California Home Goods Eco-Friendly Polymer Boot Tray

Last updated: July 12, 2022

Salt stains can take a hike with this boot tray. The built-in mat keeps it in place, and raised edges hold in water. The 30-inch by 15-inch size is large enough to hold your whole family's shoes.

California Home Goods Eco-Friendly Polymer Boot Tray

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Product Details

Key Takeaway: The California Home Goods Multi-Purpose Boot Tray's large size and tough construction protects your floors throughout the year.

In our analysis of 33 expert reviews, the California Home Goods Eco-Friendly Polymer Boot Tray placed 8th when we looked at the top 9 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

Our homegrown brand, California Home Goods, believes that your home’s flooring is an expensive investment. That is why, as we continue to provide you with dependable home essentials that would make your lives easier, we want to help you protect that investment by bringing your our very own All-Weather Boot Mat Tray- the ultimate home accessory that can help keep your floors as gorgeous for longer! california home goods rubber boot tray shoe mat tray with lip polymer rubber snow mat garage pan winter shoe tray wet shoe mat winter boot tray wet shoe mat gardening tray garage tray painting mat DESIGNED TO PROTECT THE BEAUTY OF YOUR FLOORS Our plastic boot mat and tray is specifically designed to protect your most expensive investment – your flooring. This durable boot tray is made to keep debris out so your floor can stay pristine for longer. Rest assured, it’ll provide your home indoor and outdoor floor protection, in any kind of weather. Whether it’s carpet, laminate, or hardwood, nothing is more visually unappealing in your home than a stain or dirt you can’t get rid of. California Home Good’s Boot Tray is made from high-grade polypropylene and designed with raised edges to contain water and dirt, and prevent spills from happening. Start enjoying the squeaky clean life! rubber floor mat anti spill tray wet shoe mat rubber boots tray pet litter tray undercarriage tray SAY GOODBYE TO ALL KINDS OF SPILLS Feel free to use our boot mat tray in and around your home – indoors, outdoors, or anywhere else that makes a mess! Large 30in x 15in surface area 1.2-inch raised edges Comes in a 1 or 2 pack variation Made from high-grade recycled polypropylene material Easy to clean Resistant to many chemical solvents, bases, and acids One Boot Mat Tray, Countless Uses: Anti-mess tray for pet food bowls and cat litter boxes Tray for painting projects Gardening dirt tray Undercarriage pan for car maintenance tasks Shoe & boot tray during winter or stormy weathers Dirty kitchen no-spill tray REUSABLE, SPILL-PROOF POLYMER FOR ALL PURPOSE FLOOR PROTECTION durable rubber boot mat tray black shoe tray mud rug snow boots tray pet littler tray pet food mat polymer floor mat tray with lip no slip mud rug dirt mat no spill rubber mat pet tray all weather boot mat dirt rug mud rug black floor mat undercarriage car tray winter shoe tray home indoor outdoor floor mat spill tray wet shoe mat snow boots pan pet rubber tray multipurpose All-Weather Spill-Proof Tray The multi purpose tray from California Home Goods is elevated at 1.2 inches to ensure they stay in place no matter the circumstance and under any weather condition. It’ll even resist your pet’s nibbles or scratches. Best of all, it’s so easy to clean! Your Mess-Proof Tool for Activities Because its 100% recycled polypropylene will withstand any element, our boot mats will perfectly fulfill whatever purpose you have for them – use it while painting, gardening, fixing your car, cooking, or just taking care of your pets. The Perfect Shoe Tray Family members and house guests alike will never feel guilty as they will never bring in dirt and stains to your floors no more. Our sturdy mat tray with drip edges will hold all the dirt, mud and debris from all kinds of footwear. Ultimate Indoor & Outdoor Protection This plastic drip mat for shoes is designed to be your ultimate winter shoe mat for entryways in order to keep dirt, snow, salt, and ice away from your floors. won’t easily chip, crack, or break down during the highest and lowest temperatures. Add to your cart the ultimate snow mat, mud tray, pet litter tray, or mud rug your home has never had! boot mat

Expert Reviews

What reviewers liked

In addition to footwear, the California Home Goods Multi-Purpose is ideal for holding paint cans during DIY projects, since it’s resistant to most solvents. Its grooved lines also make it a handy spot for things that often spill, like pets' water bowls.
It is constructed from the eco-friendly polymer of high quality that can withstand all environments. So, not only can it catch dirt, moisture, and debris, it can also bear other materials such as chemical solvents.
This mat is ideal for all sorts of household duties like serving as a pet food mat, indoor plant tray, or even for use while you're painting. But best of all, this product serves as an incredibly functional mud mat for those wet and muddy shoes.
California Home Goods Multi-Purpose Boot Mat & Tray does it better than the rest; its thicker plastic is more durable than that of any of the six trays we considered. The raised, dense lattice pattern prevents shoes from picking up dirt or grime that’s on the tray and allows sludge to melt off between wears so boots can dry.
This boot tray can also be used as a paint tray, dog mat, and litter box. The boot tray is spacious enough to hold more pairs of shoes. It is easy to clean. It is made from one hundred percent recycled polypropylene which is waterproof. This rubber boot mat is designed to remain resistant to chemical solvents & durable even in harsh weather situations.
Multiple uses, from a boot/shoe tray to a pet food bowl liner. Raised lip keeps moisture contained. Constructed with recycled plastic - environmentally friendly.
The mat is very easy to clean, a quick rinsing should do the trick. The manufacturer offers a lifetime guarantee of durability.
It features an intricate base design and 1.2-inch sidewalls but with an eco-friendly twist. It’s made of 100 percent recycled rubber.
It has a textured center to keep bowls firmly in place and a ½ inch raised lip around the tray to keep everything contained. This is a very utilitarian looking mat/tray but it gets the job done nicely and is super durable.

What reviewers didn't like

Only one color.
Only holds a limited number of shoes or boots. Can slide on certain types of flooring. Plastic material is not as durable as rubber.
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