Bamboo Shower Floor Natural Bambusi

Last updated date: August 6, 2019

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Editor's Note January 3, 2020:
Checkout The Best Bath Mat for a detailed review of all the top bath mats.

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Overall Product Rankings

1. Yimobra Chenille Bath Mat, 31.5×19.8-Inch
Overall Score: 9.4
Expert Reviews: 0
2. Genteele Memory Foam Bath Mat, 17×24-Inch
Overall Score: 9.3
Expert Reviews: 0
3. Utopia Towels Washable Bath Mats, 21×34-Inch
Overall Score: 9.2
Expert Reviews: 5
4. MAYSHINE Microfiber Bath Mat, 32×20-Inch
Overall Score: 9.1
Expert Reviews: 5
5. Flamingo P Memory Foam Bath Mat, 17×24-Inch
Overall Score: 9.0
Expert Reviews: 0
6. LuxUrux Microfiber Bath Mat, 20×30-Inch
Overall Score: 9.0
Expert Reviews: 0
7. White Classic Luxury Bath Mat, 22×34-Inch
Overall Score: 9.0
Expert Reviews: 0
8. Yimobra Memory Foam Bath Mat, 31.5×19.8-Inch
Overall Score: 9.0
Expert Reviews: 0
9. Yimobra Original Bath Mat, 16×40-Inch
Overall Score: 8.9
Expert Reviews: 4
10. Gorilla Grip Original Bath Mat, 35×16-Inch
Overall Score: 8.8
Expert Reviews: 0
11. Gorilla Grip Chenille Bath Mat, 30×20-Inch
Overall Score: 8.6
Expert Reviews: 0
12. Utopia Towels Cotton Bath Mat, 24-31-Inch
Overall Score: 8.6
Expert Reviews: 0
13. Flamingo P Memory Fleece Bath Mat, 17×24-Inch
Overall Score: 8.4
Expert Reviews: 3
14. Bamboo Shower Floor Bambusi, 18×24-Inch
Overall Score: 7.1
Expert Reviews: 5

An Overview On Bath Mats

Bath mats have come a long way over the years. While you can buy inexpensive basic versions at a bargain price, those mats have issues that new mats resolve. One of those issues is that pesky rubber backing that comes on traditional bath mats. Sure, that backing keeps the mat from slipping, but the first time you toss it in the washer the backing starts to erode.

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Another problem with traditional bath mats is that they lack absorbency. That rug piling is designed to provide a soft surface as you step onto it, but when you’re getting out of the shower, that lack of absorbency means the mat will stay wet long after you’re out. If someone takes a shower after you, a wet bath mat will be an unpleasant surprise.

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Whatever type of mat you choose, though, it’s important to avoid placing it on a wet surface. With a non-slip backing, a mat will slide around when the ground is wet, making it more dangerous than just tossing a towel down. Absorb any water or wait for it to dry before placing your bath mat.

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The tub isn’t the only place for setting bath mats, though. They’re popular in front of vanities, sinks and even kitchen sinks. If you choose one with ergonomic features like memory foam, your mat can provide protection any time you’re standing on your feet for a while. If you’re picking a rug for an area outside the shower, comfort will be more of a factor than absorbency or how slippery it is.

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But comfort goes beyond ergonomics. The surface of the mat itself can provide a level of comfort, especially if you’ll be standing on it barefoot. If the surface of the mat is important to you, look for one made from soft material like chenille. You’ll find you’re looking forward to stepping out of the shower when your foot is surrounded by soft fibers.

DYWM Fun Fact

If you’re jumping out of the shower and going straight to the blow-dryer, you may be missing some valuable self-care steps. In fact, you should be letting your hair dry naturally at least a little before applying heat products to it. A microfiber towel absorbs moisture from your hair to shorten the amount of time you spend under a dryer. You should also take a few minutes to apply body oil to your skin to lock in moisture. Instead of washing your face in the shower, consider splashing cold water on it and using your favorite cleanser. The hot water can deplete your face’s natural oils, while the cooler water is far better for your skin.

The Bath Mat Buying Guide

  • Bathroom floors can be dangerous due to slick surfaces. Older bath mats used a rubberized underside to keep rugs in place, but they still could slip if the ground was wet. Many of today’s mats use weight and absorbency to hold rugs in place. But some rugs use innovative designs like PVC to reduce the risk of slippage while also making the mat able to endure multiple rounds in the washer and dryer.
  • Tile and marble floors can be especially slippery, so it’s important to use caution when stepping from the shower or bath, whether you have a bath mat or not.
  • Many of today’s bath mats are machine-washable, making them easy to clean. For best results, use gentle detergent, avoid bleach and wash on the gentle cycle. You can dry some mats in the dryer, but it’s best to set them out to air dry. Some mats dry faster than others, but it may be best to wash your mats when it will be 12 hours or so before someone showers or bathes again.
  • Some mats hold up better than others. Look for a mat that will remain intact even after multiple washes and years of use. You may save a little money on the front end by going with a cheaper option, but you’ll regret it later when it degrades and is no longer usable.
  • Your bathroom already likely has a color scheme, whether it’s driven by the paint on the walls, the shower curtain you’ve chosen, the type of light fixtures or a combination of all of the above. This may narrow your options, as even mats with a wide range of colors might not have the color to match your design scheme.
  • Many bath mats come in sets, but for those that don’t, make sure there are matching mats if you plan to add on a toilet rug or a second mat near your vanity. Measure the area so you’ll buy the right size for your bathroom.