BergKoch Heat Resistant Handle Splatter Screen

Last updated: January 4, 2023

This splatter screen helps keep your kitchen stove and counters free from grease. This kitchen tool can also double as a steamer, strainer and cooling rack. The plastic handle may melt if exposed to very high heat.

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Product Details

Key Takeaway: This splatter screen can rest on the counter without the screen touching the surface for added cleanliness.

In our analysis of 25 expert reviews, the BergKoch Heat Resistant Handle Splatter Screen placed 3rd when we looked at the top 10 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

Splatter Screen 13 Inch For Frying Pan BERGKOCH SPLATTER SCREEN – PREMIUM GERMAN QUALITY COMBINED WITH LATEST INDUSTRY INNOVATIONS – Do you enjoy delicious crispy bacon, but frying it in a pan leaves your kitchen all greasy? – Are you tired of dirty clothes with oil stains all over them? – Has hot oil splatter ever burned your skin? – Do you want to cook with no lid on, but the annoying splatter makes you keep it on and your food comes out steamed, not fried? – Do you kids run around the kitchen grabbing metal handles they cannot tell are hot? We have been there too. Well, no reason to worry anymore. Cook confidently with BergKoch – our Splatter Screen will guard you and your family! It was designed by the leaders of kitchenware safety according to the latest quality standards. They have combined the premium German quality with the cutting edge industry innovations: mesh count increased by 40%, heat resistant plastic handle, ultra-reinforced joints, and first-class materials. PERFECT FOR ALL YOUR COOKING NEEDS Invite your friends over for a dinner party, bring out your biggest pans and start cooking safely. Our splash shield will trap all the hot oil splatter and leave your kitchen sparkling clean. Finally, you can cook a big pot of tomato sauce without the lid on checking on the food while steam escapes perfectly and you have zero worries about messy splatter. With BergKoch Splatter Screen, you will stop steaming the food you are supposed to fry! Professional chefs and cooking experts from around the world are choosing the most effective screen in the industry. Read on to find out why you should too! HEAVY DUTY DESIGN WITH FOUR RESTING FEET AND HEAT RESISTANT PLASTIC HANDLE The robust 304 stainless steel body with ultra-reinforced joints make a truly solid splash guard. The tool will save its original form and last for years thanks to the rustproof wire mesh. The plastic handle will make cooking 100% safe, as you won’t burn your hands with super-hot metal. Unlike cheap disposable splatter screens with metal handles that often overheat and give you hurtful blisters, our splash guard was engineered to make cooking danger free! Moreover, there is no need for potholders and oven mitts with BergKoch Splatter Screen. PROTECTS FROM HOT OIL AND KEEPS KITCHEN CLEAN Made of 304 grade stainless steel and extra fine mesh, BergKoch splatter guard stops 99% of splash, lets all the steam out and allows you to watch the cooking process easily. The four resting feet keep your screen stable ON the pan and keep its greasy side OFF your countertop. Our engineers have increased the mesh count by 40%, thus creating the most effective tool in the industry. Keep your clothes clean, skin safe and kitchen grease free, as 99% of messy fat is trapped by our splash guard. UNIVERSAL SIZE MULTIUSE GREASE GUARD This is a 13-inch grease guard, however, it can be used on frying pans of different sizes. So, go ahead and try it on your small frying pan! It also works great for woks and cast-iron skillets. This multipurpose tool can also strain pasta, steam vegetables, and reheat stale bagels. Looking for a new cooling rack? No need! The BergKoch Splatter Screen can do it all! EASY TO CLEAN AND STORE Unlike other guards that take forever to clean, the fine mesh construction of this splatter guard blocks the grease without it getting stuck in it — just give your screen a wipe and keep moving between pans without pauses! At the end of the day, wash the splatter screen under running water or simply place in a dishwasher. Store it easily in narrow places out of sight until needed. And with the handy hook for easy hanging you can fit it even in the tightest places, but not too far – once the package arrives, you will use it daily! SMALL COMPANY WITH BIG LOVE FOR COOKING Our engineers aimed for ultimate safety. Our designers targeted for the simple beauty of every detail. Our production specialists chose the materials that will last a LifeTime! We have combined the prime German quality with the latest industry innovations: mesh count increased by 40%, heat resistant plastic handle, ultra-reinforced joints and first-class quality materials. The BergKoch Splatter Screen was designed to become the favorite kitchen tool for professional chefs and cooking aficionados in the USA and throughout the world. Feel the difference and you will never be on the market for another brand! BergKoch is a small family company engaged in production and distribution of premium kitchenware in the USA, Canada and Europe. It was founded back in 2014 by a family of kitchen enthusiasts who originally came from Germany. Our mission is to help people of all walks of life to enjoy cooking at home by providing them with high-grade kitchen utensils. We have developed from a local kitchen products supplier to a world-known provider of amazing kitchen experiences. Being small but independent, we take pride in providing a wide assortment of premium kitchen products. We are dedicated to providing highest quality kitchen goods for clients that seek deluxe kitchenware online. Our motto is simple: we love cooking. May this love spread and bring peace and happiness to your home! Best regards, The BergKoch family

Expert Reviews

What reviewers liked

Constructed from fine mesh, 304 stainless steel. Choice of three sizes. Rustproof and dishwasher safe. Resting feet keep your counter clean and and keep screen from sliding off pan.
There is a sturdy handle with TPR plastic cover to keep it always refreshing. Moreover, the oversize screen amazes everyone to consider this tool for the prevention of splatter on their large containers.
This splatter screen features ergonomic feet so you can rest the screen on the countertop without the screen touching the counters. These feet help to keep the screen in place while on the pan.
Its stainless steel makes cleaning it much easier and you never have to worry about rust. The cover sits well over the pan to keep 97% of the oil in the pan.
This splatter screen is a kitchen tool which can also be used as the steamer, strainer as well as a cooling rack. This splatter screen is 13 inches and it can fit easily onto your pot, pans, and skillet. You will be easily able to store this tool in the narrow space.
The screen is made of 304 grade of stainless steel and has an extra-fine mesh that holds all the splutters inside the pan. The splatter screen has ergonomic feet that easily fit securely on pots and pans but does not make your counter messy even if you place it on the counter.
It also comes with a sturdy, heat-resistant plastic handle for safe and stable use.
- Bustle
This cooking splatter can also be used as a strainer, steamer, and cooling rack. It takes up little storage space, minimizes splatters tremendously, and has a lifetime guarantee.
Easy to clean and dishwasher safe

What reviewers didn't like

Heat may cause the handle to warp. It's not always clear which side faces up, which can make a mess on the counter.
As usual, do not use it for more than enough heat to prevent its mesh screen.
Be careful not to get the plastic handle close to the heat as it will melt.
A bit more costly than others
- Bustle
The plastic handle may melt or burn hands
Handle tends to melt near the pan
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