Bar-D Mountain Gear pH Balanced Deodorizing Body Wipes

Last updated: June 3, 2023

Bar-D Mountain Gear pH Balanced Deodorizing Body Wipes

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We looked at the top Deodorizing Body Wipes and dug through the reviews from some of the most popular review sites. Through this analysis, we've determined the best Deodorizing Body Wipe you should buy.

Overall Take

These deodorizing body wipes come in small travel packs. You can take them hiking, camping, backpacking or to the gym. The wipes are durable, soft and completely biodegradable.

In our analysis of 24 expert reviews, the Bar-D Mountain Gear pH Balanced Deodorizing Body Wipes placed 6th when we looked at the top 8 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

Feel a little less than fresh? We get it. Our body wipes quickly remove sweat, stink, and grime to leave you feeling clean and refreshed. Ideal camping gear, hiking supplies and festival accessories. Made with aloe vera, tea tree oil & chamomile to deodorize and refresh your body with no sticky residue or dry-out. pH balanced to be gentle on your skin. Camping essentials and hiking must haves! Soft, durable and 100% biodegradable wipes for camping so you can bury them after use. Body wipes for camping make great car camping gear, backpacking gear and hiking accessories for women and men! Compact travel packs (just 4in x 6in) can be stashed in your bag, backpack or carry-on. Each pack holds 10 large biodegradable wipes (8in x 10in). Ideal travel gear or festival camping accessories.

Expert Reviews

What experts liked

As they are completely biodegradable, you can dispose of them knowing they are going to naturally break down. They are supplied in a compact and resealable pack of 10 wipes that comfortably fits inside pockets, backpacks and drawers.
- Spy
These wipes stay fresh longer because they're each individually wrapped. Tea tree oil and aloe vera fight acne and soothe skin irritation. Made from sustainable bamboo fiber so they biodegrade.
- Heavy
Large enough for a full body cleanse, or can be easily torn into strips and used as a bathroom wipe. Constructed using 100% natural bamboo fiber, Bar-D wipes soak up sweat, dirt, and grime, while being fully biodegradable and completely safe for the environment.

What experts didn't like

Scented so they may not be right for everyone. Tea tree oil may be too harsh for cleansing private areas. May cause rashes for those with sensitive skin.
- Heavy


Personal hygiene is important for your health and wellness, but sometimes you’re just not able to take a shower. Whether you’re camping in the middle of nowhere or living a very active lifestyle, having deodorizing body wipes in your bag can be a lifesaver. They can ensure you feel clean and fresh – and smell like it, too.

Deodorizing body wipes can be used to remove dirt, debris and sweat from your body. When you’re feeling like a shower would be nice but you just aren’t able to take one, a deodorizing body wipe can help you get similar results, especially in the areas that count most. These wipes are easy to use and incredibly convenient, because they often come in small packs that are easy to take anywhere.

An important quality to look for when you’re buying deodorizing body wipes is whether they have an antibacterial formula. If you want to remove microbes and germs — not just dirt and sweat — then you need wipes that are designed to really get you clean. This will make the wipes feel similar to the effect you get from taking a soapy shower.

Be sure to look for durability, as well. After all, you don’t want the wipes to easily tear when you take them out of the package or when you scrub yourself down. The wipes should be thick enough to not easily tear during use.

If you have a sensitive nose or skin, opt for deodorizing body wipes that are unscented. This way, you shouldn’t have any negative reactions that may result in watery eyes, rashes or even headaches.

Buying Advice

  • If you’re concerned about the environment, like many shoppers today, you have options. There are many environmentally friendly wipes that are biodegradable. The wipes decompose easily so they do not end up as garbage in a landfill.
  • If you want to go a step further in saving the planet, opt for deodorizing body wipes that are reusable. You can simply save them in a bag after you use them and wash them with water when you have a chance.
  • Did you know deodorizing body wipes come in various sizes? If you’re planning on using the wipes in place of a shower, then opt for the largest size of wipe available. This will make it easy to clean yourself without using several wipes. If you’re just using the wipes to clean your face or hands, you can get a smaller size.
  • If your skin dries out easily, certain wipes can help. Some are infused with aloe vera and vitamin E, which are skin-nourishing ingredients. These will keep your skin feeling moisturized and healthy instead of drying it out.
  • Those who have very sensitive skin or allergies may want to try out the deodorizing body wipes on a small patch of skin before using them over the whole body. For example, before your camping trip, try a wipe on a patch on your arm. Monitor it for a day to see whether you get any itchiness, redness, discomfort or hives.