Cuisinart Power Advantage Plus Anti-Splatter Hand Mixer, 9-Speed

Last updated: June 1, 2023

The 220-watt motor makes this mixer perfect for heavy-duty tasks. The speed controls are intuitive, and the slow-start feature also prevents splattering. Our testers like that the spatula, chef's whisk, dough hooks and beaters store easily into the snap-on case. While this mixer wasn't the quietest of the bunch we tested, the cost, ease of use, attachment options and performance still make this a top pick.

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Product Details

Key Takeaway: Powerful, dependable mixer with a variety of attachments and convenient storage container.

In our analysis of 150 expert reviews, the Cuisinart Power Advantage Plus Anti-Splatter Hand Mixer, 9-Speed placed 27th when we looked at the top 30 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

Introducing a hand mixer that’s as easy to put away as it is to operate. The Cuisinart Power Advantage Plus 9 Speed Hand Mixer performs any task a recipe calls for, and then tucks into its own storage case. Once it has mixed heavy batters, whipped up fluffy meringues and kneaded homemade bread dough, just clean it up and put it away. Extra long beaters, chef’s whisk, and dough hooks fit into a clear case, and the mixer snaps on top. Plenty of power, perfect control, and compact storage. That’s a mixer anyone can love.

Expert Reviews

What reviewers liked

The Cuisinart HM-90BSC Power Advantage Plus 9 Speed Hand Mixer is, in one word, amazing. A motor with feedback analysis, extra long beaters, 3 speed settings with a SmoothStart feature, and a one step power switch makes this hand blender stand out among the rest.
- Foodal
The Cuisinart HM-90 Power Advantage Plus hand mixer is ideal for heavy-duty tasks thanks to its 220-watt motor. You can control the nine speed options with the same hand that's holding the mixer so you can use your other hand for other tasks, such as holding the bowl. There are three slow start speeds that keep ingredients from splattering. The device comes with a spatula, chef's whisk, dough hooks, and beaters that store easily in the snap-on storage case. This mixer also comes with a three-year limited warranty.
Mixing performance is Very Good. We judged it Very Good for convenience.
This little machine is an effective hand mixer that evenly blends cookie dough and quickly whips fluffy meringue.
The mixer features nine different speed settings, with three of the settings offering a low-start feature to prevent splattering. You can easily adjust speeds while using the mixer, thanks to 1-touch speed control.
This Cuisinart hand mixer comes with all the perks that the other hand mixer from Cuisinart has; it contains BPA-free parts, it comes with a quiet 220-watt motor, everything can be stored easily, and it comes with a SmoothStart feature, so that there is no messy experience at the start.
The on/off switch and speed controls are intuitive to use, and the mixer always starts off slowly, so you never get an initial spatter of flour in your face.
Comfortable to hold and easy to handle. Soft-touch speed buttons minimize mistakes.
Nine different speed settings including 3 “no splatter” settings give this hand mixer a wide range of versatility. With that many speeds, you’re bound to find the exact speed needed for your recipe. It also features a 220-watt motor and an automatic feedback feature that keeps the machine mixing at the speed you set it on.
Storage case makes it even better. It prevents the risk of accessories being lost. Stainless steel body ensures you don’t need to spend extra time cleaning your hand mixer. Just remove the accessories with a single touch and clean them easily.

What reviewers didn't like

The only down side to this is every time the HM-90BCS is turned off, the speed resets instead of staying at the initial setting.
- Foodal
You need to be careful when you first turn it on
We judged it Fair for noise.
It isn’t as easy to use as the Breville, because it lacks things like a light and a timer, but it can still churn through most recipes.
The one flaw that this hand mixer has is that there is no real distinction between the nine speeds. Some of the adjacent speed settings perform very similarly, and this can really confuse homeowners that know how fast they need to beat their batter, but aren’t sure which setting to use with the 90BCS.
The only drawback is that this is the noisiest model we worked with, although it is certainly nowhere near as loud as a blender or a hairdryer.
No "boost" button. "Slow start" is faster than some anticipate.
The only concerning factor has been the weight of the device. It’s over 4 pound and some might find it hard to handle at the start. However, heavier option also means that the device is durable and has a powerful motor that’ll last for a lifetime.

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