Conair Active Life Waterfall Foot Spa with Lights and Bubbles

Last updated date: September 20, 2019

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Conair Active Life Waterfall Foot Spa with Lights and Bubbles

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We looked at the top Foot Massagers and dug through the reviews from some of the most popular review sites. Through this analysis, we've determined the best Foot Massager you should buy.

Update as February 2, 2022:
Checkout Use The Best Foot Massager To Relax After A Long Day for a detailed review of all the top foot massagers.

Overall Take

In our analysis of 247 expert reviews, the Conair Active Life Waterfall Foot Spa with Lights and Bubbles placed 11th when we looked at the top 11 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

Pamper your feet with a rejuvenating massage and spa experience at home! The Conair Active Life Waterfall Foot Spa comforts your feet in warm relaxation. Specially designed for active lifestyles, the flowing waterfall gently massages the top of the feet while the massaging foot rollers soothe the soles. Exfoliating loofah disks help soften skin and provide a rejuvenating massage, while LED lights showcase massage bubble action with heat to ensure water stays warm. With this foot bath tub, it’s easy to take good care of one of the hardest working parts of your body! Most of us are on our feet a lot! That’s a lot of stress and strain on a daily basis. Compound that with activity and how much love do you give your feet? With each foot’s 26 bones, 20-plus muscles and over 100 ligaments, it’s no wonder that happy feet can affect your overall well-being. The toe-touch push buttons on this pedicure foot spa make it easy to control bubbles, waterfall feature and temperature for a customized experience every time. This foot massager includes 3 attachments: a pumice stone to gently exfoliate skin for smooth feet, a scrub brush to gently clean feet and a soft-touch massager to relax achy, sore feet. Whether you want to soak in cool, warm or hot water, this spa is especially designed to maintain the temperature you choose. Water jets propel water over and around your foot, providing a massaging effect that helps your muscles relax. The massaging foot spa also has a “waterfall” feature which gently pours water over the top of your feet for utter relaxation. With the Conair Active Life Waterfall Foot Spa with Lights and Bubbles, your feet will always be pampered and revitalized. This footbath will not keep the water warm; you must put warm water into the footbath and expect it to cool off after around 10 minutes. We do not say anywhere on the detail page that it will hear and/or keep water warm. Keep the water at 100 to 118 degrees fahrenheit to avoid burning your skin.

Expert Reviews

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What experts liked

A top choice for it's multi function settings including LED lighting with bubbles, a waterfall, and high or low bubbles.
- BestReviews
Extra pedicure devices: if you wish to go the extra mile and also give yourself a pedicure, you can use one of these three detachable heads that you simply place on the middle of the unit (you remove the cover and place one these heads instead).
- All About Foot Care
Its heating mechanism allows for the heating of the water up to 85 degrees and still maintains it at that level until you finish the session. It is foot spacious in that it has the capacity to fit in up to a size 14-foot size. This allows its users to sit comfortably without straining at all.
- Relax Those Feet
There are manually-powered rollers, a two-speed waterfall to create bubbles and a vibrating function – and if you need entertainment (of a sort) there are blue LED lights that operate when the spa does.
- Groom and Style
August 3, 2019 | Full review
The multitude of settings – As with the attachments, there is no denying people like options so you can choose to either have bubbles only, waterfall only, or the full shebang (bubbles, waterfall, and light). For the price range, this is a good, affordable water massage machine especially for people who enjoy a good soak.
- Massager Expert
February 22, 2019 | Full review
The heat setting ensures the water remains at a comfortable temperature. For ease of use, the controls are located toward the front of the machine and are designed to work easily with your toes, negating the need to bend down and operate the controls with your fingers.
- Top Ten Reviews
April 30, 2018 | Full review
This foot spa by Conair has a small cascade of water that falls on your feet to warm them and help create bubbles. You can easily control the waterfall, it’s temperature, and the bubbles with the 3 toe touch push buttons.
- Globo Turf
July 25, 2019 | Full review
It features massaging bubbles, waterfall and heating functions for an all-in-one operation.
- Shortcut Gates
The cascade include is extremely decent as it kneads the highest point of the feet up to the lower leg.
- Best Health N Care
The base of the machine is non-slippery and enables comfortable sitting for feet. The plastic material is durable and long-lasting.
- Review Bites
August 1, 2019 | Full review
It features three pedicure attachments including a brush, pumice stone, and soft massage attachments so that you can feel a touch of luxury. More to that is a waterfall feature that offers an ultimate relaxation feeling.
- BoosterWP Reviews
August 1, 2019 | Full review
Its full bubble action soothes your soles, while its innovative waterfall massages the tops of your feet as it pampers your toes.
- The Z9
July 7, 2019 | Full review
Considering its low price, the Conair foot spa is one device everyone should have at their horn. Also, its appearance is very appealing and the warm water feature can just make one use it for hours. Its resourceful on a weekend after a week’s long hustle at work.
- Z7 Premium
May 11, 2019 | Full review
Its 3 toe-touch push buttons make operations easy. It helps promote regular blood flow for your tired legs and feet.
- Pool Advisors
In addition to a non-motorized roller, it has a central massage pad that can be switched out with a brush or pumice stone. Two large loofah pads on the top allow you to scrub away dead skin as well.
It features 3 simple toe-touch buttons that activate various options. This foot bath includes LED lighting, bubbles on/off, water on/off and bubble intensity.
- Julie Pro
You can control the settings of the massager with just the touch of your toe and you no longer have to bend over to adjust the setting of the massager.
- Easy Home
July 29, 2018 | Full review
The massager comes with three attachments for extra cleansing of the feet; a pumice stone, a scrub brush as well as a soft foot massager. All these products are designed to help relax the muscles.
- Foot Massage Reviews

What experts didn't like

This foot spa doesnt actually heat up the water,leaving most users to pour in hot water before a session.
- BestReviews
The heat can’t be dissociated from the bubbles and it won’t keep the water warm for long sessions (20+minutes), however, we would not recommend extended heated foot bath sessions anyway.
- All About Foot Care
With the heat, light and bubble setting the machine has, it is quite noisy. Using it at night when people are a sleep is not an option. The numerous vibrating effects also make this machine noisy.
- Relax Those Feet
Noisy and Loud – When everything is going the foot spa is loud. This can be a problem if you have little ones in the house and are concerned about the disturbing baby. It can also make it difficult to fully relax to get the full benefit of your investment.
- Massager Expert
February 22, 2019 | Full review
This foot massager does not have many massage options.
- Top Ten Reviews
April 30, 2018 | Full review
When it is loaded up with water, it will in general turn out to be substantial making it difficult to move around.
- Best Health N Care
Sometimes it becomes noisy when all modes are working. The vibrations also create noise.
- Review Bites
August 1, 2019 | Full review
The product’s vibrating sound is as loud as a small vacuum cleaner.
- Pool Advisors
No drainage hole. No handle or wheels. Might be too small for some users.
Does not heat water. It's very loud.
- Foot Massage Reviews

An Overview On Foot Massagers

The benefits of massage go far beyond simple relaxation. Massage improves your circulation, reduces joint pain, speeds up muscle recovery time and lowers your blood pressure. Your entire body benefits from a massage, but it’s especially helpful for your feet. 

Kristin Forte/Simplemost Media

Your feet contain hundreds of tiny muscles, ligaments, tendons and bones that work together to keep you mobile and pain-free. If one of these gets irritated or injured, it affects your entire leg. Massage is a great way to keep the muscles in your feet loose and healthy. A home foot massager guarantees that you’ll have access to a top-notch foot massage every day. 

Kristin Forte/Simplemost Media

Foot massagers are a portable, affordable way to relieve daily foot pain without spending hours at a day spa. They come in a range of styles and prices, from simple wooden massage rollers to high-tech heated Shiatsu units. There are also waterfall foot spas and calf massagers for a complete lower leg massage.

Simple massage rollers are made from wooden rungs with pointy nubs that hit pressure points on your foot. You just roll both of your feet over the unit, applying as much pressure as you need. These massagers are great for soothing tension from plantar fasciitis (a painful condition where the thick band of tissue connecting your heel to your toes becomes inflamed). 

Kristin Forte/Simplemost Media

Electric massagers come packed with different massage techniques, varying levels of pressure and heat functions. Just choose your settings, place your feet in the massager’s foot chambers and let the machine do the work. Some electric massagers are cordless and run on batteries, while others need to be plugged into an outlet. They can reduce pain from an array of conditions, like generalized chronic pain and aching arches. 

Water massagers are like a small hot tub for your feet. They use warm water and bubbles to help loosen your muscles and increase circulation. Sometimes they also have rollers or electronic nodes built in for a deeper massage.

Kristin Forte/Simplemost Media

Home foot massagers benefit almost everyone, whether you’re looking for a little relaxation or dealing with chronic muscle pain. Hop on over to our Tips & Advice for a detailed look at choosing the best foot massager for your home.

The Foot Massager Buying Guide

  • If you have a medical condition, check with your doctor before you buy a foot massager. They can be a helpful add-on to any wellness plan, but some conditions (like nerve damage) might get worse if your feet are exposed to too much pressure or heat. 
  • Next, you’ll want to narrow down your options and decide between a massage roller or an electric massager. Massage rollers are generally less expensive, and you can make immediate changes to the level of pressure you’re applying. Electric massagers cost a little more, but you’ll get tons of features that are worth the money.
  • If you’re using an electric massager, you’ll put your feet in two sleeves to start the massage. Most of these sleeves are removable for cleaning, and many are washer and dryer safe. Wash your sleeves frequently, and check the care instructions before you start cleaning. 
  • If you’d like an electric massager and you’ve got larger feet, take special care to see if the massager can accommodate your shoe size. Most sleeve-style massagers go up to a men’s size 12. If you wear a bigger size, opt for a massager that lets your feet sit on top instead of inserting them into the massager.
  • Most electric massagers have options for heat, which helps loosen muscles for a deeper massage. If you’re sensitive to heat, make sure that your massager has options for low, medium and high heat. If there’s only “on” or “off” selections, you might accidentally go overboard with the temperature.
  • Electric massagers use rotating balls, rolling sticks, spinning heads and air pressure to rub your feet. You’ll be able to choose the amount of pressure, the speed of the massage and the length of time with digital controls. Many massagers also come with remote controls, so you can switch things up without bending over and interrupting your self-care moment.
  • If you’ve ever gotten a massage at a spa, you likely had a Swedish massage. This technique strokes muscles, joints and connective tissues. The vast majority of electric foot massagers perform Shiatsu massage, which focuses on traditional Chinese acupressure points. The masseuse uses their fingers to apply deep, direct and rhythmic pressure to these points. Decide if you like the idea of a Shiatsu-style massage before you put that massager in your online shopping cart. 
  • If your massager is smaller and lightweight (like a wooden roller), it’ll be easy to move it around your house. You can even take it along when you travel. If you choose a larger electric massager, it won’t be as portable, and you’ll have to stake out an area with enough room to accommodate it. Think about where you’d like to use your massager and plan accordingly.
  • Most electric massagers plug into a wall outlet. Make sure that you can place your electric massager in a comfortable location that’s also close to a power source. You might also want a massager that runs on batteries, so you can use it anywhere in your home.
  • Store your foot massager in a cabinet or other out-of-the-way place if you have young children. The massager might look like fun to your kids, but the pressure and heat can be too much for very small feet.
  • Your foot massager can last for years if you care for it properly. Wipe down the outside of an electric massager with a damp cloth and clean any sleeves frequently. You can also wear socks while you use it to keep it hygienic. Try to avoid using extension cords when you plug it in — they increase the risk of overheating.
  • If you buy a water spa massager, you’ll need to clean and dry it after every use to prevent bacteria buildup. Drain the water from the spa, then remove any visible debris with a damp cloth. If your care instructions say it’s okay, fill the spa with warm water and a mild detergent. Be very careful not to get water or soap anywhere else; that can damage the motor. Rinse the soap away, then apply a disinfectant. (Your spa’s care instructions will tell you what brands are safe for your model.) Rinse away the disinfectant, dry the basin and store the foot spa in a cool, dry place.
  • Take advantage of any safety features on your foot massager, especially auto-shutoff timers. These can save the day if you doze off mid-massage.