Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls (Prior Peneration)

Last updated: August 31, 2021

When it comes to softness, Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls are one of the best. In addition to their pleasant feel, Callaway balls are also aerodynamically formulated to reduce drag and increase ball speed. Golfers will also love having a choice of color, as the pack contains balls in the following shades: blue, yellow, orange and white.

Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls (Prior Peneration)

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Product Details

Key Takeaway: A soft feel and an aerodynamic design make these golf balls easy to love.

In our analysis of 90 expert reviews, the Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls (Prior Peneration) placed 8th when we looked at the top 13 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

Callaway Supersoft White Golf BallsSofter Feel, Extreme Distance, And More SpinCallawayaTMs new Supersoft golf balls utilize a new low-compression core that creates fast ball speeds and low spin rates, which is the ultimate recipe for distance off the tee. That said, while this is a ball that delivers impressive distance on full shots, its two-piece, low-compression construction combined with a new Tri-onomer cover delivers incredible soft feel and increased spin on shots played from around the green.Callaway Supersoft White Golf Balls feature: * HEX Aerodynamics increase lift and decrease air drag for longer carries and more total distance * CallawayaTMs lowest compression ball ever provides incredibly soft feel * New low-compression core creates higher ball speed and reduced spin off the tee * Lower spin rates from the tee create more accurate shots due to less side spin * New Tri-onomer cover creates more spin on wedge shots and shots played around the green * Color: white * Available in 12-ball pack.

Expert Reviews

What reviewers liked

These soft balls generate praise for their low compression, distance, and spin. Comes with 4 different colors in the pack, and golfers rave about how easy the yellow and orange ones are to locate during a game.
They are one of the softest balls that you can get anywhere thanks to the Zero Compression Core and 35 compression construction which is way much less than what you get from other brands.
Not only is it tremendously soft (and the softest ball that Callaway makes) but it's got an incredibly fast core making it long and super soft around the greens.
The main advantage of polybutadiene core is a super-fast speed and the softness which is 20 per cent more compared to other balls of the same manufacturer. Yet, these golf balls are incredibly durable.
These balls are good for great distances as Ultra Low Compression core delivers maximum ball speed with reduced spin for increased distance, and the make is such that the Super low spin for incredibly straight ball flight.
The actual, physical feel of the golf ball is impressive. It is splendidly light weight, even to the touch. The Supersoft type is supposed to be effortless to drive, but the balls themselves show pretty exceptional exterior quality.
Callaway has combined the lowest compression golf ball available with its HEX Aerodynamics to create a long, straight distance ball with an incredibly soft feel. 3
The low spin off the clubface keeps it flying straighter and further to help you shoot low scores.
There’s a ton of spring in these because of their super soft compression; you’ll have no range issues at all.
These are balls with a 35 compression, making them one of the softest on the market right now. Due to that, they have an incredibly low spin as well which ensures that they will fly straight and you won’t’ have problems controlling them.
The ball goes straight and a long way to the compression point. The compression core helps the spin to reduce and distance gets the increase.
The low compression and low drag Hex Aerodynamics really seem to give the ball some great carry and length.
This ball is very easy to use when chipping because it has maximum control. Even with a swing speed below 100 mph, the ball will give an extra 10 or 20 meters farther than the other ball.
It has a surlyn construction and has a softer feel that you can hardly get on any balls. So, when you hit you get good compression on the ball.

What reviewers didn't like

Obviously, golfers who prefer balls with higher compression may not like them. The blue golf balls are sometimes difficult to see in the air or find on the green.
The feel is quite different from typical golf balls and so it will take time to get used to
Stopping distance maybe something to watch as it was a little bigger than we expected in testing.
Recommended for use by golfers who've already got some practice.
Color wears off.
When my swing slices, I notice these don’t curve to the left or right as much as others I have played with do.
Certainly feels soft, but stopping ability wasn’t as high as expected given the compression.
Not quite as long as some others, but still long enough
With their high rebound, they can be frustrating to hit on the putting green.
They don’t perform too well on the green either, which is a shame.
Too soft to play with.
Extremely low compression give off a soft marshmallow sound/feel.
Not good for hits with the putter as rebounds can happen. Requires good control.
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