Braun 2-In-1 Multi-Speed Hand Blender

Last updated date: February 7, 2022

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Braun 2-In-1 Multi-Speed Hand Blender

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We looked at the top Immersion Hand Blenders and dug through the reviews from some of the most popular review sites. Through this analysis, we've determined the best Immersion Hand Blender you should buy.

Update as February 16, 2022:
Checkout The Best Immersion Hand Blender for a detailed review of all the top immersion hand blenders.

Overall Take

Whether you're looking to make fresh baby food for your infant or a creamy broccoli soup for your spouse, this immersion hand blender is the way to go. The included 20-ounce beaker and whisk attachment are easy to use and quickly click in place. The handle is also designed with a soft grip for your comfort and safety.

In our analysis of 198 expert reviews, the Braun 2-In-1 Multi-Speed Hand Blender placed 7th when we looked at the top 12 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

Braun, global leaders in hand blenders, offers new possibilities in creative cooking with the Multiquick 5 Hand Blender, model MQ505. Discover your new favorite cooking tool that fits comfortably in your hand. Multiple attachments give you the flexibility to add fresh twists to everything from dips and sauces to whipped cream and soups.

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What experts liked

The Braun Multiquick 5 Hand Blender is hands down one of the most striking looking Immersion Blenders on the market today. With it’s matte black soft grip handle mixed with glossy black accents, stainless steel blending shaft and minimal button configuration, you would be hard pressed to find another hand blender as sleek.
- Immersion Masters
The unit’s hand-grip conforms to your hands for easy control and better maneuverability. The ergonomically-steeped handle permits you to move the blender with improved control for more consistent results.
- Immersion Blend
The handle has a soft rubberish grip that does not even feel too strong when held. You can just hold it normally, and it will stay in your grip, firmly blending through whatever it is that you need to blend. The ergonomic grip makes it a highly user-friendly hand blender.
- The Blender Technology
One of the best things about the Braun MultiQuick 5 is that in our tests it didn’t spatter or suction to the bottom of the pot, things that were real problems with the other budget-priced models we tested
- New York Times Wirecutter
This is a best price braun stick blender which can whisk easily. It can whip, stirs and beats eggs, fluffy dessert, and cream from the lower to higher speed.
- Village Bakery
Throughout testing, the Braun’s rippled blending head impressed us with its speed and ability to pull in ingredients without suctioning to the bottom of the blending container.
- Reviewed
Braun MQ505 is a no-brainer. This unit includes a reliable 350-watt powerhead that can be operated entirely one-handed.
- Review Geek
The MQ505 can also make quick work of ice, and it’s quiet enough that you can use it in bed while your partner sleeps.
- Brains Report
Not only does it have PowerBell technology for fine chopping but it also has a Turbo Boost feature too for super fast speed.
- Kitchen Reviews HQ
It’s got that umbrella kind of stainless steel housing around the blades, to prevent splashes (Which I think the cheaper model KOIOS above probably copied). It’s got higher quality, more durable parts, so I would be expecting it to last longer.
- Healthy But Smart
Less expensive immersion blender.
- BestReviews
The handle of the Braun Multiquick Hand Blender boasts an ergonomic design to keep you comfortable while you're blending. The mixer resists spattering to keep your kitchen clean.
- The Best Flushing Toilet
The MultiQuick hand blender boasts a robust design. It is ergonomically shaped and features rubberized coating for a comfortable non-slip grip. Two control buttons are located on the top of the handle for easy reach and convenient one-hand operation. Accompanying the blender is a stainless steel blending wand suitable for blending cool and hot mixes alike and easily cleaned in a dishwasher.
- Best Advisor
We love the bell shape, which actually is important because it’ll reduce splatter and help keep you (and your kitchen) clean while you’re working on your recipes.
Lightweight and durable, the Braun MultiQuick features stainless steel blades and a unique bell-shaped blending shaft for quality results. Braun’s proprietary technology ensures all attachments can be removed in one simple click.
- Rave Reviews
It is easy to store all thanks to blenders compact size.
- My Classy Kitchen
The material is rust and fade-free to give you a lasting service without worry of health problems.
- ReviewingPlus
It has EasyClick to ensure you remove all the attachments with a simple click.
- Kitchen Lola
It comes with additional accessories and attachments including a beaker and a whisk attachment so you can do even more.
- Blender Reviews US
The high-efficiency German-made motor provides evenly balanced power allowing you to accomplish your blending, chopping, pureeing, mixing and whisking efficiently.
- Your Kitchen Time
The mixing blades have a unique bell-shape to them which ensures that whatever you are blending is directed down rather than out or up. This makes all your blending jobs much less messy, and you should experience no accidental spillages during use.
- Days to Fitness
The Braun Multiquick 505 Hand Blender is among the most striking appearing Immersion Blenders available on the industry nowadays. With it is matte black soft grip handle combined with glistening black beams, stainless steel mixing shaft, and nominal twist configuration, you’d be hard pressed to discover another hand-held as slick.
- Selborne House

What experts didn't like

Power buttons slightly higher than they should be, making the normal speed button a little less comfortable than competing models
- Immersion Masters
Power buttons slightly higher than they should be, making the normal speed button a little less comfortable than competing models.
- Immersion Blend
The turbo button is a little hard.
- The Blender Technology
Although you get a mixing cup with the Braun, it’s less than half the capacity of the Breville’s and has no handle so it’s not as convenient to use. You also get a whisk but not a chopper.
- New York Times Wirecutter
Unfortunately, the head’s depth also caused it to trap sticky foods like garlic and chopped nuts, which meant it took more effort than usual to make pesto
- Reviewed
Some users felt the button were a bit hard to press comfortably.
- BestReviews
A turbo button needs more pressure to be activated.
- Best Advisor
Motor issues reported.
- Rave Reviews
Lacks a lock button for blending.
- My Classy Kitchen
Not ideal for blending large chunks of frozen foods or ice.
- ReviewingPlus
Grip may feel somewhat sticky.
- Kitchen Lola
Does not have a lock button for blending.
- Blender Reviews US
The splash-proof head design restricts blending of frozen fruits from accessing the blade head. The head also inhibits aeration making eggs appear more watery rather than fluffy.
- Your Kitchen Time

An Overview On Immersion Hand Blenders

Have you ever wanted to puree a hot or cold concoction and found yourself without a means to do it? That is where an immersion blender comes in handy. Hand-held immersion blenders offer a convenient way to puree ingredients without having to transfer them to a stand mixer or big blender. It’s helpful to understand exactly how they work in your quest to find the best immersion blender for your needs.

An immersion blender is handheld and looks like a long, narrow wand. On the very end, it has blades that blend ingredients together. You will want to start your immersion blender on the lowest setting when initially submerging it into the food so the ingredients don’t end up all over your kitchen. Increasing the speed will help to mash larger chunks of food. Although they are powerful, they are not intended to use on ice or hard solids. Mostly, immersion blenders are used for soups or other liquids.

Why not just use a regular blender for pureed foods? An immersion blender really makes it easier and more efficient to puree soups, sauces and other hot recipes. With an immersion blender, you can avoid transferring hot foods and liquids into a blender to puree them.

An immersion blender is an easy-to-clean appliance. Most of them come apart into pieces and you can easily clean them once apart. In fact, some manufacturers have started making their individual pieces dishwasher-safe for the utmost convenience.

There are several features to consider when buying an immersion blender. Consider immersion blenders with a wide variety of speeds and those that come with multiple attachments, such as a chopper and whisk. From function and attachments to style and color, immersion blenders are truly a personalized product that will help make your cooking life a little easier.

The Immersion Hand Blender Buying Guide

  • Use a deep container when making food with an immersion blender so the food doesn’t get all over your space.
  • The secret to success (and mess-free cooking!) with an immersion blender is to keep it moving, either in circles or side-to-side, while you’re blending.
  • Immersion blenders are ideal for small tasks such as pureeing soups and making sauces. You may still find it convenient to have other related appliances, such as blenders and food processors, for other recipes.
  • You can find immersion blenders both corded or cordless for your convenience.