Coleman Removable Liner Large Soft-Sided Cooler, 16-Can

Last updated: February 15, 2023

Keep your child's sports team hydrated with this large soft-sided cooler. The removable liner is easy to clean and use with both ice and ice substitutes to keep drinks nice and cold. There are also two side pockets and a front zipper pocket for carrying a few snacks, napkins and plastic utensils. We like that the removable liner gives this soft-sided cooler some structure and shape.

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Key Takeaway: Treated with anti-microbials, this large soft-sided cooler is able to resist mold and mildew growth.

In our analysis of 162 expert reviews, the Coleman Removable Liner Large Soft-Sided Cooler, 16-Can placed 10th when we looked at the top 17 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

The Coleman 16-Can Soft Cooler goes with you to picnics, BBQs, camping, sporting events, tailgates and beyond. It holds 16 cans inside, and features plenty of extra storage space in its front zippered pocket, side mesh pockets, and mesh pocket in the lid. There are even bungees on the lid for stowing more extras! Sporting an adjustable shoulder strap, the cooler is soft on the outside for comfortable carrying, and has a hard plastic liner inside to protect your food from being crushed. The liner material is FDA approved for food contact, and is removable for easy cleaning. The Soft Cooler provides antimicrobial protection, to resist odors, mold, and mildew.

Expert Reviews

What reviewers liked

The Coleman does have one thing going for it: it is exceptionally portable. If you are moving small foodstuffs or a few beverages around, it is easy to grab this thing and go.
Probably our favorite feature is on the models with the removable plastic liner. This plastic liner provides essential rigidity but can also be a burden when you are simply trying to find somewhere to store your Coleman Soft Cooler. Having the flexibility to do either is a nice plus.
Its portability is accompanied by a PEVA soft liner that makes room for flexibility, and holds up to 16 cans. You’ll be happy to know – the internal lining is resistant to odour and mildew. This also makes washing the cooler a breeze, with a single wash all the stains will come off.
A hard plastic liner that is treated to protect against mold and smells protects the inside. The liner is FDA approved for contact with food, and is removable for cleaning purposes.
There is a removable hard-bodied liner that cleans up super easily, a nice array of exterior and interior pockets and bungeed storage. There’s not a ton of capacity with this one, but Coleman has sure made the most of the space!
- Heavy
The liner material is FDA approved for food contact and is removable for easy cleaning. The Soft Cooler provides antimicrobial protection, to resist odours, mould, and mildew. Thanks with antimicrobials to resist odour, mould, mildew, and fungus from forming on the removable liner that offers packing flexibility and easy cleaning.
Just like its big bros, this soft cooler has a detachable antimicrobial liner. This helps in repelling odor accumulation, molds, and fungi. This makes it easy to wash and clean those nooks and crannies.
There’s a hard lining in the inside of the cooler that can be removed if you need it to be, like if you’re traveling and need your soft sided cooler to be flexible. This gives you the option to turn your soft cooler into a hard cooler! Both the hard liner and the inside soft liner are easy to clean and meet FDA requirements to be in contact with your food.
Durable and well made. Ideal made for travel.
A good thing about using this model is that it’s highly portable. The cooler bag is collapsible, so you can store it inside a normal-sized suitcase when you travel. When you want to use the cooler bag, you’ll be able to carry it with ease thanks to its adjustable shoulder strap.
There is a hard plastic liner that can be used when packing the interior with ice. The main compartment is well insulated and offers a great length of keeping cold and holding ice. The exterior is durable and does not leak.
Its easy to clean.
Our pick for the best-rated cooler on Amazon is a soft-sided, easy-lugging, Coleman that hundreds of reviewers use as a lunchbox. “I bought this for the purpose of a lunch box and cooler to bring by the pool [or] go fishing. It’s perfect for both,” says one satisfied customer.
Extra zipper pockets to utilize extra space inside and out, with top bungee cord for securing extra bottled-drink
One convenient feature of this model is that it has a removable hard plastic liner you can either leave in or take out depending on your packing needs. And since you’ll most likely need to carry the cooler and its contents, it also has a handy adjustable shoulder strap.
What’s a little different about the Coleman series though is that the actual insulation portion of the cooler is removable – the coolers come equipped with a hard, antimicrobial plastic liner. This gives you a little flexibility in case you just want to use the bag more for carrying/storage purposes rather than cooling purposes – you can just remove the hard plastic liner.
We love that it comes with a hard container on the inside if you need a bit more structure and support for fragile items, but it’s easily removable if you want the soft sides for flexibility.
The cooler helps to keep everything very nice and cold out for most weeks. This is often a great cooler if you find yourself worried about major occasions like hurricanes or simply a camping trip that is really long.
An adjustable shoulder strap makes this cooler comfortable to carry for long periods even when fully loaded
The interior has a germ-resistant liner that is treated with antimicrobial to avoid any mildew, mold formation and bad odor.
This cooler comes with a hard liner, which you can use with ice, just like you would do with a traditional cooler. You can, however, remove the hard liner and use the soft liner instead.
There is a roomy compartment inside for holding 16 cans, and the zippered pocket on the front lets you organize smaller things. We also like the side mesh pockets – two of them – that offers extra storage.
Since you may get the soft lining wet, Coleman has added an antimicrobial treatment. This prevents mold, mildew, and odors from collecting in the soft fabric. While you should use the hard liner with ice, the soft liner is heat-sealed to prevent any leaks.
We like it is made with FDA approved material and provides antimicrobial protection against mold, mildew, and odors.
The shoulder strap helps you carry the bag with ease, which is great when it is too heavy for your hands to hold. Lastly, we like the seams that are heat-welded to prevent any leakage.
Adjustable strap is comfortable.
This hard plastic liner resists odors due to the fact that it is antimicrobial. It will resist mold and mildew that can sometimes be a major problem in a soft cooler. It also has a double zipper on its lid, a zippered front pocket, mesh pockets on the side, and an adjustable shoulder strap that has a pad for further comfort no matter how much you are carrying.
Treated liner. The liner of the Coleman 16-Can Soft Cooler is treated with antimicrobials that resist all types of germs, mildew, mold and fungus.
Its outside is very soft, which makes it very comfortable for you when carrying it around. Its inside is created with a hard plastic liner that keeps your food safe. The plastic liner material is approved by the U.S. FDA (Food and Drug Administration) for food contact. You can remove the liner for easy and quick cleaning.
The PEVA soft liner is flexible and easy to clean making it the perfect soft sided cooler option.
The liner is completely removable in the event you spill something and need to clean it up later or when you want to add ice. Plus, you have other storage areas to work with including the front zippered section and two extra mesh pockets.
One of the best features of the Coleman soft cooler is the adjustable shoulder straps that make it very easy to carry.

What reviewers didn't like

Regarding durability, the Coleman 16-Can is another "you get what you pay for" situation. It has a light nylon canvas exterior and a plastic liner. It seems to be only a matter of time before the liner breaks or a tear in the canvas would develop. While it should be understood that this cooler isn't for hard use, it would be nice to have a little more confidence in its construction.
The main disadvantage to the Coleman is that it is small. That means that it can only carry so much before it starts to burst. It may not be best for a group that is spending time outside.
The strapping is not ideal for carrying heavier loads.
- Heavy
Occasional issues with interior hard liner cracking.
Not Very Versatile – Unlike the backpack coolers you can hold without using your arms, portable cooler bags will most often block you from using one of your arms at maximum capacity. This can be a disadvantage when you travel or when you have more luggage to carry.
Space is a little tight.
Will only fit 16 cans with ice filling in the spaces, tight squeeze with an ice-pack.
Stitching around the top of the cooler where the zipper is secured is loose and wide.
As you might have guessed considering the price and removable liner, the Coleman soft coolers aren’t the best when it comes to ice retention but they’re certainly no slouch either.
Not as big as you might expect, can’t fit 16 cans with ice.
Insulation could be improved for prolonged cooling.
What we do not like much about this cooler bag is how it does not seem to keep your drinks cold for very long hours. Usually, it is only good for 12 hours and the ice would already melt afterward.
The insulation could be better.
The only thing about this cooler is it lacks depth, so you will not be able to put so many items inside. For instance, if you want to pack your food container, you will have to remove the liner just to make it fit.
Does not keep contents cold by itselt.
May Tear. When packed too heavily, the Coleman 16-Can Soft Cooler has been known to rip at times from the seams.
Low insulation capacity.
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