Coavas Stained Glass Privacy Window Film, 18×79-Inch

Last updated date: November 4, 2019

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Coavas Stained Glass Privacy Window Film, 18×79-Inch

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We looked at the top Privacy Window Films and dug through the reviews from some of the most popular review sites. Through this analysis, we've determined the best Privacy Window Film you should buy.

Update as July 30, 2020:
Checkout The Best Privacy Window Film for a detailed review of all the top privacy window films.

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In our analysis of 21 expert reviews, the Coavas Stained Glass Privacy Window Film, 18x79-Inch placed 11th when we looked at the top 13 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

Coavas decorative window film decorative window film Useful tips to install Coavas decorative window film easily and properly: 1. Thoroughly clean your window. 2. REMOVE the backing protective film from the green Coavas label. 3. Spray a GREAT MANY SOAPY Water on your window, the more water the better (soapy water works better, the soapy water makes it much easier to slip and slide into place). It will help you to squeeze out excess air and bubbles. 4. Stick the smooth side on your window, the frosted side must face you. 5. Squeeze out excess water and bubbles with a squeegee, dry with a dry towel. 6. Please refer to the product video on the product page for installation steps. decorative window film decorative window film Why choose Coavas decorative window film? Easy to install and remove No glue, static cling No traces left How to romove the backing protection film after cutting? Here are four ways: Peel it off starting from the green Coavas label. Tape both sides of the product together and stretch them. Separate them by rubbing or using a small knife. Make a small bend on a corner and bend it back and forth. It will loosen a bit – enough to separate the backing from the film. Make sure the backing protective film have been removed before sticking film. Spray lots and lots of water on your window, the MORE water, the better (soapy water works better). Stick the SMOOTH side on your window, the FROSTED side must face you. What do Coavas Decorative Privacy Window Film Give you? stained glass window film decorative window film decorative window film Make Your Puppy Quiet Put your cute dog to sleep, prevents it from barking while seeing outside. 24 Hour Installation Service Our window film comes with a LIFETIME Service. And there’s a professional installation team to solve any installation problems for you :) Protect the Birds Prevents birds from crashing on the window. The Showing Of Different Scenes From Buyers decorative window film decorative window film stained glass window film stained glass window film BEDROOM The buyer: This decorative privacy decal worked great. It’s super pretty. It was easy enough to install. It let’s in some light in the daytime but people can’t see in. BATHROOM The buyer: This window film is gorgeous. Using a single panel for my bathroom window, it was exceedingly easy to place and smooth out on the glass. It arrived as stated and is of superior quality. BEHIND THE SOFA The buyer: Pretty cool. Seems to be handling the heat well. This window used one roll. Will be getting more designs . LIVING ROOM The buyer: Very beautiful but will cost you time to make it perfect, looks expensive. I’m so impressed with the quality solar window film 2 window film 4 window squeege powder brush Coavas Black Solar Film Coavas Blockout Window Film Coavas Frosted Privacy Window Film Coavas Decorative Window Film Coavas All-Purpose Adjustable Squeegee Coavas Powder Brush Size 23.6×78.7 inches 17.7×78.7inches 35.6×78.7 inches 17.7×78.7 inches 6.69×12.2 inches 7.89 x 1.96 inches Material Environmental PVC Environmental PVC Environmental PVC Environmental PVC Engineering plastics, Aluminum alloy, Rubber Plastic plated handle and synthetic fiber brush head Suitable For Smooth clean glass surface Smooth clean glass surface Smooth clean glass surface Smooth clean glass surface Wipe any smooth surface Face Application Study, Balcony, Living room, Bedroom, Office glass, cupboard glass, etc. where need to reduce sun vertigo. Baby’s room, Bedroom, Bathroom, Basement, Garage, Private Residence, Photo Room, etc. Office glass, Sliding door, Lounge, Bedroom, Bathroom, the glass of the cupboard, etc. Living room, Bathroom, Bedroom, Office glass, Sliding door, the glass of the cupboard, so on the smooth glass. Shower screen, home windows, car glass, kitchen tiles will all shine clean Foundation Brush, Blush Brush, Perfect for Whole Face, Blush, Bronzer Contouring, and Under Eyes. Airbrushed Effect. Function Heat Insulation, Anti – 98% UV, reduce bright sun glare, prevent furniture from aging and fading, One Way Privacy Protection 100% blocking light, Anti-UV, Two-Way privacy protection, help you have a good sleep, good for night worker or light sleeper Provide good privacy and decoration, prevent birds from crashing, preventing dogs barking from seeing everything outside. Provide good decoration and privacy protection, Anti-UV, protect furniture from fading, preventing dogs barking from seeing everything outside All-Purpose Squeegee ,Clean smooth surface,Adjustable mechanism to detach, anti-slip handle, Safe edges,Lightweight Foundation Brush, Blush Brush, Perfect for Whole Face, Blush, Bronzer Contouring, and Under Eyes. Airbrushed Effect.

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An Overview On Privacy Window Films

Sure, privacy window film can keep nosy neighbors from peering in through otherwise uncovered windows.

But Vicki Liston, writer, producer and narrator of award-winning home improvement and DIY show called “On The Fly…DIY” says window film can do that and more.

“While it provides the obvious — blocking outside, wandering eyes from seeing every detail inside your home — privacy window film delivers more advantages than you might think,” she says. “It can stop harmful UV rays from damaging your furniture, flooring and décor. It can save on cooling costs in the summer by reflecting both sunlight and solar heat.”

She says that window film can have health benefits as well as aesthetic advantages.

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“For households with allergies and asthma, films can serve as a welcome alternative to dust-attracting curtains and blinds (imagine never having to wash curtains or wipe off blinds again!),” she says. “If you love a more minimalistic look or you can’t bear the thought of impeding the view of your gorgeous window frames, you can still block out the rest of the world while allowing in natural light and keeping those frames free from obstruction.”

Privacy film can be invaluable to renters who want to enjoy the advantages without worrying about damaging or altering the windows in a rental home. Most window film is not only easy to install but also simple to remove, so renters can beautify and protect any glass surface with no worry of backlash from their landlords.

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It is important to note that there are several different types of window film, and not all of them provide every possible benefit. Determining what features are most important to you and how you plan to use it will help you find the best privacy film for your home.

“For those ‘privacy only’ concerns, opt for an opaque, a decorative pattern, or a mirrored film,” says Liston. “Opaques and decorative patterns will stop the gaze of your nosy neighbors but they will also stop your gaze as well. A mirrored film is highly reflective and allows you to take in the view outside but your privacy level may wane as the sun goes down. Some types become semi-see through at night so read the label carefully on mirrored and reflective versions before you make a decision.”

Window film is quite affordable, as well. This is especially true when you compare the cost of privacy film to other types of custom window coverings, such as blinds, curtains or frosted glass.

The Privacy Window Film Buying Guide

  • The location of your home should factor greatly into the type of window film you purchase. The direction that your windows face is an important consideration, as well.  For instance, if you live on a forested lot in Pennsylvania with lots of north-facing windows, you might want the film to let in in as much natural light as possible. However, if your home is in the Arizona desert or your west-facing windows take a beating every afternoon, you may hope to keep as much sunshine and heat out of your house.
  • Adhesive privacy window films that activate with water offer long-lasting results. Choose these over films that require applied adhesive or static cling films with no adhesive. The former is messy and difficult to apply, while the latter simply won’t stand up to temperature changes or the passing of time.
  • Prepare the window or glass surface by cleaning them thoroughly. Ammonia-or vinegar-based cleaners could damage the film, so opt for a mild soap in water instead, such as baby shampoo. Be sure to rinse the glass well with clean water before applying the film.
  • Applying privacy film when the temperature outside has been at least 60 degrees Fahrenheit for several days will ensure that the bond has time to cure, providing the best adhesion results.
  • Always apply privacy film to interior surfaces or the inside of windows. Privacy window films are not intended for exterior use and will not endure the elements effectively.
  • No need to spend additional money on fancy, specialized tools or applicators for privacy film. A standard, clean spray bottle, and a credit card or other small, rigid piece of plastic work just as well as a squeegee, scraper, or other items that you might purchase but only use for a single application.
  • A razor blade will make trimming the edges much easier, as well.
  • Measure the window before cutting or applying the film. Start by measuring the inside of the frame from left to right and again from top to bottom. Add about two inches to each measurement to give yourself some wiggle room when installing the film and to allow for any potential errors.