B-Air FIRTANA-20X Manual Metal Floor Fan, 20-Inch

Last updated: January 14, 2022

This 20-inch floor fan works great in a variety of spaces, including a back porch, garage or fitness gym. It is equipped with a powerful motor and features three different speed settings. Users will also love that the fan tilts and that it can be set on a floor or hung up on a wall.

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Product Details

Key Takeaway: The small grid on this floor fan ensures tiny fingers and small animal paws are kept safe from the fan's spinning blades.

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From The Manufacturer

This UL Certified multi-purpose fan, possesses a tilt adjustable feature to focus air flow for where air is needed. Comes with 3 speeds for maximum air flow. The motor in this unit is open, not enclosed. Tilt adjustable to direct precise movement Durable metal housing to withstand tough environments. Ideal for cooling and/or drying garages, workshops and kitchens. Comes with a 1 year warranty.

Expert Reviews

What reviewers liked

It has robust metal housing on the front and back, and this provides anyone nearby with the peace of mind that they will be safe from injury.
The B-Air FIRTNAN-20X High Velocity industrial style fan is made of heavy duty materials to last through many seasons of usage. It has 3 speed settings and also gives you the option to tilt the fan to direct the air in a specific direction.
It delivers 4,650 CFM, which should be pretty enough for about 350 square feet rooms. If you wanted to get plenty of airflow from your high-velocity fan, then this fan is a good option.
An extremely powerful, versatile fan for home or office, the B-Air Firtana-20X fan can be used as a great floor fan. This 20-inch high end floor fan allows you to select the right speed as there are 3 different speeds.
It also has a heavy-duty metal housing and a small-spaced metal grid that is safe for people with pets. The grid prevents pets and kids from slipping their fingers into the fan and injuring themselves.
The Firtana also has a really cool feature with its tilt design: it can rotate 360 degrees! This means its range of coverage is fantastic even if you keep it in one spot, like on the floor or on a table or shelf. It can move however you need, which basically negates much of the flaw that is a tilt design.
This fan can be tilted to where airflow is required and can rotate up to 360 degrees. It comes with three speeds for maximum airflow and is durable and can withstand harsh conditions.
What puts this fan apart from the others though is its 360-degrees rotation capabilities. Rarely if ever a fan offers such angle adjustment.
The good is quiet, solid and has powerful commercial grade 360 degrees vertical characteristics. It is a multipurpose fan which is UL certified and possesses 3 speeds mode for maximum air flow.
It has a full metal heavy duty housing that is easy to assemble and take apart for easy and convenient maintenance.
A great muli-purpose option ideal for both providing cooling air as well as drying out garages, workshop, and kitchens. Its versatile as well as being durable, and it possesses adjustable tilt feature which enables the fan to rotate 350 degrees.
All of the blades, and the fan itself, are stored within a nice metal frame. This frame has many individual slats and is open, which allows air to exit it from all types of angles, ensuring that airflow is consistent, and open, so that it doesn’t stick to only one space in your garage.
The B-Air BA-FT-20X has an angled base that allows you to easily mount it on a wall hook without any extra equipment. You'll also find that it can rotate 360 degrees on its stand, making it perfect for hanging up high and delivering a breeze to just the right spot.
The highly-efficient fan is suitable for installing it in a warehouse or a large shop. You can even use this unit at your home. The small space grid-spacing prevents any kind of accidental injuries.
This model comes with three speeds that allow for maximum airflow. The fan also boasts of a durable metal housing that withstands tough environments. To enhance your safety, this model is UL certified.
This has easy assembling and comes with small grid spacing that can prevent accidents. It lets you mount it with ease and does not require much space. You can easily use it on any occasion, and it also lets you adjust the tilt position.
It has the ability to effortlessly cool down a room, a large office, or even a workshop.
The B-Air Firtana is a classic industrial and a home floor cooling fan. It has a stylish and unique appearance, which is very simple yet elegant. It has a black colored body, and a floor stands to support itself.
- Ewash
This floor fan is built with commercial grade steel. Both the front and rear grill and the tubular steel frame use this material to double check on durability.
You don’t have to assemble anything. This fan can be used out of the box.The fan has a metal construction. Even the blades are made of metal. The only plastic parts are the feet where the base sits on and the on/off dial.
It can be tilted to direct the stream of air for precision in the flow of the air. The fan is UL certified for safety compliance and comes with a durable grill and housing.
B-Air FIRTANA Multi-Purpose Fan has a convenient placement and storage because of its great mounting system. You can easily mount it on the wall or simply use it as a floor fan. It is a UL Certified fan ensuring safety compliance.
This 11 pounds fan has a good design and Construction with a silver hook to enable you to mount it on the wall in case you wanted to have a good air circulation in your room.

What reviewers didn't like

It nonetheless is pretty loud.
It is loud
The product gets slightly noisy.
Difficult cleaning process.
You cannot control the pattern of the airflow.
- Ewash
This model can be a bit more noisy than your average devices of similar properties.
There is a bit of noise that you might have to get used to.
No silver wall hook included
It is a bit noisy
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