Clore Automotive Lead-Acid Car Battery Charger

Last updated: May 31, 2023

Specifically developed for performance and endurance, this car battery charger offers several jumps per charge. It provides outstanding performance and has a lengthy service life. You can safely leave it plugged in when not in use so that the built-in battery is ready to use when needed.

Clore Automotive Lead-Acid Car Battery Charger

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Product Details

Key Takeaway: This car battery charger is the go-to option for tow truck drivers, mechanics and other pros.

In our analysis of 143 expert reviews, the Clore Automotive Lead-Acid Car Battery Charger placed 19th when we looked at the top 19 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

From the manufacturer View larger Legendary Jump-N-Carry Performance Unmatched Power Power. It’s the calling card of a Jump-N-Carry jump starter. Absolutely reliable power. The JNC660 is no exception. Its Clore Proformer battery is specifically developed to perform the jump starting application and is designed to deliver exceptional cranking power, extended cranking duration, numerous jumps per charge and long service life. Professional Performance The JNC660 includes numerous features to make jump starting more effective and convenient. Its 46 inch cable reach enables it to reach the starting points on vehicles of all shapes and sizes. Industrial Grade Hot Jaw clamps penetrate corrosion for the best possible connection. Trusted for 25 Years For over 25 years, Jump-N-Carry has been the go-to brand for tow truck drivers, auto mechanics, rescue vehicles, car auctioneers and anyone else in need of a reliable jump starter. Key Specifications: 1700 Peak Amps 425 Cranking Amps Clore Proformer Battery Technology Industrial Grade Hot Jaw Clamps 12 Volt DC Outlet to Power Accessories Automatic built-in charger Jump-N-Carry View larger View larger View larger Robust Components Every aspect of the JNC660 is tailored to support the goal of delivering as much starting power as possible to a disabled vehicle. All components of the ‘power path’ are designed to support the goal of getting the jump starter’s power to the disabled vehicle. This includes the heavy-duty, 2 AWG cable leads and Industrial Grade clamps that penetrate corrosion on the vehicle’s battery for a good electrical connection. Clore Proformer Battery Technology Jump-N-Carry jump starters feature high performance, replaceable Clore Proformer batteries. These batteries are designed for maximum power density and durability, which results in exceptional cranking power, extended cranking duration and a long service life. Built-in Automatic Recharging Features fully automatic, built-in charger for its on-board battery. This allows for the unit to be left plugged in, meaning your jump starter is in an always ready state. View larger View larger View larger View larger Heavy Duty Case Impervious to shop fluids, it is designed to withstand the rigors of everyday professional use. Voltmeter Check the status of the battery inside your JNC660 with the press of a button. Power Supply 12 Volt power output can power a variety of accessories. Includes automatic circuit protection to prevent overloads. Built-in Charger The ultimate in convenience, it never gets lost. Features fully automatic charging, allowing the unit to be kept in an always ready state. For replacement charger cable see part no. JNC350. jnc300xl JNC550A jnc660 JNC770 JNCAIR jnc950 JNC300XL JNC550A JNC660 JNC770 JNCAIR JNC950 12 Volt Jump Start ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ Starts Engines 6-Cylinder and Smaller 8-Cylinder and Smaller All Passenger Vehicles, Light Commercial All Passenger Vehicles, Light Commercial All Passenger Vehicles, Light Commercial Commercial, Industrial Battery Size 9Ah 18Ah 22Ah 22Ah 22Ah 35Ah USB Outputs One 1.1A Two 2.1A Cable Length 27″ 34″ 46″ 68″ 68″ 68″ Cable Gauge #4 AWG #4 AWG #2 AWG #2 AWG #2 AWG #2 AWG 25 Years Celebrating 25 Years of Jump Starting Founded in 2001, but with an over 50 year heritage, Clore Automotive has focused in the design, development and manufacture of automotive service equipment for professionals and consumers. Our brands include some of the most widely recognized names in the automotive equipment aftermarket, including Jump-N-Carry, Light-N-Carry, Booster PAC, Truck PAC, and more. Introduced in 1993, the Jump-N-Carry line of premium portable jump starter has become a household name for mechanics, tow truck drivers, dealers, and anyone else in need of a jump starter they can trust to provide the power and performance to get your vehicle moving again.

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Expert Reviews

What reviewers liked

This is about as heavy as other car jump-starters with this much power, and it's still small enough to store in the trunk of your car. It also has a carrying handle. Because it’s so portable, the Jump-N-Carry is a convenient addition to any automobile emergency kit.
Durability is also an important factor of the Jump-N-Carry JNC660. It’s made out of hard plastic and heavy duty materials meaning it’s capable of withstanding pretty rough conditions.
Professional-grade construction and performance
The Jump-N-Carry JNC660 cable is durable and perfect. The cable length is 46 inches sizeable enough to supply and get the job done smoothly. Both clamps and cables are heavy duty so you can be sure of best performance from the battery starter.
The product needs 425 activating Amps or 1700 Amps of current to give a peak for every jump start. The product has automated built-in charging system
It has a dual-light LED charge indicator and a voltmeter that indicates the onboard battery’s charge status. The built-in automatic charger allows you to leave the unit plugged in.
It’s housed in a heavy duty case that is impervious to shop fluids and is designed to withstand the rigors of everyday professional use. There is also a nice handle, making it easy to carry around.
It delivers 1700 peak amps and 425 instant amps supply. Also, it is equipped with a high-quality battery called Porformer, and thus it will last longer.
This jump starter is highly suitable for larger vehicles, such as a pickup weighing about a ton. The device has a DC outlet in addition to the main function.
The JNC660 jump starter is a powerful product that produces a humongous 1700 peak amps along with 425 cranking amps that is much better suited for larger applications like a 1-ton pickup truck. I
One of the greatest features of the Jump-N-Carry is the 46-inch charging cable. The extended cable will offer more flexibility, so you can reach starting points with ease
- 5Best
Battery Power Indicator – Easily find out how much power the battery has using the battery status indicator gauge.
It has heavy duty cables connected to the output, which can be connected to the vehicle’s battery. The clamps used are industrial grade and can charge the vehicle’s batteries even if there is corrosion on the surface.
In-built voltmeter — Its built-in voltmeter with a display on the side of the device helps to check on your battery status.
The PROFORMER battery provides strong starting powerwith unmatched durability and an extended cranking duration
It also works as a battery charger and can be connected to a battery for long enough periods of time to recharge the battery so that you can rely on the battery to start your engine without being connected to the boost. This is very helpful for watercraft batteries, or for vehicles that may have an alternator that is not properly functioning.

What reviewers didn't like

One notably absent safety feature is reverse polarity detection, which lets you know if you improperly connect the jumper cables to the battery's terminals.
One of the disadvantages of this particular model is the lack of USB ports
A little bit heavy
It is a bit pricey given that it does not include options such as an air compressor.
Battery wears quickly with extensive use
This jump starter weighs about 18 pounds. It no lightweight tool, but obviously it is what you need to heavy duty work.
It is not reliable for bigger vehicles and engines.
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