Be Smart Get Prepared Wall-Mountable First Aid Kit, 326-Piece

Last updated date: June 16, 2022

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Be Smart Get Prepared Wall-Mountable First Aid Kit, 326-Piece

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We looked at the top First Aid Kits and dug through the reviews from some of the most popular review sites. Through this analysis, we've determined the best First Aid Kit you should buy.

Update as August 25, 2022:
Checkout The Best First Aid Kit for a detailed review of all the top first aid kits.

Overall Take

In our analysis of 94 expert reviews, the Be Smart Get Prepared Wall-Mountable First Aid Kit, 326-Piece placed 14th when we looked at the top 14 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

Manufactured by the #1 leading manufacturer of First Aid Kits in the USA. The Be Smart Get Prepared First Aid Kit complies or exceeds all OSHA guidelines for small business and meets ANSI types I and II 2009 requirements for small business of 100 people. Packaged in a durable, high density plastic case, this kit features conveniently organized multi-compartments, tilting shelves, clear lid cover, sliding lock latches and exceed the requirements necessary for your family or co-workers to feel safe and secure. It can be carried around for portability or mounted on a wall in a central location. Ideal for home, school, office, restaurant, daycare or recreation. You can Be Smart and Get Prepared all day, every day. From the leading and trusted company Total Resources International. This multi-purpose First Aid Kit includes: – CLEAN – 21 Antiseptic Towelettes 36 Alcohol Prep Pads 6 Sting Relief Pads – TREAT – 6 Ointment Packets 6 Burn Cream Ointments 10 Antacid Tablets 10 Aspirin Tablets 10 Non-Aspirin Tablets 1 Instant Cold Compress 6″ x 9″ 1 English First Aid Guide 1 Spanish First Aid Guide – PROTECT – 20 Adhesive Bandages 1″ x 3″ 50 Adhesive Bandages 3/8″ x 1-1/2″ 60 Adhesive Bandages 3″ x 3/4″ 10 Butterfly Closures Bandages 18 Wound Closure Strips 1/4″ x 1-1/2″ 2 Gauze Rolls 2″ x 4.1 yards 2 Eye Pads 8 Sterile Gauze Pads 2″ x 2″ 4 Sterile Gauze Pads 4″ x 4″ 1 Sterile Trauma Pad 5″ x 9″ – ADDITIONAL SUPPLIES – 30 Cotton Tip Applicators 1 Adhesive Tape Roll 1″ x 5 yards 5 Finger Splints 1 Triangular Bandage 40″ x 40″ x 56″ 1 Tweezers 1 Metal Scissor 4 Nitrile Examination Gloves

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What experts liked

No CPR mask included
- Outdoor Gear Lab
The 326 pieces are divided into two separate layers for large and small first aid products. The shelves tilt for easy access or to refill.
- All True Stuff
Rugged, sturdy, high density plastic case is impact resistant. It has two separate layers of first aid for large and small first aid products and tilting shelves designed for easy access and refill. This kit is a wall mounts or folds compactly for storage
- FoxReviewPro
It is a complete first aid kit with everything including 21 antiseptic towelettes, 6 sting relief pads, 6 burn cream ointments, 36 alcohol prep pads, 6 antibiotic ointment packets, 10 non-aspirin tablets, and more. All of these pieces come in a convenient storage case, which can be folded compactly for easy storage or mounted on the wall for easy access.
- Z7 Premium
April 23, 2019 | Full review
Compact and rugged kit
- Rainy Adventures
Each piece in this kit is FDA approved. It’s also made in an FDA-approved facility, so you can rest assured that it will keep your people safe when an emergency arises.
- Official Top 5 Review
March 20, 2019 | Full review
It all comes in a case that his made from high density plastic which is impact resistant so you know that it’s not going to break when things get tough.
- Globo Turf
It’s made from high-density plastic to withstand regular use and bangs and measures 13 x 12 x 4 inches. The two separate layers and internal compartments improve organization while the easy slide latches keep it secure.
- HQ Review
The tilting shelves make it easy to reach larger first aid items that are located under the top shelf.
- My Open Country
Everything is stored inside a rugged, sturdy, and high density plastic case that shield the kits from impact. The compartments has fully organized interior for quick access and refilling.
- Best Reviews Today
February 27, 2017 | Full review
Be Smart Get Prepared First Aid Kit is built to exceed the ANSI and OSHA guidelines for more than 100 people in one group. It is mostly used for businesses, hospitals, establishments, or at home.
- Miranda Made
Includes holders to keep everything organized and easily accessible
- Safety Winner
August 3, 2018 | Full review
It meets OSHA and ANSI standards, and all 326 items from FDA-approved facilities are organized in compartments for ease of access.
- Home Medical Reviews
November 7, 2017 | Full review

What experts didn't like

The plastic tweezers and flimsy scissors used in this kit are not durable at all and would be better replaced with higher quality trauma shears and forceps.
- Outdoor Gear Lab
The kits are quite cramped
- Rainy Adventures
Some cases arrive damaged or unusable
- Official Top 5 Review
March 20, 2019 | Full review
The plastic kit is a bit large, so it may not work for some smaller travel bags.
- My Open Country
Hard shell case makes it hard to store in tight spaces because it isn’t as flexible as nylon cases
- Safety Winner
August 3, 2018 | Full review
Separators can be easily dislodged
- Home Medical Reviews
November 7, 2017 | Full review

An Overview On First Aid Kits

While there’s no way to predict when an emergency will happen, it is possible to make certain preparations, so that you are ready to treat an injury if one occurs. One way to do this is to keep a first aid kit nearby. It’s a good idea to have a kit in your home, as well as one in your car. If you travel, play sports or go on hikes, you’ll need a portable first aid kit to take with you.

When shopping for a first aid kit, keep the following features in mind:

Examine the first aid kit’s case to make sure it meets your needs. If you’re simply using the kit at home and space isn’t an issue, a large kit made out of plastic is just fine. However, if you need the kit during an outdoor adventure, you’ll want a kit like that has a waterproof polyester outer shell, as well as waterproof pouches on the inside. This type of kit will stay intact even if it rains or the kit gets dropped in a lake.

Check the size of the first aid kit next. Do you need it to fit in your glove compartment or the pocket of a backpack? In addition to making kits of varying sizes, there are also kits on the market that can be attached to the strap of a backpack or the belt of your pants.

Open the first aid kit up and make sure the contents are organized and easy to identify. The First Aid Only All-Purpose First Aid Kit, 299 Piece has its contents in clear plastic zipper bags that allow users to quickly view the available items, so they can grab what they need in a hurry. Other models use clear plastic pockets. Some even have inner sleeves that label each of the items within the kit.

Look at the contents within the first aid kit and make sure they are of good quality. Consider a kit that is filled with FDA approved items that are medical-grade quality. This type of kit is also a preferred choice to have in your home or place of business in the event of a natural disaster, such as an earthquake or tornado.

Consider purchasing a first aid kit that has a few extras. For example, some kits comes with a “First Aid Guide,” a compass, a whistle and an emergency blanket.

The First Aid Kit Buying Guide

  • Always check the inner sleeve of the first aid kit after you buy it. Double-check that each item listed there is indeed in the kit. You don’t want to find out later during an emergency that something is missing.
  • It’s a good idea to do a little reading on the subject of first aid. Learn about common injuries and how they are best treated until you can get the hurt individual to a doctor or hospital. Make sure you know how to properly use all of the items in your first aid kit, so you don’t do more harm than good when you attempt to render first aid.
  • If you have children in the home, you may also want to hold a family meeting to go over the items in the kit with your kids. Take some time during the meeting to discuss a few possible emergencies and how those emergencies should be handled. Teach your children how to dial 911 in an emergency and have them memorize their address and phone number to tell the dispatcher.
  • In the event that you must use some of the supplies within your first aid kit, make sure you quickly replace them with new supplies. It’s important that your kit always is kept fully stocked if you are going to be prepared for the next emergency.
  • The price of first aid kits varies slightly based on the quality of the case holding the supplies and the number of supplies included in the kit. You’ll find the First Aid Only All-Purpose First Aid Kit, 299 Piece has a lower cost, while other emergency response first aid kits command a slightly higher price.