Coffee Gator Pour Over Kettle

Last updated: August 14, 2019

Coffee Gator Pour Over Kettle

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We looked at the top Pour Over Makers and dug through the reviews from some of the most popular review sites. Through this analysis, we've determined the best Pour Over Maker you should buy.

Overall Take

In our analysis of 103 expert reviews, the Coffee Gator Pour Over Kettle placed 9th when we looked at the top 12 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

The Coffee Gator mission is more smiles per cup. We think that being able to drink incredible, barista-quality coffee at home is a basic human right. That’s why we’ve poured our hearts and souls into developing products that make doing that an absolute breeze. We boldly stand up in the face of inferior products, made from flimsy materials, destined to disappoint. We defend you from coffee snobs who say you can’t make decent coffee in your own home. We plant our flag firmly in the ground, fill our lungs and scream from the highest mountain top that ‘you deserve to drink better coffee!’ We’ve had (completely unsubstantiated) reports of people making such incredible coffee at home they refuse to leave. “But the best coffee I’ve ever had is there!” wailed a (fictitious but entirely plausible) customer. Perfect hand drip coffee needs a steady, even flow of water at the right temperature. Too hot: your beans are scorched. Too cold: the flavor is trapped. A Gator kettle produces a steady, smooth flow and the thermometer unlocks the complex oils, flavors and aromas.

Expert Reviews

What experts liked

Built-in thermometer: Thermometer has a “blue zone” which indicates the perfect coffee temperature zone
The surgical stainless steel looks amazing on the stove or counter, which is great if you plan to keep the kettle out of the cabinets.
The fixed thermometer is a nice touch and gives you the ability to get the heat just the way you want it whether for coffee, tea or any other drink you care to make.
The coffee you need a steady, even flow of water at the right temperature, for perfect hand drip. Too hot: your beans are scorched and too cold: the flavor is trapped. Its gooseneck spout produces a smooth flow and the built-in thermometer unlocks the complex oils, flavors, and aromas.
This kettle is a pleasant marriage of type and performance. The surgical chrome steel seems superb on the range or counter, which is nice in the event you plan to maintain the kettle out of the cupboards.
The stainless steel kettle is very well made and holds 1 liter (32 ounces) of water. The lid has a built-in thermometer, with a nice colored indicator for the optimum temp range of 195F-205F. The spout is long and nicely shaped, and the handle comfortable.
It is also very easy to use as well as lightweight as it weighs only 1.17 lbs. Due to its long spout that is connected to the bottom of the kettle, you will not need to tilt the kettle for the water to start flowing.
Finally, Coffee Gator offer a generous money back guarantee on all of their models. This speaks volumes about their belief in the product. This offer should also extend to boosting consumer confidence.
Its stainless steel goes great with any stove or countertop, which is idyllic if you wish to place your kettle out in the open for aesthetics.
Many customers who have purchased this kettle love that the portion size isn’t too large, meaning that they can quickly heat up more servings without too much of a wait.
The kettle is made of medical-grade stainless steel and Coffee Gator prides itself on its quality and customer service. It can be used on any stove top.
That being said, one thing I do love about this pour over kettle is that the only thing which ever comes into physical contact with the water is stainless steel. There’s absolutely no rubber gaskets, plastic or epoxy or resins or glues or anything else that can contaminate your boiling water and final coffee brew.
100% money back guarantee.

What experts didn't like

On paper, this kettle is perfect, but there have been some reports of manufacturing issues. While not prevalent among reviews, it’s certainly something to consider. Because of the 100% satisfaction guarantee, though, every kettle with problems was refunded or replaced, though.
1 liter is a bit small since the company recommends filling to only .6 L
This kettle may create a rattling sound while water boils.
1 liter is a bit small because the firm recommends filling to solely .6 L
Does not have a temperature control
One-liter capacity is small since it is recommended to only fill up to 0.6 liter
Like I said earlier, my only concern is how thin the stainless steel is, and if you are using it on an open heat source such as a gas burner, I can see it deteriorating rather quickly over time.
Problems with quality control.


Although single-cup coffeemakers and drip brewers may be unrivaled for convenience, they can’t quite get around the fact that flavor is typically lost through the brewing process. For that reason, true coffee connoisseurs have fallen in love with pour over coffee-making in recent years. Traditionally, pour over coffee-making was too complicated, requiring special equipment and plenty of patience. However, manufacturers have come up with tools that give you great flavor without all the work.

One of the reasons the pour over method is so useful is that it doesn’t always require paper filters, which trap some of the natural oils in coffee along with the grounds. So you’ll find that the pour over coffeemakers on the market today try to honor that, with many offering stainless steel reusable filters that are both good for the environment and great for preserving flavor.

Paperless filtering helps keep natural oils from coffee, leading to a richer flavor. However, you may find that without that excess filtration, you get some grounds in your coffee. Coffeemakers with microfiber paper and narrow openings can help ensure your cup is as clean as possible, but be aware this can dull the taste.

If you’ve never used a pour over coffeemaker before, you’re understandably concerned about the learning curve. Some coffeemakers come with recipe books, but you can also easily find instructions online, including videos that walk you through it. It may take a bit of a learning curve, but it will be well worth it in the end.

Before you buy, consider the capacity you’ll want. Pour over coffee isn’t meant to be like that pot of coffee you make at seven a.m. that takes you all the way through lunch. Instead, it’s intended to make only enough for the cup you’re presently drinking. However, if you have two or more coffee drinkers in the house, it may be well worth getting a higher-capacity coffeemaker. Otherwise, you’ll have to heat water up separately for each person. Since pour over coffeemakers don’t have a way to stay warm in between cups, you’ll need to use each batch relatively quickly after heating the water up.

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