BirdRock Home Covered 4-Load Laundry Hamper

Last updated: October 24, 2022

BirdRock Home Covered 4-Load Laundry Hamper

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We looked at the top Laundry Hampers and dug through the reviews from some of the most popular review sites. Through this analysis, we've determined the best Laundry Hamper you should buy.

Overall Take

With a clean-looking design and two separate compartments, this laundry hamper makes for a very functional method of storing dirty clothes. Built-in handles and a lid are features that add value to this hamper as well. During our testing, this hamper was easy to put together. We liked the sleek, modern look, as well as the magnetic lid closure.

In our analysis of 71 expert reviews, the BirdRock Home Covered 4-Load Laundry Hamper placed 6th when we looked at the top 18 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

Hamper Dimensions and Load Capacity Dimensions: Dimensions: 14.25″ W x 25.25″ L x 25.75″ H. Weighs: 12.5 Lbs. Load Capacity: Includes 2 removable laundry bags (Velcro Tab Attachment) Each laundry bag can hold up to 2 standard sized loads of laundry Laundry Bags have built in carrying handles Laundry Bags are washable Included in the Box: Linen Laundry Hamper Removable Lid 2 Mesh Laundry Bags Dividing Board Sturdy & Stylish Laundry Hamper Designed with high quality polyester linen and strong MDF board giving you a durable hamper for years to come. Adds a modern touch to any bedroom unlike the typical laundry hamper which usually takes away from a room. The BirdRock Home Double Laundry Hamper with Lid and Removable Liners is a great addition to any bedroom, laundry room or bathroom. The removable liners are washable, keeping the hamper itself cleaner. The hamper lid keeps dirty clothes out of site while also concealing any smells. Constructed from polyester linen, the hamper offers you a durable yet lightweight solution to organizing your dirty clothes. The hamper can fit 4 standard sized loads of laundry. Our laundry hamper will help you keep your home organized without being a big eye sore. It helps keep dirty clothes off the floor by offering a single location for your dirty clothes. The double hamper allows you to sort clothes by color, spouse, or child, saving you time on laundry day. Save Time on Laundry Day Large Divided Sections: Separate light and dark clothes as you use them Use sections to divide spouse or sibling clothes Keep soft delicate clothes divided from hard rough clothes Keeps dirty clothes off the floor Removable Mesh Laundry Bags: Bags easily remove so you don’t have to haul the entire hamper to the laundry room Use Velcro tabs to detach the bags from the loops on the hamper Built in handles make the laundry bags easy to carry from the bedroom to the laundry room Quicker Laundry Day: No sorting or separating No hualing the whole hamper to the laundry room Easily transfer clothes from the mesh laundry bags to the washer

Expert Reviews

What experts liked

The roomy interior of this double hamper makes it easy for you as far as sorting is of concern. It comes with two removable bags meaning it is easy to wash them. Also attached is a lid to conceal the filthy content of your device. The two carrying handles will also allow you to move it anywhere in the house. For their price, it is difficult to find a better deal.
This is the best double laundry hamper, as it makes doing laundry easy breezy. The hamper has two compartments, so you can sort your colors and whites without even having to think about it. Each of the compartments has a removable laundry bag, so you can easily transport your laundry to the washing machine without having to haul the entire hamper. There is also a lid that closes over the top of the hamper, so you don’t have to see (or smell) your dirty laundry.
- Heavy
Made from durable polyester linen and measuring 14.25" x 25.25" x 25.75", the BirdRock Home double hamper can hold up to four loads of laundry. It includes two removable laundry bags that attach with velcro, and comes in brown, black, cream and gray — and has a lid to keep smells out.
This is a very simple and sturdy laundry hamper. It has two separate compartments to make it easy to separate your laundry. The easy close lid makes it easy to conceal the mess of dirty laundry. This laundry hamper has a very sleek and simple design to fit easily into any room.
This hamper contains two compartments. Hence the laundry can be appropriately segregated and sorted to store the laundry in different compartments. The lid of the hamper is removable. The lid helps in containing the odour within the compartment. Handles are cut out on the side walls. This helps in ease of transportation and handling of the hamper. This hamper also contains two laundry bags. This further adds up to the handling. The laundry bag is washable and can be utilised multiple times. The cost of this hamper is also comparatively moderate, hence it is worth the buy.
Durable and lightweight, this double laundry hamper from BirdRock Home will withstand frequent use. It weighs only 12.5 pounds and measures 25.25 inches wide by 14.25 inches deep by 25.75 inches high. It is also highly organized to help separate your clothes.
- Ah Joo
With an amazing capacity of 4.3 bushels, this double laundry hamper will easily accommodate large amounts of clothes. An excellent option for a family of 3 or 4 persons.
It has a double design with large divided sections to help separate clothes as desired for more convenience. There are removable mesh bags with handles on both sides, making it easy to carry laundry from the bedroom to laundry room. Additionally, this hamper has a spacious interior that can hold up to 4 loads of dirty clothes for better organization.
The lids are very helpful in this hamper because it can hide the clothes, and conceal the stinky smell coming out from your dirty clothes, and this is removable. The best thing about this hamper is it consists of the two-laundry hamper that can hold four loads of clothes, and the divider is for people who want separating their clothes by color or by anything, they want.
The BirdRock is a durable, yet lightweight laundry hamper with a spacious interior. It features a double hamper to carry 4 loads of clothes. The hamper is designed with lightweight polyester. It is a versatile bin ideal for use in the bedroom, bathroom and laundry room. The bin comes with a lid at the top and two removable liners. The liner bags are easy to remove allowing for easy transportation of dirty clothes to the laundry. It is a quality bin with the lid concealing the dirty clothes and keeping out any bad smells. Overall, this is excellent clothes hamper with two partitions to help you separate dirty clothes f different colours.
This is a modern, stylish, eye-catching laundry hamper that is made from durable polyester linen thus being light to carry. It’s advisable to avoid using washing machines while cleaning this laundry hamper. You can use hamper in all room in your room as it’s a multifunctional hamper. It’s essential to be used in your bedroom, closet, bathroom and laundry room.
A two-compartment unit like BirdRock Home Double Laundry Hamper can compete with the best triple laundry hampers in the market. We love the fact that you have two included laundry bags that comes handy for transporting your dirty laundry to the washing machine. Moreover, you can remove the bags, wash them, and put them back in for more laundry duties. What about its durable design and large load capacity? Just splendid!
Keep your dirty laundry out of sight with the lids on this product that lock tight to keep smells at bay. It has two compartments to give you more space to work with. It is lightweight to make it portable. The interior is spacious enough to hold 4 loads.
BirdRock Home Double Laundry Hamper with Lid is the top product on our list. The durability of this laundry hamper cannot be challenged easily as it has a solid build and sleek outlook. It is perfectly covered with top quality fabric which is very durable to use for longer period of time. More than this, the hamper itself has additional board on the inside for extra stability of usage. As for the lid, it is very lightweight which can be lifted conveniently. The lid itself helps to cover the laundry and contain the smell from spreading to your bedroom/bathroom.
Can fit well for a large amount of laundry. The color is well represented. Very nice and sturdy. Durable. Easy to carry. Easy to setup. Uses anti-stain linen to prevent molds from building up.

What experts didn't like

Velcro on laundry bags wears over time. Not very decorative. Some assembly needed
- Heavy
In the course of use, the velcros will get less clinging.
Does not have a lining
Has detchable liners attached using a fastener which makes it easy for lint to form as a result of accumulation of dirt leading to clogging.

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Dirty laundry has a sneaky way of piling up into small mountains for many of us that live busy lives or have large families. Being able to get those odoriferous clothes off the floor and out of sight is a must for anyone who wishes to maintain a tidy and pleasant living space between their laundry days. Clothing hampers are designed to help hold your dirty laundry. Some will have compartments to let you separate your clothes based on colors or delicacy while others are collapsible mesh containers with thin wire frames for those consumers focused on function at a value.

Simplemost Media

Size is a big factor when determining which laundry hamper is right for your needs, according to Kate Desmond, a parenting and infant safe-sleep expert and mom of two kids.

“I don’t know how or why but my family of four creates mountains of laundry with no summit, it keeps going and going and going,” she says. “The first thing I look for in a good hamper is size. It has to be large enough to hold all the clothes for an entire laundry cycle, be that a week or two.”

Simplemost Media

If you only have a small space to fit a hamper, or you live in a situation where your dirty laundry only piles up minimally throughout the course of the week, keep that in mind and find an appropriately sized hamper like the Handy Laundry Pop-Up Hamper which provides a simple solution to your needs. Alternatively, be sure to plan for a larger hamper if you have laundry for multiple people or you find yourself wearing multiple outfits every day between your job and workout clothes. Those needing more hamper space could look to a more oversize product that can hold two full loads of laundry.

According to Desmond, there are a few other key functionalities that help narrow down the search for the perfect hamper.

Kristin Forte/Simplemost Media

“I am a big fan of a laundry hamper that can mask as a piece of furniture rather than something plastic that screams laundry,” she says. “I also really appreciate a washable liner. This helps keep things fresh and clean with a quick wash every so often.”

Taking these areas into account can really help narrow down your search. A washable liner can be very handy if you commonly fill your hamper with sweaty workout clothes or heavily soiled sports uniforms. Often you can toss the liner in with a similar load of laundry like towels so it’s as convenient and efficient as one could hope for. However, there is another step to take if you find your dirty clothes are putting off a quite foul aroma. Desmond adds:

“Beyond that, a good laundry hamper, for me, has two things: a lid and a divider. A divider makes it easy to separate lights from darks and delicates from towels without creating a million piles all over the floor on laundry day. The lid hides all the nasty clothes and wet towels and provides a nice little buffer between my nose and my husband’s sweaty workout clothes,” she says.

The aesthetics of a home product like this are something to take into account as well since this will be something that is generally in plain view in a laundry room bedroom or maybe even a bathroom. A cheap-looking plastic hamper will stand out against the nice finishes of a home and not necessarily draw any positive attention. Luckily there are beautiful hampers that have a natural and stylistic look.

Buying Advice

  • Measure the space you have available before starting your search for a new laundry hamper. Knowing when a product is too large or too small for your specific area is an easy way to narrow down the field of options.
  • If you use your hamper as a tote bag to take your load of clothes to the laundry room, there are many designs that have comfortable handles and are sturdy enough that you can even place your detergent bottle right on the top of the pile, which can be extremely helpful to those of you in an apartment with a shared laundry room.
  • Separating your clothes as you put them into the dirty laundry hamper is an efficient way to chip away at the task. A hamper with two separate bins will help you be more organized with your time and it saves you from having to sort through all your stinky clothes on the spot when you are about to put them into the washing machine. This style of hamper can be a real time-saver when used properly.
  • Match your bathroom or bedroom decor with a hamper that comes in a color you like. This is a purchase that may very-well last for countless years, so be sure that you actually like how it looks. A white plastic hamper can be very effective at holding clothes, but it may not present an appearance of quality and style to fit in with your other pieces of furniture.