Bedtime Bliss Hook & Loop Sleeping Mask

Last updated: October 7, 2022

You'll get a worry-free nap with this sleeping mask, which rests comfortably against your face without smudging your makeup. You'll also get a small carrying bag and some earplugs to make traveling a breeze. The fabric and strap are designed for comfort to help you relax and fall asleep.

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Product Details

Key Takeaway: Nap in the middle of the day with this sleeping mask without worrying about smudging your makeup.

In our analysis of 183 expert reviews, the Bedtime Bliss Hook & Loop Sleeping Mask placed 15th when we looked at the top 17 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

Wish You Could Sleep Better? You Need Bedtime Bliss Do you struggle to sleep at night because the street lamps are too bright? Does your husband watch T.V late into the night, or your wife reads in bed into the small hours? Problem Solved! With the Bedtime Bliss mask, you can block out the light so you can get to sleep quickly and wake up feeling refreshed to take on the day! Choose the Best with Bedtime Bliss The contoured design of our sleep mask means that it’s much more comfortable than the traditional style masks. It blocks out the light without putting pressure on your eyes and giving you the freedom to open your eyes, allowing REM sleep. It’s the perfect solution to ensure that you get a restful sleep to wake up feeling refreshed for the next day. Benefits of Bedtime Bliss -Contoured design allows for complete eye movement -Ideal for men, women and children -Won’t smudge makeup -Adjustable straps to fit all head sizes & won’t put pressure on your eyes -Won’t interfere with REM sleep -Perfect for shift workers or a nap during the day -Great for travel -Lightweight and easily washable -Oeko-Tex certified -Includes Earplugs & Carry Case We want you to be happy, so we include earplugs (color of ear plugs may vary) and a carry pouch for storage. If you’re not completely satisfied simply contact us for a full refund. Why wait? Now’s the perfect time to click Add To Cart and get your Bedtime Bliss set NOW.

Expert Reviews

What reviewers liked

Lightweight design. Contoured fit for added comfort. Comes with pouch and ear plugs.
I was pleased, when waking from my brief nap, that even with the slipping, my makeup remained in good shape. It may not be a big deal for everyone, but if you’re napping before going out—to a meeting, to dinner, what have you—and you already had makeup on, it’s nice not to have to do too much repair work on it.
I think they’ve done a good job of creating a fair one-size-fits-all shape. It also comes with a little fabric bag and a good set of earplugs, so it’s ideal to take on your travels.
Designed to fit your face without putting pressure on the eyes, the mask features adjustable straps, a contoured shape around the nose, soft material and it completely blocks out light. Soft padding on the sides prevent it from rubbing and makes it easy to forget you have it on.
The mask looks pretty stylish and comes with Moldex earplugs for extra convenience.
Given its lightweight and contoured design, I must admit that I have had a good time with it. Whether for meditation or traveling process, this is a perfect sleeping.
Unlike traditional eye masks, this design is much more comfortable and easy to use. It does not shut your eyes completely. It gives you the freedom to open your eyes for an effective REM sleep cycle.
It has a single, thick elastic strap that connects in the back of your head with velcro. Some people prefer this strap type because it doesn’t contain plastic adjustment clasps that can cause discomfort, though others find that their hair sticks in velcro. The straps are compatible with CPAP machine masks.
The Bedtime Bliss BTB01 Contoured & Comfortable Black Sleep Mask is comfortable and ultra-soft. It blocks up to 99.99% light from reaching the eyes. Therefore, with its use, you can now enjoy deep, uninterrupted sleep.
Lightweight, won’t touch your eyes or create pressure.
Contoured sleep masks are hard to find and this sleep mask gives you all the benefits of a good sleep mask and much more. It is designed to sit comfortably around your eyes and nose without putting any additional pressure.
This mask actually covers more of your face. Whether or not this is a good thing depends on your particular taste. Because of its higher amount of facial coverage, you’ll find it has more of a “base,” thus more evenly spreading out its weight (think: standing on ice versus laying on ice).
Adjustable velcro straps for all shapes and sizes.
The soft and lightweight mask comes with wide, fully adjustable Velcro straps that won't leave creases or trigger migraines.
Does not interfere with REM sleep and also has sufficient room for you to open your eyes and relax.
It does not smudge makeup and can be used by any gender. It also comes with a set of ear plugs to complete the non-disruptive sleeping experience.
Bedtime Bliss won’t smear your eye makeup. It’s also suitable for men, too, so don’t let the makeup remark sway you!
This is one the masks that you don’t have to adjust so much after you fall asleep. There’s plenty of room for your eyes so you can blink and the pressure it applies on your face isn’t too much. If you are wearing make-up as you travel this one doesn’t disrupt that so much either which is a positive.
Owing to molded cups you can easily open your eyes with your mask on without feeling pressed.
It’s the next-best option if the Nidra is unavailable for any reason.
Doesn’t make your eyes dry out.
- Voonky
The contoured design of these masks conforms to the shape of your face and makes them super comfortable to wear; you will hardly feel them at all and, if you are trying to mediate, that means you will have less distractions and be able to stay more focused.
Thanks to its contoured eye design, it can effectively block all light, even the light from nearby sources inside the room.

What reviewers didn't like

Has a tendency to slip during sleep.
When I put the mask on, I had to tighten the strap so much that the Velcro barely connected—meaning that the rough part of the Velcro had even more of a chance than usual to get caught in my hair. And, even tightened, the strap slipped a bit.
A contoured mask isn’t for everyone given it’s a little restrictive when it comes to facial shape.
Our testers found that it felt heavy and left their skin feeling sweaty and that the velcro strap continually caught in their hair.
The material felt a little like Styrofoam and cheaper than its counterparts, and the eye cups were smaller, making the mask susceptible to falling off while sleeping. It felt stiff, and the edges were a little sharp, and scratchy enough to be uncomfortable: I took it off in the middle of the night.
Some customers have mentioned that this mask falls apart after a few months.
Some folks may find it to be uncomfortable due to it covering part of the nose. While I can’t say whether or not you’ll find it uncomfortable, it’s certainly worth noting.
Material quality.
Velcro can get caught in the hair.
If used daily and washed very often, may not be very durable.
The Velcro strap can be a tad inconvenient because your hair can get caught in it. Another reason that goes against the Velcro is that it tends to loosen over time and even during your nap.
It's rather thick,thus you may get a feel of discomfort while sleeping on stomach.
It was the only mask to fall off everyone’s face during the night, and no one found it particularly comfortable. Although the Bedtime Bliss looks like a mirror-image of the Nidra, its smaller size and sharper nose contour makes it less comfortable to wear.
Some people find it too broad especially over the nose allowing a little light to pass through.
- Voonky
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