Bosch Power Tools Jig Saws

Last updated: September 2, 2019

By providing the most power, the Bosch Power Tools Jig Saws rightfully earned the title of the best overall jigsaw. It boasts practical features, such as a built-in blower to remove cutting debris and a guide-light that illuminates your cutting-path. It also has the added bonus of an ambidextrous lock-on button for the convenience of left-handed users.

Bosch Power Tools Jig Saws

We looked at the top Jigsaws and dug through the reviews from some of the most popular review sites. Through this analysis, we've determined the best Jigsaw you should buy.

Product Details

In our analysis of 161 expert reviews, the Bosch Power Tools Jig Saws placed 1st when we looked at the top 8 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

Bosch introduces another essential and practical piece for your power tools collection with our JS470E Cordless Top-Handle Jigsaw with 120V low-vibration, 7.0-amp variable speed for smooth cutting up to 5-7/8″ inch on wood, 3/8″ inch on steel. Perfect for countertop installation, woodworking, countertop cut-outs, furniture building, professional woodworkers, and DIY projects. Tool-less blade-change system. Ambidextrous lock-on button. Variable speed-dial. Large, sturdy die-cast foot with steel insert. Exclusive multi-directional blade clamp. Internal precision control. Constant response circuitry. 4-In-1 orbital-action settings. Adjustable dust blower. rgonomic top handle, includes a non-marring overshoe. Anti-splinter insert. Blade. Bevel wrench. Carrying case. Our woodworking tools have lightweight handling and accuracy. The variable speed dial sets maximum speed and accelerator trigger controls operating speed. Features an ambidextrous lock-on button for steadiness and user comfort. The precision-machined plunging system and low-vibration design enhances accuracy and allows for the smooth jig saw operation in a variety of jobs. The unit includes one (1) Jig Saw, one (1) Blade, (1) Anti-Splinter Insert, one (1) Plastic Overshoe, one (1) Bevel Wrench, and one (1) Carrying Case. Feel relaxed during jobs as we’ve thought through all the details. Our JS470E jigsaw is top amp rated, having a prevailing 7.0 AMP motor. In addition, the no-load SMP ranges from 500 to 3,100 and has Up to 60 hertz. Combine power and flexibility with four orbital-action tool settings. Enjoy different blade strokes for smooth cuts on the toughest cutting tasks.

Expert Reviews

What reviewers liked

Comes with the most power,offers the smoothest,surest cut and is the most versatile jigsaw available.
The speed can be changed due to the amount of pressure applied to the trigger.
The top handle is an obvious perk for the Bosch JS470E, but another feature is far less evident. That would be the “tool-less” blade ejector.While it can’t shoot the blade across the shop at your foes, it will ensure you will never have to touch a hot blade again. This model has a lock button that’s easy to use whether you are right or left-handed as well.
Probably the best option of the Bosch JS470E jigsaw is the tool less blade-change system which allows the user to quickly change a T-shank blade without a tool as well as avoiding touching a red hot blade with your fingers.
Thanks to its solid die-cast aluminum footplate and industrial design, this jigsaw can withstand even the toughest work conditions.
It has a nice rubber-overmold grip and ergonomic trigger with soft start, immediate response, and its blower was strong enough to keep a cutline cleared of sawdust.
The saws variable speed trigger was useful for starting a cut low and working up cutting speed. Once up to speed the JS470E consistently made clean, smooth cuts with no tool vibration.
This jigsaw stands out among the rest for its rugged durability (the footplate arm will withstand up to 546 lbs of load) and raw power to tackle most any job you can throw at it with a top SPM of 3,100. It will also bevel up to 45° and can cut through soft wood up to 5 7/8 inches thick.
An efficient model of a jig saw with a long power cord. Theres no need to press it long against the work piece.
Variable speed and easy-to-use accelerator trigger for instant adjustments.
The 7-amp motor delivers variable speeds from 500SPM to 3100SPM for a wide range of cutting applications.
We like how the SPM can rise from 0 to 3,100 in an instant, with the push of a button. It’s has a comfortable shape, size and ergonomic to limit hand fatigue.
What makes this jigsaw rank in the top three on many review sites is the industrial design that helps it withstand the roughest jobsite conditions without losing power or accuracy.
Ambidextrous lock-on button for continuous long cut.
This saw features a toothless blade change system with fast insertion and blade ejection. The feature eliminates the hassle in need to touch a hot blade.
It features an ambidextrous lock-on button for steady cuts and for the convenience of all its users. A tool-less blade ejection lever is built for ease of ejection without needing to touch the hot blades.
You have the freedom to choose multiple blade speeds.
One of the perks of the JS470E is that it comes with a handful of great accessories. It comes with a hard carrying case, along with a blade, plastic overshoe, bevel wrench, and anti-splinter insert.
Comes with the most power, offers the smoothest, surest cut, and is the most versatile jigsaw available.
The tool-less blade changing system is great, it’s quick and easy to change out the blade without having to wait for it to cool down.
It features a tool-less blade change and ejection system that eliminates the need to ever touch a hot blade, and a 4-position orbital setting so you can get different strokes.
Make bevel cuts to 45 degrees both to left and right for maximum flexibility.
The best thing about this saw probably is its low vibration design that makes the dream come true.
The Bosch JS470E Jigsaw also has a blade replacement system composed of a blade ejection level, fast insertion capabilities, and tool-less blade change so that you won’t need to touch any hot blades to swap them with a new one.
This saw boasts a powerful 7.0 Amp motor that can push through any tough job. Not only is the motor built to last, but the rest of the saw is also.
There are four orbital action settings that are easily adjusted.
What’s great about this device is that it eliminates the largest pet peeve amongst woodworkers: having to use two hands to remove a hot blade. With the Bosch JS570E, it’s ejection mechanism is more efficient, giving you more time to focusing on the next cutting line.
The Bosch JS470E comes with a soft grip handle. The overall weight of the entire unit is kept on the light side. I was able to get a solid grip on the handle due to soft rubberized coating.
The Bosch JS470E is a powerful, feature-rich workhorse that can rip through plywood at warp speed or cut up to 3/8” thick sheet metal. With its vibration reduction, its Constant ResponseTM circuitry that helps ensure consistent performance under load, its tool-free blade ejection lever, and its large and convenient lock-on button, there is nothing not to love about this saw.
The tool-free design of the jigsaw allows the users to push the clamp to open it and change the blades without needing a tool.
The blade clamp is multi-directional. Imagine what would happen if you touch a blade right after cutting some metal. You do not have to as the jig saw has a lever that allows for tool-less ejection.

What reviewers didn't like

On the more expensive end.
It doesn’t accept U-shank blades just like the other models
With this saw, it would be the weight as it’s one of the heavier models we’ve come across. That said, you should not let that rule it out by any means.
I really liked the storage location but was disappointed that a tool is needed to bevel.
At just over 6 lbs, it’s a heavy saw (which helps to dampen vibration), but it’s not a problem unless you cut overhead.
The only issue I had with this saw was the trigger dug into my finger slightly, and annoyed me on longer cuts.
There were some negative reviews that complained the blower was underpowered and didn’t move much dust and some had problems with the quality right out of the box.
It has large weight.
We do wish it had LED track lights for lower-light situations.
Requires an additional tool for beveling.
It is a little bit on the heavy side at 7 lbs.
Higher price compared to other close competitors.
High on vibration when used.
You have the freedom to choose multiple blade speeds.
Has no laser cutting guide or LED light.
On the more expensive end, but we strongly recommend the extra investment.
It has a slight undercut.
You will need an additional tool to bevel, though. Most competing jigsaws don’t require this so have a good think about your ability level and ask yourself whether this will be an issue.
There is a small shortcoming that it doesn’t have a LED light.
However, it does not come with are clamps which would be nice, especially when this is an expensive product.
Weighing over 10 lbs, this is rather heavy for extended use.
One thing we would prefer to see is a light. Many other jigsaw models have an LED light that turns on when you engage the trigger, which is nice for illuminating what you are cutting.
The only downside is the absence of a LED guide light on this jigsaw.
Costs a hefty price.
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