Callaway Aluminum Complete Golf Club Set, 12-Piece

Last updated: January 3, 2023

The Callaway 12-Piece Complete Set offers a full set of golf clubs that includes a putter and even a bag. This complete set offers you every club you need to play a full round of golf, just add some balls and tees and you're set for your first round.

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Key Takeaway: The Callaway 12-Piece Complete Set is a full set of golf clubs including putter and bag.

In our analysis of 104 expert reviews, the Callaway Aluminum Complete Golf Club Set, 12-Piece placed 13th when we looked at the top 15 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

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Designed For Maximum Performance Right Out Of The Box.

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Expert Reviews

What reviewers liked

Includes a driver, a fairway wood, a hybrid wood, 5 irons, a putter,headcovers and a bag. Offered with both left and right handed options.
The 3-wood in this set is not only very forgiving, but it also has a more aerodynamic head shape that will give you long and high flying shots.
The aerodynamic design of the Fairway Woods allows more flight and less forgiveness.
It has a beautiful design and is one of the better golf sets for beginners. It’s also suitable for tall people in the 6-foot range.
I love my new set I am totally new to golf, I believe its the perfect starter set for me.
One of the main things that we love about this set is the fact that it really does function as a complete set. You could easily purchase it, head out to the golf course and be ready to go. This means that you would be more than equipped to improve your game and go from being a novice to being someone who can work their way around the golf course with their eyes closed - but, we wouldn't recommend that!
It features impressive, high-quality clubs which are optimized for the use of beginners and recreational golfers. The well-designed clubs are stylish and light but still permit you a decent, powerful swing.
Complete with a lightweight stand bag, this set includes a driver, a 3-wood, a 5-hybrid, six irons, a pitching wedge, and a putter. The driver has an oversized head and sweet spot, comparable to higher-priced clubs that the pros play with, and the 5-hybrid provides a great alternative to those pesky long irons.
Each piece is solidly-designed to withstand the extreme conditions and will retain its effectiveness and elegance for a long time. They all provide a firm and solid grip that delivers the ball where it’s needed while the bag offers lots of space and protection for your golf clubs.
The Fairway Woods is very forgiving and has a more aerodynamic head shape for long, high flying shots.
The T-style mallet putter, for instance, is super accurate. You also get a versatile hybrid club, a powerful driver, and perimeter weighted irons/wedges, each with a progressive sole technology.
We also recommend this set because it is available in a left handed set. The strata design is sleek, even the pitch black putter will improve your game with style, making them some of the best golf clubs for beginners.
Callaway produce high quality products and the Callaway Mens Strata set is no exception.These clubs will give you the forgiveness a beginner needs as well as the feeling of great control while playing.
The irons and wedges are all designed.
With perimeter weighting and progressive sole-width technology, the irons find a good mix between forgiveness and control.
Incredible value for money, when you take into consideration the quality of all the Clubs in this collection you really are getting more than what you pay for.
The included stand bag is lightweight and includes five pockets, a cooler pocket, and a rain hood
Putter:You get a piece of this essential club of this set. The plain and simple putter makes no compromise with accuracy. Despite it's simplicity,you can hardly spot it out among top notch-putters unless you're a professional.
This golf set provides both left and right-hand features and provides head covers too.
Each club is durable and well-manufactured.
With this set, Callaway managed to make perfect mix of good quality and low price. Probably the best option among affordable golf club sets.
They’re inexpensive, provide plenty of value, and manufactured by one of the most trusted names in golf.
This colossal driver head comes in at 460cc, giving it a massive surface area that’s very forgiving for beginners. The sweet spot is generous, so as long as you put the ball somewhere near the center of the head, you’re shooting far and straight with ease.
The irons are designed with sole-width technology, which will give you good forgiveness and control.
Stand bag is high quality, lightweight and with plenty of pockets for storage.
Thanks to the driver’s 3-wood design you will enjoy a forgiving sweet spot with a graphite shaft for the most exceptional distances.
This club set comes with a stand type bag. It is lightweight to carry. This bag comes with some additional pockets so that you can carry your other equipment with you to the green. It also has a backpack strap. The leg of this stand bag is also very durable.
User-friendly. Callaway has designed and made beginner-friendly golf clubs. The manufacturer has made sure you get more value for your money while not also missing on user ease with the top of the line iron, wood or hybrid.
This golf set comes complete with a stand-bag for carrying your clubs. You can buy the other options mentioned below, but in my opinion, the 9 clubs are more than enough to get your started with.
The wedges feature sole width technology, which allows for greater control when hitting the ball by preventing the wedges from digging into the ground too much (a common affliction for beginner golfers). The putter sports a helpful mallet shape for more accurate putts.
The Callaway Strata Golf Club set is relatively inexpensive, but durable and long lasting. Some purchasers used these clubs and were so impressed by the way they handled, that they bought this set, and retired the old set they had. At the low price of 200.00 one would expect the workmanship to be of bad quality, but with this set it is actually reversed.
The clubs are regular flex. The grips have an alignment assembly that makes you hold the club properly. The driver comes with a higher loft of 12⁰. It lets you control your swing with a bigger sweetspot.
Each of the woods has a graphite shaft. It’s quite forgiving in play, and each has an aerodynamic head shape which will be perfect for those long high flying shots. You’ll also get two head covers to keep them protected.
It has a beautiful design and is one of the better golf sets for beginners. It’s also suitable for tall people in the 6-foot range.
It boasts a 3-Wood fairway wood that is very forgiving and has a smart aerodynamic head shape. This gives a long and high flying shots. The fairway wood is ideal for those who want to achieve higher lofts. A head cover is also included with the 3-Wood.
All the clubs are well manufactured and are durable.

What reviewers didn't like

Longevity of club is questionable. Really only aimed at beginning golfers.
Driver club seems to dent after a short time, and so you have to spend more money to replace it.
The driver design is not that sturdy and may need repairs after a few weeks. Also, it is not fit for quick swingers.
The sturdiness of the product and the balanced composition of rich, high-quality materials takes away some of the lightness of the irons. My previous clubs had been about 100 grams lighter. I have to say that I felt the difference in weight in my arms at the end of the day.
The driver is weak.
Low-quality driver (snaps off easily)
Not for professionals golfers.
The 3-wood isn’t the easiest to hit. Good distance, but I didn’t find it all that forgiving
The bag is quite heavy, this can become an inconvenience if you’re going to be hauling it around all day. There are much lighter options out there for anybody who knows that this will become a problem.
The driver head separated from the shaft for some reviewers (strange, especially for Callaway's standard of excellence). If this happens to you, we recommend contacting Callaway for a replacement.
The driver is a bit harder.
Hybrid club is a bit rigid, making running hooks and slices difficult.
Even though quality of these clubs is solid, because of the affordable price, materials used to make these clubs aren’t perfect, especially compared to those of expensive clubs.
Many people criticize that it is quite heavy to carry around. After using for a while, I have some difficulties using the 3-wood as it does not give me the full forgiveness.
There are complaints of shaft splinters after some time.
No sand wedge
The driver of that set is not fit for the long hitter.
Lower number of inclusions.
The only golf club you may wish to add at some point is a sand-wedge (56-degrees). These tend to be sold separately.
Putter is a little weak.
The running hooks and slices become difficult because of the rigidity of the hybrid club.
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