Culligan Wall-Mounted Shower Head

Last updated date: May 10, 2019

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Overall Take

In our analysis of 127 expert reviews, the Culligan Culligan Wall-Mounted Shower Head placed 8th when we looked at the top 9 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

Editor's Note May 10, 2019:
Checkout The Best Shower Head for a detailed review of all the top shower heads.

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What experts liked
This one removes 99% of the impurities in water, making it smell great and refresh you completely! It can reduce skin and hair issues by purifying water.
- The Z8
April 10, 2019 | Full review
Culligan shower head filter has a simple water flow adjustment - you can do it even with your eyes closed.
- Best Advisor
March 7, 2019 | Full review
It is safe and free from chemical as it is certified by NFC. A Teflon tape and reminder sticker for filter change are included in the box. You just need the Teflon tape to install Culligan WSH-C125 Wall-Mount Filtered Shower Head.
- Much Needed
The filter is designed to fit the standard showers without any modification. It’s among the most water efficient and uses about 2 gallons of water every minute. Last but not least, the wall-mounted piece is safe and meets the EPA Water Sense standards.
- The 10 Pro
January 16, 2019 | Full review
It comes with NSF certification. That means that it has been rigorously tested to prove its effectiveness in reducing chlorine. The filter will also protect against any sulfur odor and also limescale build up (caused by hard water). The replaceable filter cartridge offers great value too. It lasts for 10,000 gallons of use or around 6 months in time.
- Water Filter Answers
5 spray patterns including massage; affordable; filter removes chlorine in water, which is better for hair and skin.
- BestReviews
Easy installation is possible with the Culligan WSH C125 Wall Mount Shower Head. This also affordable for all with low price Top Rated Shower Heads. You can also replace filters if you want a replacement of filters in Shower Heads.
- Shower Filter Best
February 17, 2018 | Full review
This shower head is is certified by NFS so undoubtedly you can expect super quality. Once more we got a claim by its original user that if you maintain it occasionally it will last more than one century easily.
- Shower Advise
No leaks and it took only 5 minutes to install. Super easy to change filters.
- Homeplix
May 2, 2019 | Full review
By utilizing its patented filter head design, this Culligan manages to reduce 99% of chlorine in water for you. And that means a better looking hair in the long run for you. And you will also like to hear that it reduces sulfur odors and scale as well.
- Shower Remedy
Easy to install and it removes chlorine (which is a number 1 reason for skin irritation and infection).
- Showering Center
Once you install this shower head, the natural “frizz” and texture of your hair will dramatically improve with time. It will wash away all the damage and abuse your hair has gone through over the years, making it softer. It will restore that soft-touch your hair is missing and it won’t leave your skin dry. Every time you step out of the shower, you will feel much rejuvenated. Don’t be surprised when you find that you are using less soap and shampoo. Also, it allows you to play around with different spray settings. If you want maximum water coverage, you can select the full-body spray.
- Shower Fanatics
February 17, 2019 | Full review
What experts didn't like
However, when the showerhead is being used, managing the settings is problematic and not to mention, the showerhead is heavy.
- The Z8
April 10, 2019 | Full review
The unit doesn't impact the water hardness.
- Best Advisor
March 7, 2019 | Full review
Filter has to be changed every 10,000 gallons - not expensive, but very inconvenient.
- BestReviews
Tools are required to install a Shower Head and there's no best Handheld Shower Head attachment comes along with the Culligan shower head.
- Shower Filter Best
February 17, 2018 | Full review
Water flow rate is little low and this is not metal construction.
- Shower Advise
Found the five different settings to be somewhat tricky.
- Homeplix
May 2, 2019 | Full review
Mostly made of plastic.
- Showering Center
The advertised 5-spray settings are just hype. Some of the settings do not seem to make a difference. Also, you would have to buy filters every six months.
- Shower Fanatics
February 17, 2019 | Full review

From The Manufacturer

The Culligan wall-mounted chrome filtered shower head (WSH-C125) will reduce sulfur odor, chlorine, and scale For softer, cleaner skin, and hair. The filter is easy to install with no tools required, and each filter cartridge lasts 10, 000 gallons, or 6 months. With the powerful filtration system of the Culligan Level 2 Wall-Mount Showerhead, you can reduce the chemicals in your water for a cleaner shower and softer skin. Featuring an anti-clog rubber spray nozzle and sleek chrome finish, this showerhead offers the choice of five spray settings. The Culligan Wall-Mount Showerhead provides filtration against sulfur, chlorine, and scale for up to 10,000 gallons of water, and it meets NSF standards for water safety. The Culligan Level 2 Wall-Mount Showerhead offers a refreshing shower experience by reducing harsh chlorine levels and damaging scale buildup. The filtration system removes up to 99 percent of chlorine, as well as the impurities within water that can damage hair follicles and result in dry, itchy scalp. Additionally, by reducing the amount of scale (a hard, filmy residue created by minerals in water), the showerhead is able to give you more of the hydrating nourishment your skin and scalp need.

Overall Product Rankings

1. Moen Engage Six-Function Showerhead
Overall Score: 9.7
Expert Reviews: 4
2. High Sierra’s Showerhead
Overall Score: 9.4
Expert Reviews: 5
3. Forté Wall-Mount Showerhead
Overall Score: 9.4
Expert Reviews: 9
4. Moen S6320 Showerhead
Overall Score: 9.3
Expert Reviews: 23
5. Speakman Adjustable Shower Head
Overall Score: 9.2
Expert Reviews: 20
6. Hydroluxe Handheld Showerhead
Overall Score: 9.1
Expert Reviews: 10
7. Hansgrohe AIR Showerhead
Overall Score: 9.1
Expert Reviews: 14
8. Culligan Wall-Mounted Shower Head
Overall Score: 8.6
Expert Reviews: 15
9. Kohler Moxie Showerhead
Overall Score: 8.3
Expert Reviews: 8

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