California Design Den Wrinkle Free Egyptian Cotton Sheets, 4-Piece

Last updated date: March 18, 2022

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California Design Den Wrinkle Free Egyptian Cotton Sheets, 4-Piece

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We looked at the top Egyptian Cotton Sheets and dug through the reviews from some of the most popular review sites. Through this analysis, we've determined the best Egyptian Cotton Sheet you should buy.

Update as April 21, 2022:
Checkout The Best Egyptian Cotton Sheet for a detailed review of all the top egyptian cotton sheets.

Overall Take

When you’re on a tight budget but not willing to compromise quality, the California Design Den 400 Thread Count Queen Sheet Set is the product for you. This set doesn’t fall apart easily even after numerous washes and doesn’t wrinkle easily either. You’ll find an affordable, excellent sheet set that will last you quite a while with the California Design Den.

In our analysis of 77 expert reviews, the California Design Den Wrinkle Free Egyptian Cotton Sheets, 4-Piece placed 10th when we looked at the top 14 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

California Design Den Features + Benefits Sateen Luxe Weave – A lustrous, closely woven ultra-soft, smooth and shiny satin like fabric Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX Certified – tests for harmful substances Queen 4 Piece Set – 1 Flat Sheet: 90″ x 102″ 1 Fully Elasticized Fitted Sheet: 60″ x 80″ with 16 inch deep pocket 2 Pillowcases to fit standard pillows: 21″ x 30″ Details 100% Long Staple Cotton – Single Ply Yarns. Better quality than Egyptian cotton claimed by others. Authentic 400 Threads Per Square Inch Fitted Bottom Sheet with Deep Pocket & Xtra Strong Elastic Stylish Single Pleat Hem Smart Size and Side indicators for easy use Color Family: White A luxurious sleep begins between the sheets. Our gorgeous, 400-thread-count Queen sheets are made simply and ethically. Each 100 percent pure cotton sheet set delivers a soft feel and durable construction for the ultimate bedroom experience. They’re perfect for refreshing your living space with a pop of color, or as an elegant essential for your new home. We create our long staple cotton sheets and pillowcases using pure cotton yarns. Every set of Queen bedsheets is made of pure natural cotton which is a natural fiber, unlike microfiber. Our cotton is combed to filter out impurities and ensure superb strength. This quality is easy to feel when you dive into cool sheets in your favorite hue or lay your head on Pure White pillowcases. Despite our dedication to incredible craftsmanship and the best materials, our high-quality linens carry a similar range to that of discount sheets. When it comes to construction, each bed sheets set is stitched by a skilled artisan, then inspected by hand. This attention to detail makes them superior in look and feel to Egyptian cotton linens. They’re also easy to put on and take off, with fitted sheets featuring upgraded elastic quality. Deep pockets and a silky sateen weave deliver ease of use and a head-turning look, while revolutionary new dyes offer lush, lasting color. Climb into bed and enjoy the smooth feel of satin or silk sheets with the classic breathability of cotton. From twin size sheets to deep pocket king sheets, each luxurious pure cotton sheets set is individually made in an award-winning, state-of-the-art factory and delivers comfort, ease, and style. Queen Sheet Set Designed in California with You in Mind At the end of a busy day, you deserve to refresh and recharge in your own space. There’s no better way to rejuvenate than with California Design Den. Inspired by California’s beauty and energy, our products are designed to improve your sleep and complement your lifestyle. This 400 thread count sheet is just what you need cotton bedsheet cotton yarn fitted bed sheet fitted sheet Superior comfort everyday with soft cotton sateen, perfect for every season Great durability because of compact long staple yarns Fits perfectly with a best-in-class all around elastic Smartly tagged to be hassle-free. Comes with Short Side Indicator and Size Indicator. GET TO KNOW THIS SHEET BETTER sateen weave egyptian cotton breathable sheets It’s a natural Fiber with superior moisture management. It stays cool in summer and cozy in winters. breathable sheets cotton sheet set cotton bed sheet 400 thread count cotton sheets gots certified organic sheets

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What experts liked

A great cotton sheet set that washes well, doesn't wrinkle easily and offers quality and comfort.
- BestReviews
October 1, 2019 | Full review
The fully elastic fitted sheet is meant to fit high-profile mattresses, but the best part about these sheets haven’t even been mentioned yet: the tags. These sheets come with a head and foot label on the fitted sheet, which could save you in the long run and several minutes of intense frustration.
- The Sleep Judge
August 16, 2019 | Full review
All 4 sides of the bottom sheet are edged with elastic to help secure the sheet to the mattress and gather any gaps. A head/foot smart tag is sewn into the top and bottom of the fitted sheet to clearly identify how to position the sheet.
- Think Tank Home
These yarns make a fabric used for linen ultra-soft and very long-lasting.
The premium structure of the yarn is twisted in a special way during the manufacturing process to eliminate pilling. Each set of sheets has been made with a sateen weave, ensuring a soft, luxurious feel that will help you get a great night’s sleep. The fabric is shrink resistant, fade resistant.
- Bedsheet Advisor
August 8, 2019 | Full review
Most sheet sets specify a cold wash cycle, but California Design Den specifically says warm and gentle. You may also press these sheets using a warm iron.
- Good Night's Rest
April 19, 2019 | Full review
It is soft, silky, breathable sateen weave can fit mattresses to about 18" deep pocket.
- The Mattress Monkey
The materials in this set are OEKO-TEX 100 certified, which indicates no chemicals are used during production.
- Tuck
October 24, 2019 | Full review
The sheets suit people with allergies and customers that had issues with other sheets pointed out that they got what they were looking for by purchasing a set of these cotton sheets.
- Sleeplander
Deep pockets and a silky sateen weave deliver ease of use and a head-turning look, while revolutionary new dyes offer lush, lasting color.
- All Top Ten Reviews
June 13, 2019 | Full review
The sheet is fully elasticized, and that is why it is a good fit for most bed sizes. It has a special smart tag that enables you to distinguish between width and length. This makes it so easy for you to make your bed whenever you wake up.
- Best Mattress Reviews
May 19, 2018 | Full review
The bed sheet has employed high-quality cotton in its construction that not only contributes to its comfort but also its longevity. The material is breathable and very hypoallergenic to make it safe to sleep in.
- Top Best 10 Reviews
The sheets have reinforced stitching along the edge and the fitted sheet was fully elasticized. The full elastic band on the California Design Den sheet ensures the sheet stays in place and fits like a glove.
- ConfettiStyle
September 14, 2018 | Full review
Made from 100% cotton materials and made to add more than just comfort to your bed. They have brightened up my room and have added some more sleep to my life!
- Mom Does Reviews
August 7, 2018 | Full review
If you have ever fought with trying to figure out which side of the fitted sheet is the top from the sides, you’ll love this extra little feature – smart food side indicator! This simple little tag at the bottom of the fitted sheet will save you time in making your bed. Plus, the elastic corners provide a secure fit so it won’t roll up from the edges.
- Akron Ohio Moms
January 19, 2019 | Full review
Detailed styling has been done on each piece of the bed sheet. It has detailed hem so even if washed in the machine, nor the quality gets hampered neither the sheet wears off which makes it practical for daily use.
- Residence Style

What experts didn't like

A few felt that these were stiffer than some other brands, and a few experienced issues with pilling after several washes.
- BestReviews
October 1, 2019 | Full review
There are some reports of shoddy stitching, though, and fit issues here and there.
- The Sleep Judge
August 16, 2019 | Full review
The only "con" I have with the California Design Den 400 Sheets is wrinkling.
- Think Tank Home
There are some reports of shoddy stitching, though, and fit issues here and there.
The size of the pillowcase may be a little narrow for regular pillows.
- Sleeplander
The elastic a bit short.
- All Top Ten Reviews
June 13, 2019 | Full review
It is susceptible to shrinking, which may be challenging whenever you are making your bed.
- Best Mattress Reviews
May 19, 2018 | Full review
It is not durable.
- Top Best 10 Reviews
Wrinkles if left in the dryer too long.
- ConfettiStyle
September 14, 2018 | Full review

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An Overview On Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Buying the right sheets for your sleep comfort can involve quite a bit of research and even more of an investment. Sheets are made from countless different materials these days. Some of these materials are so flimsy that you will be back in the store buying replacements within a few months after several washes. On the flip side, some materials offer durability for years through countless washes. Of course, you’ll have to expect a price difference, but you will never regret spending more on a set of good sheets. Some of the best sheets you can buy are Egyptian cotton sheets. Let’s take a look at the difference in materials and why Egyptian cotton stands atop the rest.

Cotton has always been the material that people look for when buying sheets, not only for the texture but for the longevity of the material. But even shopping for cotton sheets doesn’t guarantee that you’ll get a long life out of the set. There are different types of cotton and cotton blends that give you different textures and weights. Below are a few differences explained between the cottons and cotton blends.

American cotton sheets are made from cotton that is grown and harvested in the United States. The cotton is harvested with machinery and therefore these types of sheets are usually a bit less expensive than Egyptian cotton. When buying sheets, American cotton sheets are typically labeled as Pima or Supima (trademark name) cotton sheets. If the label doesn’t specify and just says, 100% cotton sheets, they are most likely made from American grown cotton.

So, what makes Egyptian cotton the best? Egyptian cotton is hand-picked in the fields. Although it may not sound like a big deal, this cotton is not run through as many machines and therefore only the highest quality cotton is chosen to be used in the sheets. Although Egyptian cotton sheets are a little rougher to the touch than American cotton when new, they will soften over time. The beautiful thing about Egyptian cotton is that it gets better with each wash whereas most other cottons get thinner with each wash.

Our resident home expert, Vicki Liston, the writer and producer of the “On The Fly…DIY” show, says: “Egyptian cotton sheets have long held the reputation of being synonymous with superior quality and for very good reason. Their long, luxurious fibers are more durable, softer, and resist piling better than any other cotton type on the market.”

She goes on to justify the higher cost by explaining, “You spend roughly one-third of your life sleeping (or trying to) so having breathable, deliciously comfortable bedding gets you closer to a restful night’s sleep than the lower-quality cottons that pill after a few washings. Egyptian cotton then becomes a practicality and not an indulgence.”

Now when shopping for Egyptian cotton sheets, you’ll really want to pay attention to the thread count. The higher the thread count, the better the sheet. The typical rule of thumb is anything over 300 thread count will give you a “good” sheet. The THREAD SPREAD Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set, 4-Piece is a great product for a moderate budget and offers a huge range of colors and designs to choose from.

If budget is not an issue, the highest thread count sheet will last the longest. Models with a 1000 thread count are an excellent choice for top-of-the-line sheets. They are typically made to be shrink-, wrinkle- and fade-resistant so they’ll stay looking and feeling brand new for years.

You may also consider looking for a set with a sateen weave and 18-inch deep pockets, as this set is sure to accommodate all your wants and needs in a sheet set. These sets typically come in countless colors and offer four pieces, including two pillowcases, a fitted sheet, and a flat sheet.

There really is no comparison to Egyptian cotton sheets and the comfort they offer for a restful night’s sleep. Buying Egyptian cotton sheets is really a great investment and one that you will not regret splurging on, especially when they last a long while.

The Egyptian Cotton Sheet Buying Guide

  • Take good care of your sheets and they’ll last for much longer. Using fabric softener and bleach products can be detrimental to Egyptian cotton so avoid those chemicals when cleaning your sheets.
  • Dryer balls will help your sheets to dry quicker and will keep any excess chemicals in the dryer from clinging to the sheets.
  • It is advised to use cold water to wash cotton sheets, but warm is also okay, just not hot water.
  • Always separate sheets from other household laundry to prevent tears and staining.
  • Removing and drying as soon as the washing machine finishes will help reduce wrinkles.
  • Air drying cotton is much better for the fibers to retain their strength than if you were to machine dry them.
  • With center-agitator washing machines, loosely bunch each sheet into a ball and place it around the agitator. This will help prevent damage from the agitator.
  • Do not iron cotton sheets, the high heat will damage the fibers.