ComfiLife Seat Cushion

Last updated: January 9, 2020

ComfiLife Seat Cushion

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The ComfiLife Seat Cushion features a high-density foam that will give you extra support and a coccyx cutout for spine pain relief. Though it comes with a deluxe cover with a carrying handle, the entire product is also machine washable. Many consumers rave about the contoured shape, which prevents you from sliding off the chair. During our testing, we found that this pad helped us sit with better posture and was comfortable for both the back and neck. We also liked the firm design and the size.

In our analysis of 135 expert reviews, the ComfiLife Seat Cushion placed 1st when we looked at the top 9 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

ComfiLife Coccyx Seat Cushion is an exceptional multipurpose product if you are looking for a natural solution for back pain and sciatica relief or just everyday comfort while sitting. It helps relieve most back pain by reducing pressure on the tailbone with its cut-out rear. The ergonomic contour design further promotes proper spinal alignment and a healthy posture. Reduce Back Pain & Sciatica Coccyx / Tailbone Relief Pain from sitting long hours Healthy posture Herniated discs Pregnancy related sciatica Piriformis Syndrome Turn Any Chair into A Premium Seat! Portability makes it easy to bring comfort where ever you go and turn any hard surface into a premium seat: Office chair Car seat Wheelchair Travel, Long commutes Seated Job, Road trips, Long flights Trucks & RVs Kitchen seats Recliners Sports Bleachers, Movie Theaters Classrooms Church, Meditation and more! Durable, Portable & Easy-to-Clean 100% High-Density Memory Foam is durable and provides long-lasting comfort which is superior to competitors. The all in-one features engineered into this easy-to-transport cushion are unrivaled. Our durable zippered cover is soft and machine washable for easy cleaning. Designed with a built-in-handle, our cushion is lightweight and portable. Designed with your ultimate comfort in mind, our cushion is studded with a premium rubber texture to ensure minimal to no movement. No more constant adjustments! Important Product Information: MEMORY FOAM IS HEAT & WEIGHT RESPONSIVE: Firmness for all memory foam products changes with temperature. Your cushion will feel softer in warm and firmer in cold temperatures. Room temperature is ideal for optimal performance. ComfiLife Coccyx Cushion will provide less support with increasing weight. Always consult your physician before using this product for specific health conditions. Product Dimensions 17.5 x 13.7 x 2.8 inches Product Weight 1.35 pounds Bring Comfort to Life with ComfiLife!

Expert Reviews

What experts liked

The cover is soft and comes with an integrated handle, allowing you to bring the ComfiLife wherever you go. Its portable and versatile nature also gives you the chance to turn this car seat cushion into an office chair cushion, affording you to transform you otherwise ordinary-looking office chair into a deluxe comfortable seat.
The ComfiLife is ergonomically designed to give you the support you need, reducing back pain and providing sciatica relief. U-shaped design is created specifically to reduce tension no your coccyx.
This product has superior artistry with rubber texture to guarantee minimal to zero movements during use. Besides, the above unit is machine washable to give you a fast and easy cleaning. Furthermore, this item features an in-built handle that gives you easy transport, use, and cleaning.
This seat cushion has sides that come up and prevent you from falling off of the cushion.
The ComfiLife Cushion assists you to relieve the back pain by diminishing pressure at coccyx with help of the U-shaped cutout rear. The ergonomically outlined cushion enhances comfort on your rocking chair, car seat, office chair, and wheelchair or airplane seat. Its ergonomic contour plan usually enhances suitable healthy posture and spinal alignment.
It helps with posture, lower-back pain, and tailbone pain, even if you sit for a long period of time. It conforms well to your body and is lightweight and easy to carry.
We really like its ergonomic construction design that promotes a healthy seating posture, and u cutout at the center back does a really good job in helping you to recover from tailbone injuries, herniated disc, hemorrhoids, hip pain, and pregnancy-related lower back and leg pains.
The cushion has a rear cut designed to provide best support to the tailbone. And it is made from top notch quality memory foam for excellent support and durability.
This ComfiLife car seat cushion features a detachable mesh cover; it enhances free airflow preventing any heat accumulation.
These office chair cushions have a non-slip rubber bottom and come with a handle for easy carrying. The luxury large office chair pads come with a buckle which prevents them slipping down.
ComfiLife Coccyx Orthopedic Seat Cushion offers people value for their money. If you want a cheap cushion that lasts long, for instance, this is one of the best cushions to use. It is cheap. You also get a 100% money back guarantee.
This can be used for long distance driving and can ease leg and back pain.
Equipped with a convenient carrying handle and weighing in at only 1.3lbs.
The U shape lets your tailbone float. A non- slip bottom keeps this cushion firmly in place. The built-in handle makes transport easy. This is a great cushion to go from the car to the office and home with you. Money back guarantee.
This cushion is light in weight, i.e. just 1.3lbs. This cushion is outlined at last remembering your solace. It is comprised of premium elastic surface that at any rate keep the slipping or development.
It is designed to promote healthy posture. It works by providing support and comfort to the lower backside while reducing pressure on the coccyx or tailbone. Some of its appealing features include built-in handle for easy transport, non-slip rubber bottom and zippered velour cover for easy cleaning.
The premium quality memory foam retains its shape with its suitable density. Its durable serviceability comes with long-lasting comfort over prolonged seating. Through its usage, you can turn your seat in a premium one.
This is machine washable and has premium quality memory foam. Furthermore, this has a zippered cover which makes it easier to clean.
It’s the best orthopedic seat cushion for the price, being an excellent choice for people with back pain, pregnant women, and those with herniated discs.
It has a non-slip rubber bottom and a built-in handle for portability. It has a zippered cover made of velour for cleaning ease. The cover is washable.
The chair pillow is protected by a removable zippered cover which can be washed and cleaned easily and features a portable handle to easily lift and carry the pillow.
Buttocks and legs never get numb after many hours of sitting.
The ComfiLife coccyx (tailbone) orthopedic memory foam cushion is wonderful for sciatica nerve pain and lower back pain when sitting in your office chair, the seat in the car or truck, and in your favorite recliner or sofa. It is available is a soft gray plush fabric. It is ideal for over-the-road truckers, in airplane seats, wheelchairs, all hard chairs, and those hard bleacher seats at sports events.
Women who have pregnancy related back pain may also benefit from using this pillow since its thickness and design will keep your lower spine straight and away from the hard seat of the chair.
The ComfiLife cushion is ergonomically designed to provide unparalleled comfort to the coccyx. It’s made from a high-quality memory foam that’s not just durable but also helps in maintaining posture and spine alignment. It also comes with a handle for portability, a velour cover that can be unfastened and is machine-friendly, and rubber pads on the bottom so that the cushion doesn’t slip.
You can get comfort anywhere you want with this Comfilife seat cushion as it is very lightweight and convenient to carry as it comes with a carrying handle for easy transport.
It combines multiple features in its ergonomic design including a non-slip sitting for stability, a handle for easy carriage and a zipper which can be machine washed.
This seat cushion is filled with 100% high-grade memory foam which has been able to change its firmness as the temperature changes.
This designed with a U-shaped cutout at the rear, the premium ComfiLife Orthopedic helps to relieve most back pain by reducing pressure on the coccyx. It is durable, lightweight, and has a convenient built-in handle for easy portability while on the go.
It features high-density premium quality memory foam that doesn’t change because of the increase and decrease of temperature. It stays at one temperature throughout the 12 months.
The cover has a rubber texture to prevent movement and needs no constant adjustments. The zippered cover removes and you can wash it in the washing machine. The good news is the memory foam changes with the temperature in your surroundings to make you feel comfortable.
The ergonomic design offers added support and comfort for the user. Of course, the design also ensures that you have reduced pressure on the tailbone and coccyx thanks to the u-shaped cut out.
It assists in back pain and sciatica relief. It supports the recovery from lower back problems. The cushion perfectly relieves the tension that occurs during prolonged sitting.
If you are suffering from back pain or bad posture from extended hours of sitting this will be your best friend. Our cushion may not provide back pain relief for every condition or eliminate all symptoms, if you are not satisfied you are protected by our 100% satisfaction guarantee, simply contact ComfiLife Customer Support.
The ComfiLife is a comfortable seat cushion with a first-class configuration to achieve relaxed learning. It is an article with several reasons, which also helps to alleviate the back pain as well as the sciatica relief.
Other features that make the cushion stay ahead of competition include a non-slip rubber button and machine-washable zippered velour.
It is lighter (0.5 kgs) than the other cushions which means it is very easy to carry around.
The cushion’s design helps (to a very large) in the relief of sciatica pain, which is caused by pressure on the tailbone of buttocks. It achieves this by it’s cut-out rear design.
This is premium cushion with fine features. It has a zippered velour cover and 100% high-quality memory foam which provides excellent firmness. The cushion also features a non-slip rubber bottom. Measuring at 17.7 x 13.7 x 2.8 inches, this cushion is lightweight and features a built-in handle for easy transport.
The memory foam adapts to the anatomical shape of your body, providing ultimate comfort. When not in use, it takes its original shape in just a few seconds.
Its U-shaped cutout provides comfort and support through reducing pressure on the coccyx. Use it to get relief from lower back pain, pregnancy back pains, hemorrhoids, herniated discs, hip pain, and other complications.
The memory foam cushion has a maximum weight bearing capacity of 225 pounds. It has a velour cover, which you can remove while washing the cushion.
This pillow is shaped in the form of a “U”. This shape helps reduce pressure on the tailbone while (comfortably) maintaining a healthy posture.
It is a high quality seat cushion made from memory foam material.
Its cover feels extremely soft while having a well designed handle also makes it possible for users to be able to move about with this car seat cushion.
The bottom of the cushion is studded with “grippies” at the bottom making it non-slip. It saves you the annoyance of it sliding off very easily keeping constant adjustments at bay.
It is ergonomically designed to offer comfort and support. Intentionally made to alleviate coccyx pressure, the U-shaped design maintains proper posture, which can prevent back pain.
Created with sciatica and tailbone pain in mind, this cushion is another model you might want to try if you're interested in enjoying a healthy posture and pain relief.
Its cover is soft and it boasts of a handle which is integrated, which will enable you to carry it wherever you go. It is versatile and portable giving you to use it in your office, transforming an ordinary office chair into a comfortable seat.
The car seat cushion is made from super quality memory foam that makes it more comfortable. It has got rear cut which is engineered to offer the best support to the back bone. The comfort is simply incomparable.
As the name suggests, this product aims at making sitting more comfortable and bearable for you. It accomplishes this thanks to its high-density nature and also that it has a premium rubber texture.
It is also non-slip to keep your cushion secure in your seat, no matter what is happening. Not only does this cushion relieve back and coccyx pain, thanks to its U-shaped cut-out, it also eases the pressure of pregnancy, herniated discs, Piriformis Syndrome, and Sciatica. It is so easy to carry around anywhere because it is lightweight.
Ergonomically designed, provides support and comfort while reducing pressure on the tailbone with the U-shaped cut out and promotes healthy posture. Supports recovery from lower back problems, helps with most sitting pain due to sciatica, herniated discs, tailbone injuries, pregnancy, hip pain and hemorrhoids.
The cushion is a suitable option if you’re looking for additional back support most chairs, for car/truck seats, and for travelling. Its ideal for office chairs, recliners, car seats, wheelchairs, kitchen seats, trucks and RVs, bleachers, meditation, classrooms, and more.
The cushion has a removable, washable cover with a non-slip rubber side. This non-slip side often gets overlooked.
One of the best things about this sciatica seat cushion is that it doesn’t flatten out over time. So, you can be sure that your tailbone will always be in the right position to reduce that terrible pain and irritation that has been bothering you.
This is not a regular U-shaped tailbone pillow, but a smartly crafted masterpiece which adjusts itself according to your body contours and provides free breathable space to your tailbone.
The outside of the cushion is very soft, and the memory foam maintains its thickness and texture even after sitting on it for weeks. Posture and pressure is relieved after just a few days of sitting on the ComfiLife.
The built-in handle is the advantage of using this device. It allows the user to carry the device in a comforting way. The structure of the cushion comes in a way that fits on the chair in a perfect way.

What experts didn't like

While the handle is easy to transport, larger people may end up sitting on or against the handle, causing discomfort.
The feel of the cushion can be too hard/firm and can flatten out too easily. Also, it may not fit perfectly in some contoured car seats.
May feel too firm for users below 125 pounds.
This might look and feel relatively smaller.
Slides easily off chairs.
Some find it uncomfortable and some say that this was not what they expected.
Low density foam compared to others in the same price range, resulting in more flattening and a shorter lifespan.
Slides around should have loops to secure it.
It will not work properly if you’re tall and big.
The cushion may seem to be uncomfortable in certain cases. Also, padded foam is likely to squish the way down along with support.
It takes a few days to get used to the firmness.
It only comes in gray color and may be uncomfortable for people with some extra pounds.
A low-density foam having a shorter lifespan and flattens after prolonged use
This is not useful for a sore back.
Not for all contoured car seats.
However, dust can enter into it.
it looks too small and foam is stiff.
The carrying handle wears out comparatively quickly.
Not aesthetically pleasing as the black logo stands out badly.
The color is too light and not good for those on a tight budget.
The handle can sometimes cause discomfort for larger people sitting on it.
Check the Product dimensions as some buyers found it to be not large enough.
Some customers find it too firm.
Some customer reviews state that the cushion is not as comfortable as advertised.
However, the manufacturer says that the cushion might not fit well in some large chairs as well as contoured car seats.
I would like to see a mesh cover
The textured cover can be cause a bit of inconvenience to scrawny individuals.


Whether shopping for a seat cushion to resolve back pain or need one for comfort while using a wheelchair, there is quite a variety to choose from. Chair pads are known to decrease back pain, help with chronic fatigue in the office and even help with posture. In addition, chair pads are made to provide pressure management, increased sitting stability, comfort and positioning. Many factors will contribute to your decision on the best chair pad for you.

Kristin Forte/Simplemost Media

When shopping for chair pads, think about the way you use your chair and what sort of issues you have to accommodate. There are three main types of chair pads: foam, gel and air. Depending on your needs, there will be a specific type that will help you most.

For a low-pressure option, a foam cushion would be the best choice. Foam chair pads offer sufficient stability with low density. The Sweet Home Collection Memory Foam Chair Cushion is a simple product with low density. Some foam cushions feature contoured bases with a few layers that will help with pressure. They’re also lightweight and can easily be found at an affordable price, You’ll find these features in the ComfiLife Premium Comfort Seat Cushion, which can help relieve back pain and sciatica. This type of chair pad is not meant for top-notch pressure relief or if you require special positioning in your chair.

Kristin Forte/Simplemost Media

Gel is another type of chair pad that could offer you relief and comfort. Consumers will find excellent pressure relief from gel cushions, in addition to great positioning. The stability is unbeatable, and they are very low-maintenance products. This ComfiLife Gel Enhanced Seat Cushion is an excellent choice with orthopedic gel inside. These cushions are typically more expensive than foam chair pads. They are also a bit heavier, but the weight is what gives them their excellent pressure relief and stability.

Kristin Forte/Simplemost Media

If you need something that is adjustable or accommodating to your chair needs, an air chair pad could be the product for you. With adjustable air pressure, you can play around with the amount of air in the chair pad until it feels just right for your pain level. Air chair pads are not ideal if you are looking for low-maintenance products. They also usually come at a higher price.

When you have a lower back issue, you will really want to purchase a chair pad that has what is called a coccyx cutout. The cutout allows for pressure to be focused on either side of your spine versus on your spine. The cutout is placed towards the back of the chair, and the front of the pad is contoured to your legs so you will be extremely comfortable. The ComfiLife Gel and Premium Comfort cushions both feature the coccyx cutout for any consumers searching for a great chair pad for lower back pain.

Kristin Forte/Simplemost Media

With any chair pads, you will want a protective, waterproof pad in the case of any spills or accidents. You will find a variety of covers and cases for your cushions. Some are entire cases that zipper over your pad, and others are just pads that sit on top of your cushion. The Americare Absorbent Washable Waterproof Seat Protector Pads are excellent for any chairs measuring around 21 inches by 22 inches. It comes in several colors and works on most chairs from car seats and airplane seats to wheelchairs and scooters. You’ll want to make sure whatever cover you get is the right size for the chair you’ll be using it on, so be sure to always check the measurements.

Kristin Forte/Simplemost Media

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