Candle Shop Сylinder Candle Making Molds, Set of 4

Last updated: October 13, 2023

With this candle making mold, you'll have the opportunity to make an unlimited number of candles. That's because the molds are made from a durable plastic that can weather both high and low temperatures. The mold works great with paraffin, wax and beeswax.

Candle Shop Сylinder Candle Making Molds, Set of 4

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Key Takeaway: This candle making mold comes with 120 feet of wick at no extra cost.

In our analysis, the Candle Shop Candle Shop Сylinder Candle Making Molds, Set of 4 placed 2nd when we looked at the top 12 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

The molds introduced here are for candle making and are of caprolon engineering. They can be used for casting wax, paraffin, and other bases. The material is resistant to high and low temperatures, so the forms do not crack or split during usage. Caprolon can contact with paraffin additives and acidic environments without any harm. Due to the caprolon’s durability, the candle molds can be used unlimited number of times. We have a wide variety of molds for candle making. With their help, you can easily create both traditional and original products with unique designs. Important to know: 1. The surface can be porous due to low pouring temperature (below 140 °F degrees), or because of the poor wax quality. Make sure to follow the recommended wax temperature before pouring. 2. The gloss on the surface may not be formed because of the higher pouring temperature than the recommended one. The higher the casting temperature, the glossier the surface of the finished candle is. Do not exceed the fill in temperatures of over 167 °F degrees as this may cause leakage of the candle mass and difficulty in pulling out the candle from the mold. 3. It is normal if a well is formed after the product is finished. Candle mass expands when heated and decreases during solidification, so after its melting and gradual cooling, there is a well that is formed in the center of the candle. 4. The candle is removed from the mold with difficulty sometimes. It happens if the wax is heated to high temperatures, when there is an increase in the grip. The higher the temperature, the more cohesion is created and therefore it is more difficult to get the finished candle out of the mold. To avoid difficulties in removing, the mold needs to be lubricated before pouring and the temperature should not exceed the weight of candle (167 °F degrees).

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