead.

In our analysis of 120 expert reviews, the Culligan EPA Certified Wall-Mounted Showerhead placed 16th when we looked at the top 18 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

The Culligan wall-mounted chrome filtered shower head (WSH-C125) will reduce sulfur odor, chlorine, and scale For softer, cleaner skin, and hair. The filter is easy to install with no tools required, and each filter cartridge lasts 10, 000 gallons, or 6 months. With the powerful filtration system of the Culligan Level 2 Wall-Mount Showerhead, you can reduce the chemicals in your water for a cleaner shower and softer skin. Featuring an anti-clog rubber spray nozzle and sleek chrome finish, this showerhead offers the choice of five spray settings. The Culligan Wall-Mount Showerhead provides filtration against sulfur, chlorine, and scale for up to 10,000 gallons of water, and it meets NSF standards for water safety. The Culligan Level 2 Wall-Mount Showerhead offers a refreshing shower experience by reducing harsh chlorine levels and damaging scale buildup. The filtration system removes up to 99 percent of chlorine, as well as the impurities within water that can damage hair follicles and result in dry, itchy scalp. Additionally, by reducing the amount of scale (a hard, filmy residue created by minerals in water), the showerhead is able to give you more of the hydrating nourishment your skin and scalp need.

Expert Reviews

What experts liked

This one removes 99% of the impurities in water, making it smell great and refresh you completely! It can reduce skin and hair issues by purifying water.
- The Z8
Culligan shower head filter has a simple water flow adjustment - you can do it even with your eyes closed.
It is safe and free from chemical as it is certified by NFC. A Teflon tape and reminder sticker for filter change are included in the box. You just need the Teflon tape to install Culligan WSH-C125 Wall-Mount Filtered Shower Head.
The filter is designed to fit the standard showers without any modification. It’s among the most water efficient and uses about 2 gallons of water every minute. Last but not least, the wall-mounted piece is safe and meets the EPA Water Sense standards.
It comes with NSF certification. That means that it has been rigorously tested to prove its effectiveness in reducing chlorine. The filter will also protect against any sulfur odor and also limescale build up (caused by hard water). The replaceable filter cartridge offers great value too. It lasts for 10,000 gallons of use or around 6 months in time.
5 spray patterns including massage; affordable; filter removes chlorine in water, which is better for hair and skin.
Easy installation is possible with the Culligan WSH C125 Wall Mount Shower Head. This also affordable for all with low price Top Rated Shower Heads. You can also replace filters if you want a replacement of filters in Shower Heads.
This shower head is is certified by NFS so undoubtedly you can expect super quality. Once more we got a claim by its original user that if you maintain it occasionally it will last more than one century easily.
No leaks and it took only 5 minutes to install. Super easy to change filters.
By utilizing its patented filter head design, this Culligan manages to reduce 99% of chlorine in water for you. And that means a better looking hair in the long run for you. And you will also like to hear that it reduces sulfur odors and scale as well.
Easy to install and it removes chlorine (which is a number 1 reason for skin irritation and infection).
Once you install this shower head, the natural “frizz” and texture of your hair will dramatically improve with time. It will wash away all the damage and abuse your hair has gone through over the years, making it softer. It will restore that soft-touch your hair is missing and it won’t leave your skin dry. Every time you step out of the shower, you will feel much rejuvenated. Don’t be surprised when you find that you are using less soap and shampoo. Also, it allows you to play around with different spray settings. If you want maximum water coverage, you can select the full-body spray.

What experts didn't like

However, when the showerhead is being used, managing the settings is problematic and not to mention, the showerhead is heavy.
- The Z8
The unit doesn't impact the water hardness.
Filter has to be changed every 10,000 gallons - not expensive, but very inconvenient.
Tools are required to install a Shower Head and there's no best Handheld Shower Head attachment comes along with the Culligan shower head.
Water flow rate is little low and this is not metal construction.
Found the five different settings to be somewhat tricky.
Mostly made of plastic.
The advertised 5-spray settings are just hype. Some of the settings do not seem to make a difference. Also, you would have to buy filters every six months.


It can be dizzying to shop for showerheads when you need a new one. It will surely be worth it when you invest in a new one, and there are only a few things to consider when making this purchase. Researching before you hit the store will help immensely when you go to buy a new showerhead.

The numbers and letter combinations on the showerhead packaging will tell you the flow rate of that particular product. The flow rate is the amount of water dispensed every minute from the showerhead. If it says 1.75 GPM, you know it sprays 1.75 gallons per minute while in use. The maximum allowed flow rate of showerheads is 2.5 gallons per minute set by federal regulations.

There are several types of showerheads for your specific needs and wants. Think about what would work best in your shower and household before heading to the store.

If you aren’t picky and you just want a showerhead that is stationary and does the job, a fixed showerhead is probably best for you. They are screwed onto the shower arm, and most of them can be adjusted with different settings for different pressure and sprays.

The hand-held showerhead has a hose attached to it, and when not in use, it rests in a fixed holder at the tip of the shower arm. There are countless reasons to purchase a hand-held showerhead. If you have kids, it makes rinsing them off easy; it is great for cleaning bathtubs and spraying down those corners and niches; and they are great for elderly who need to sit and need a showerhead to accommodate them.

If you prefer both fixed and hand-held, there are combination showerheads that offer that. These dual products are often seamless, so it looks like one piece when hanging. You can detach the interior, hand-held portion from the rim that is fixed to the shower arm. There are quite a few varieties of the dual style showerheads, so you can shop for one that matches your bathroom style.

A slide bar can be an added option for your showerhead. The bar is added to the shower wall and has a cradle that the showerhead rests in when you have set it to your desired height. These make the most sense if you have kids or need to just wash your body and not your hair. The adjustable height is an accommodating feature for everyone in the family.

In addition to style, there are several other options that might appeal to you when buying a showerhead. The settings you will find in the showerheads include massage, jet, aeration, pulse and mist to name a few. Most showerheads will offer all these settings in an adjustable head. Carefully read the packaging to check what setting the product offers.

One of the most popular settings is the rain shower setting. They now make showerheads that are exclusively rain showerheads. With large surface areas and carefully designed holes, these showerheads will give you a feeling of standing in the rain. These types of showerheads will surely give you that relaxing shower experience that you seek.

If you are a consumer that is conscientious about conserving water and keeping natural resources in check, there are quite a few water-saving showerheads on the market for you. Some showerheads use as little as one gallon per minute. The other advantage to these showerheads is that they will cut back on the electricity or gas used to heat the water as well.

Showerheads will last quite a few years when you take the time to research, and pick the one that’s right for you and your household. You won’t regret buying a new showerhead when your old one starts to give you problems.

Buying Advice

  • Get a budget in place before shopping. This can help you narrow down the showerhead selection.
  • Rely on reviews to get a well-rounded idea of quality.
  • In-store displays or photographs can help you to picture the showerhead in the setting of a shower, so you can see what it will look like in a bathroom. This is particularly helpful during a bathroom remodel.
  • If you decide to do a panel showerhead that runs along the wall of the shower, it is advised to hire a contractor.
  • Purchasing a showerhead with a lower GPM will increase your energy savings.
  • If you have hard water or water with impurities, consider a unit with a filter in it.
  • For a true rain shower effect, use a top-mount shower arm to fix the product overhead.
  • Some cities, towns or counties place limitations on multiple showerheads in one shower so be sure to check your environmental restrictions in your area before moving forward with that option.
  • Lighted showerheads are a modern twist on the shower experience. They are created with LED lighting that can be adjusted for creating the perfect ambiance.