BCOZZY Children’s Stabilizing Neck Pillow

Last updated date: January 20, 2022

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BCOZZY Children’s Stabilizing Neck Pillow

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We looked at the top Neck Pillows and dug through the reviews from some of the most popular review sites. Through this analysis, we've determined the best Neck Pillow you should buy.

Update as January 20, 2022:
Checkout The Best Neck Pillow for a detailed review of all the top neck pillows.

Overall Take

Your little one won't have any trouble napping during your next road trip when you go with this comfortable neck pillow. It's designed to support your child's chin and neck, as well as keep the head from slumping over when sleeping. The pillow is even machine washable, so drool, spit-up and spills are no problem.

In our analysis of 241 expert reviews, the BCOZZY Children's Stabilizing Neck Pillow placed 6th when we looked at the top 11 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

The overlapping arms GIVE the child SENSE of COMFORT and security while PREVENTING THE CHIN FROM SNAPPING or dropping forward and sideways, especially during CAR RIDES. GREAT CHILDREN NECK PILLOW for car rides and plane trips. Check out our short video below 👇- “How to use your BCOZZY pillow”. Your child can SLEEP LONGER and arrive at destination WELL RESTED. Not a safety device, for comfort only. Do not leave child unattended while using. Very SOFT & FLEXIBLE but supports the head and neck at the same time. Recommended for CHILDREN ages 3 to 8 years old. Built in SNAP STRAP for hanging so it will not get lost or dirty. Very LIGHTWEIGHT. Entire pillow is MACHINE WASHABLE.

Expert Reviews

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4,671 user reviews

What experts liked

This is a cute, soft and sweet pillow, that every kid will fall in love with.
- Pillow Ideas
April 14, 2018 | Full review
Its ultimate designs are a head-turner. Apart from its looks, this pillow provides support to your head, chin, and neck. It can be easily attached to your luggage.
- Akidcare
February 28, 2019 | Full review
This travel pillow supports head and neck in 360 degrees.
- One Weird Globe
March 21, 2019 | Full review
The ideal pillow for those who haven't found happiness with standard U-shaped models.
- All Pro Travel Gear
The lightweight, wrapping pillow can be easily washed and dried, and is made with anti-pilling, mildew-resistant fabric.
- Bustle
July 14, 2022 | Full review
We bought this for our road trip down to Florida. Our 4-year-old passes out in the car after a bit and always ends up with her chin down, which I’m sure makes her neck ache. The pillow has definitely helped with it. We bought one for our 9-year-old, too, but it may be a little on the small side for him. No complaints here or from the kids!
- New York Mag
September 7, 2018 | Full review
The super-snug BCozzy pillow provides a just-right amount of support for tiny travelers on long plane, train, and car rides. It wraps beneath the chin, stabilizing the neck, and the brand makes some more fun styles like leopard print, too.
- Travel and Leisure
May 8, 2019 | Full review
It prevents the head from falling forward and offers support for your head, neck and chin simultaneously.
- Travel Gear For Kids
The pillows are lightweight and have a snap strap, so children can carry them with ease. The entire pillow can be washed and dried quickly so its always ready for the next family adventure.
- Land Of The Traveler
July 22, 2019 | Full review
The BCOZZY Travel Pillow for kids comes with a patented design that will comfort your kids during trave especially road trips and long flights. The materials are soft and the size is made to fit your kid’s neck. It can easily be carried, is lightweight and machine washable.
- Fun Traveling With Kids
July 23, 2019 | Full review
This rest neck cushion stabilizes the neck well and helps arrive at a destination without big pain. Its lightweight places it in the low fork ergonomic pillow, which is particularly appreciated.
- Travellon
August 21, 2019 | Full review

What experts didn't like

This is expensive and not sure if machine washable or not.
- Akidcare
February 28, 2019 | Full review
There is no carry bag and not intended for use with car seats.
- One Weird Globe
March 21, 2019 | Full review
You’ll spend twice as much as you would on a Cloudz Microbeads pillow.
- All Pro Travel Gear
BCOZZY Kids Pillows are designed to fit children ages 3-8 years old, so they might not be the best choice for infants or teenagers.
- Land Of The Traveler
July 22, 2019 | Full review
The chin support without the velcro attachment has the tendency to expand over time.
- Fun Traveling With Kids
July 23, 2019 | Full review
The Bcozzy is not the most compact and not ideal if you are very tall.
- Travellon
August 21, 2019 | Full review

An Overview On Neck Pillows

Traveling long distances on a plane, train or other forms of transportation is usually part of a tiring day, and the last thing you want is to add a sore neck or back to the equation. Travel pillows are a handy way to help alleviate that soreness. The small, convenient product travels with you and acts as the support you need to find comfort in any situation.

Travel pillows need to be supportive and comfortable. Usually made of soft outer materials, they are often stuffed with a somewhat firm foam material that matches a feel similar to your standard bed pillows. Some of them may even be inflatable, so they can pack down extra small when not in use.  If you look at the outer membrane in many of the travel pillow options, you will see some have a removable cover that is machine washable. This allows you to keep the pillow clean and fresh-smelling.

The inside of the pillow might be even more important though, as it is providing the actual support you need to keep your head and neck in a comfortable and stable position. Since we all have different needs for firmness and thickness in our travel pillows, some companies account for this with adjustable inserts.  This option allows you to adjust the pillow to suit your needs the best.

It’s common for travelers to listen to music or audiobooks while they are on the move as well. Travel pillows should allow you to wear your headphones or earbuds in comfort without tugging or putting pressure around your ears. Some even come with a built-in elastic pocket to hold your MP3 player, so you don’t have to deal with dangling cords that can be snagged as you move around. The Everlasting Comfort Memory Foam Neck Pillow provides this feature. It also has an adjustable cord that can cinch the pillow around your neck to ensure it stays in place.

Travel pillows aren’t only limited to your neck. Some will open up and bend into any configuration, allowing you to use the neck pillow as a small body pillow or as a more traditional head pillow. The Dot&Dot Memory Foam Travel Pillow For Neck is a great example of this style of pillow. Its flexibility gives you ultimate control over how you want your travel pillow positioned, which can really help you find the best support in any situation.

When you’re walking through the airport or bus terminal, you will want a place to store that neck pillow while not in use. Look for pillows that offer a solution to this problem. Straps and clips allow you to latch your pillow onto a handle of your baggage, so you can have your hands free.

Among the benefits already listed, a travel pillow will likely add warmth to your neck and head area. This can be a great feature on a flight that has cold air circulating through the cabin. But if the pillow is too hot, it could be a deterrent if you’re somewhere warmer where you would rather not have your neck become sweaty.  A combination of memory foam and cooling gel can be found in some neck pillow offerings, and this combination will be the most versatile for varying conditions. It is similar to the technology used in your pillows at home, and it keeps your temperature regulated nicely so you can rest easy.

The Neck Pillow Buying Guide

  • If you’re looking to maintain a certain style or look during your travels, you can find neck pillows that have a luxurious look without having a steep price tag.
  • Value-minded shoppers will be happy to see that some companies sell their travel neck pillows with a bundle that includes earplugs and blackout masks. This combination of products can have most people sleeping soundly, even when there is a lot of noisy commotion or bright lights in the immediate vicinity.
  • With adjustable pillows, you will find that after you dial in the right firmness and thickness for your body, there won’t be much need for adjusting it constantly each time you travel. This customization is handy if you are the only person who uses the travel pillow. Put in the legwork the first couple of times you use it, and you’ll be set with no more fidgeting.
  • A great tip with your travel neck pillow is to think of how you can use it at home or in your daily routine. A pillow placed at the base of your neck can be just the thing to make watching a movie from your couch a more comfortable activity.  It can also help alleviate strain on your neck while sitting at your desk. They definitely come in handy on long road trips as well, as you can gently prop your head up on the side of the window or the back of your seat.