Coavas Frosted Floral Window Film, 18×79-Inch

Last updated date: May 13, 2021

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Coavas Frosted Floral Window Film, 18×79-Inch

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We looked at the top Decorative Window Films and dug through the reviews from some of the most popular review sites. Through this analysis, we've determined the best Decorative Window Film you should buy.

Update as May 20, 2021:
Checkout The Best Decorative Window Film for a detailed review of all the top decorative window films.

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In our analysis of 45 expert reviews, the Coavas Frosted Floral Window Film, 18x79-Inch placed 17th when we looked at the top 17 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

Coavas decorative window film decorative window film Useful tips to install Coavas decorative window film easily and properly: 1. Thoroughly clean your window. 2. REMOVE the backing protective film from the green Coavas label. 3. Spray a GREAT MANY SOAPY Water on your window, the more water the better (soapy water works better, the soapy water makes it much easier to slip and slide into place). It will help you to squeeze out excess air and bubbles. 4. Stick the smooth side on your window, the frosted side must face you. 5. Squeeze out excess water and bubbles with a squeegee, dry with a dry towel. 6. Please refer to the product video on the product page for installation steps. decorative window film decorative window film Why choose Coavas decorative window film? Easy to install and remove No glue, static cling No traces left How to romove the backing protection film after cutting? Here are four ways: Peel it off starting from the green Coavas label. Tape both sides of the product together and stretch them. Separate them by rubbing or using a small knife. Make a small bend on a corner and bend it back and forth. It will loosen a bit – enough to separate the backing from the film. Make sure the backing protective film have been removed before sticking film. Spray lots and lots of water on your window, the MORE water, the better (soapy water works better). Stick the SMOOTH side on your window, the FROSTED side must face you. What do Coavas Decorative Privacy Window Film Give you? stained glass window film decorative window film decorative window film Make Your Puppy Quiet Put your cute dog to sleep, prevents it from barking while seeing outside. 24 Hour Installation Service Our window film comes with a LIFETIME Service. And there’s a professional installation team to solve any installation problems for you :) Protect the Birds Prevents birds from crashing on the window. The Showing Of Different Scenes From Buyers decorative window film decorative window film stained glass window film stained glass window film BEDROOM The buyer: This decorative privacy decal worked great. It’s super pretty. It was easy enough to install. It let’s in some light in the daytime but people can’t see in. BATHROOM The buyer: This window film is gorgeous. Using a single panel for my bathroom window, it was exceedingly easy to place and smooth out on the glass. It arrived as stated and is of superior quality. BEHIND THE SOFA The buyer: Pretty cool. Seems to be handling the heat well. This window used one roll. Will be getting more designs . LIVING ROOM The buyer: Very beautiful but will cost you time to make it perfect, looks expensive. I’m so impressed with the quality solar window film 2 window film 4 window squeege powder brush Coavas Black Solar Film Coavas Blockout Window Film Coavas Frosted Privacy Window Film Coavas Decorative Window Film Coavas All-Purpose Adjustable Squeegee Coavas Powder Brush Size 23.6×78.7 inches 17.7×78.7inches 35.6×78.7 inches 17.7×78.7 inches 6.69×12.2 inches 7.89 x 1.96 inches Material Environmental PVC Environmental PVC Environmental PVC Environmental PVC Engineering plastics, Aluminum alloy, Rubber Plastic plated handle and synthetic fiber brush head Suitable For Smooth clean glass surface Smooth clean glass surface Smooth clean glass surface Smooth clean glass surface Wipe any smooth surface Face Application Study, Balcony, Living room, Bedroom, Office glass, cupboard glass, etc. where need to reduce sun vertigo. Baby’s room, Bedroom, Bathroom, Basement, Garage, Private Residence, Photo Room, etc. Office glass, Sliding door, Lounge, Bedroom, Bathroom, the glass of the cupboard, etc. Living room, Bathroom, Bedroom, Office glass, Sliding door, the glass of the cupboard, so on the smooth glass. Shower screen, home windows, car glass, kitchen tiles will all shine clean Foundation Brush, Blush Brush, Perfect for Whole Face, Blush, Bronzer Contouring, and Under Eyes. Airbrushed Effect. Function Heat Insulation, Anti – 98% UV, reduce bright sun glare, prevent furniture from aging and fading, One Way Privacy Protection 100% blocking light, Anti-UV, Two-Way privacy protection, help you have a good sleep, good for night worker or light sleeper Provide good privacy and decoration, prevent birds from crashing, preventing dogs barking from seeing everything outside. Provide good decoration and privacy protection, Anti-UV, protect furniture from fading, preventing dogs barking from seeing everything outside All-Purpose Squeegee ,Clean smooth surface,Adjustable mechanism to detach, anti-slip handle, Safe edges,Lightweight Foundation Brush, Blush Brush, Perfect for Whole Face, Blush, Bronzer Contouring, and Under Eyes. Airbrushed Effect.

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An Overview On Decorative Window Films

Windows are great for letting light in, but they can bring privacy issues. If you have a big window in your bathroom, for instance, you may feel self-conscious in there at night, especially if you have neighbors nearby.

With decorative window film, you can keep the very thing you like about your house’s windows while still maintaining privacy. You’ll have a wide range of design options to match your own room’s décor, including stained or frosted glass. But beyond your personal preferences when it comes to aesthetics, there are a few very important things to consider.

Vicki Liston serves as writer, producer and host of “On The Fly…DIY,” a home improvement show that helps consumers with their DIY projects. She recommends a film that uses water for application. Just spray the film with water to activate, then attach it directly to the window glass.

“Water-based films hold up better to drastic seasonal changes, so you won’t have to worry about peeling corners when the temperatures outside drop to freezing,” Liston says. “The disadvantage to adhesives, though is that they contain polyvinyl chloride. If you’d rather purchase an eco-friendly alternative, PVC-free decorative films are also available. These adhere via static cling but do require water to create an attachment between it and the glass.”

Even if you choose a water-based film, though, durability can be an issue. Some window films fade in color over time, which means you’ll have to replace them more often than you’d planned. If you’re renting a place for a short time, this may not be as much an issue as if you’re planning to stay in the same house for many years.

Of course, if you‘re looking for a window film, chances are you have an application in mind. If you’re going for a bathroom or bedroom window, be aware that with some films, those on the outside may still be able to see in somewhat, especially if they’re near the window. Fine details will be impossible to make out, but they might still be able to see shadows and movement, keeping you from having the total privacy you’re after.

The Decorative Window Film Buying Guide

  • The first thing to consider is how your chosen film will be applied. Some require water, while others use static cling to adhere to the window. The Rabbitgoo 3D Mosaic Window Film, 18×79-Inch just requires a quick spray of either water or soapy water to stick to the window. If you ever want to remove it, you’ll only have to peel it off. It doesn’t leave a residue.
  • As with any items that adhere to a surface, you’ll need to press down on your window film to remove any air bubbles.

“Decorative window film is easily applied with a water spray bottle and a rigid piece of plastic, like a credit card,” Liston says. “Some privacy window films come with squeegees or scrapers but don’t feel like you need to purchase them separately to get the job done. The best advice I’ve ever received is to ‘measure twice and cut once.’ There’s nothing worse than cutting your film, only to realize your measurements were wrong.”

  • Once the air bubbles are out and your window film is in place, you can use either a razor blade or box cutter to remove any excess. This can take some of the pressure off to cut your film exactly to size before you install it.
  • Some decorative window films can also serve as insulation between your house and the temperatures outside. The Rabbitgoo 3D Mosaic Window Film, 18×79-Inch, and the Coavas Cling Decorative Window Film, 17.7×78.7-Inch help keep air and heat inside your house when you need it, as well as ensuring the outside weather remains outdoors.
  • Although design preferences vary from one person to the next, the Rabbitgoo 3D Mosaic Window Film, 18×79-Inch has a stained glass look. Other models have a medieval design that some may prefer, while the small mosaic squares of the Rabbitgoo 3D Mosaic Window Film, 18×79-Inch sets it apart from the others.
  • If privacy is your top concern, it’s important to note that not all decorative window films are equal. There are films that provide extreme privacy from a distance, but as someone comes closer to the window, they don’t block quite as much. The Rabbitgoo 3D Mosaic Window Film, 18×79-Inch does tend to blur visibility, but movements and shadows can still be detected from the other side.
  • It’s important to find a film that provides privacy without blocking the natural light coming in. Although the Rabbitgoo 3D Mosaic Window Film, 18×79-Inch blocks approximately 96 percent of UV rays, it lets a soft natural light in that enhances your surroundings.
  • You’ll want a film that will look good and offer privacy for many years. The Coavas Cling Decorative Window Film, 17.7×78.7-Inch not only doesn’t fade, but it also doesn’t tear very easily.
  • Window films don’t just work for small windows. You can use them on sliding-glass doors and storm doors. Although they’re popular for bathrooms and bedrooms, you can also use them in kitchens, living rooms and entryways. They’re also great for office buildings, retail shops and hotels.