Boss Industrial Electric Log Splitter

Last updated: September 9, 2019

Electricity powers the Boss Industrial Electric Log Splitter, eliminating the fumes and fuel requirements of a gas-powered splitter. This means you can use it indoors or even in a garage area. It can also tackle woods up to 22 inches round, although it does have difficulty with harder logs.

Boss Industrial Electric Log Splitter

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Product Details

Key Takeaway: Since this log splitter doesn't use gas or emit harmful fumes, it can be used inside a work shed or large garage.

In our analysis of 131 expert reviews, the Boss Industrial Electric Log Splitter placed 1st when we looked at the top 9 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

The Boss Industrial ES7T20 takes things to the next level. It offers the same convenience and portability of our EC5T20, but ramps the power up a notch to tackle larger projects! The powerful 2 HP electric motor delivers 7 tons of splitting force with none of the harmful emissions that come with gas-powered units, allowing users to split indoors and outside. Built-in side rails keep logs stable while splitting, and the front handle allows for easy maneuvering. A patented hydraulic system and one-handed operation make Boss Industrial electric splitters stand out from the rest of the pack.

Expert Reviews

What reviewers liked

An electric - powered model that is easy to used one - handed. Construction and tires are sturdy
A major benefit in purchasing an electric log splitter is that you can use it indoors as well since there are no fumes for you to worry about.
Thanks to the powerful 1500 W motor and a 3500 psi hydraulic system, the ES7T20 will split a 10 inch log no matter what.
This electric log splitter is a one handed operation that doesn't require the need of both hands to keep the log steady and on track.
What came as a major surprise is the actual width of logs this machine could take on. Advertised as a log splitter that you can use for logs up to 10″ in diameter, Boss Industrial ES7T20 proved as much powerful in our tests- it easily split a 19″ pine log without breaking a sweat.
The Boss ES7T20 effectively splits green wood as well as dried. Built-in side rails keep logs stable while splitting. It can cut right through logs as large as 16 inches long and 22 inches round without any problem and is relatively quiet in the process.
We have found out that it’s very easy to assemble, and even a child can easily roll it around as it comes with two wheels on one side and handles on the other, just like in the other electric models.
It’s one of the safest wood splitters you will find in the market. It’s a noise-free machine that generates minimal to no noise.
Boss Industrial designed the cradle with integrated rails that are able to keep the log secure during impact, which reduces the likelihood of misfires and debris flying everywhere.
The main difference with this unit is the 7 tons of splitting force and the fact that it only has one wedge, so it does not have the bi-directional splitting ability. It also sits lower on the ground, unless you prop it up somehow.
Hydraulic ram returns to its original position automatically.
The splitter has a powerful durable 2HP motor with electric push button startup and impressive high speed splitting force of 7 tons enable for efficient performance.
Because it’s an electric motor, you can breathe easy. It can be used indoors without worrying about gas fumes and harmful emissions, so feel free to set it up in your basement or garage on rainy days.
Equipped with two large pneumatic wheels and ergonomic handle
The level of noise is very less so you will not end up damaging your ears in the long run.
It is fairly small but with a good power, it splits even large logs easily. Also it’s one of the few electric units with a one-handed operation.
It has an automatic ram return system that gets the job done quite quickly. In addition, it provides 7-tons of power, which is more than enough to split almost all variety of woods.
The log splitter machine has portable parts advantage as well. Which means that there will be no carrying a heavy machine to one place or another but simply just carry the parts.
The one hand operation of this device makes it easy for someone with experience to quickly split logs.

What reviewers didn't like

Some reports of fuid leaks. It may struggle when it come to slitting some type of hardwood.
Probably, the only negative I see in this machine is one-handed operation. For me, safety is extremely important. That’s why I prefer log splitters that have two-handed operation.
The Boss Industrial Electric Log Splitter has the highest star rating* of the three products we are reviewing. However, it doesn't have the strongest motor.
Although we did like that Boss Industrial ES7T20 is positioned low, not everyone shares this opinion. Some people find it much easier to split logs on an elevated surface, so this could prevent as an initial disadvantage in case you also prefer for your log splitter to have stand.
It is difficult getting a hydraulic fluid level reading from the black dipstick.
The only real drawback is that it might be too loud when you don’t wear earmuffs.
It’s not quite perfect for splitting and chopping hardwoods and tough logs.
Cycle time is somewhat long.
Prone to slight hydraulic oil leaks.
No towing feature but the structure is compact, so it is a portable machine.
For everyday home fireplace and wood stove use, an electric splitter has enough power to keep you stocked in wood. However, if you plan on using it for commercial use, you’ll want to look into something stronger.
Wheels may wear down over time.
Customers have often complained about malfunctioning but you must remember that there are many factors that can cause a gadget like the Boss Industrial ES7T20 to malfunction.
It just struggles a bit with large and very knotty wood – the engine can get stuck and you have to shut it off and turn it on again.
However, there is one con in it as far as we have assessed its performance. It struggles against the knotty logs. You will notice some unevenness in the cuts. And, it is probably because it is tough to keep the knotty logs in place.
This particular log splitter machine is a one handed operation. Although it is easier this way but having said that, we recommend or advise the consumers to be a little extra careful whenever working with this as we do not want any unfortunate events to take place.
Difficulty splitting large logs.
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