AUVON Rechargeable Premium Electrode Pad Muscle Stimulator Tens Unit

Last updated date: August 6, 2020

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AUVON Rechargeable Premium Electrode Pad Muscle Stimulator Tens Unit

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Overall Take

You'll find this TENS unit is able to run for 10 hours straight in between charges. It's an excellent non-invasive way to manage your pain and receive relief from sore muscles. The unit even uses pin-style electrodes for better conductivity than you'd get with the button-style units. In our analysis of 74 expert reviews, the AUVON AUVON Rechargeable Premium Electrode Pad Muscle Stimulator Tens Unit placed 5th when we looked at the top 9 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

Editor's Note August 6, 2020:
Checkout The Best Tens Unit for a detailed review of all the top tens units.

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5 expert reviews
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2,812 user reviews
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What experts liked
This is an affordable and compact TENS unit that doesn’t scrimp on features.
- The Good Body
The product has got approval and certification from six organizations, hence professionals highly prefer it. Consider it the best option among high-level electric muscle stimulators.
- Top Best Product Review
Includes everything you require to start using it immediately. Offers 16 different pre-programmed massage modes to meet your needs. Quickly set the timer to determine the length of operation. Uses a rechargeable battery for 10 hours of power.
- BestReviews
The pads feature an industry-leading adhesive meant to deliver a better self-stick performance. The electrodes can be cleaned after 20 to 30 uses to guarantee a longer lifespan.
- Best Health N Care
The AUVON TENS Unit stands out for being a really good all round option, with plenty of features that will suit different preferences. You also get a very generous 14 electrode pads included.
- Keep It Wellness
What experts didn't like
Careful storage required.
- Top Best Product Review
Only ships with 4 electrode pads. Electrical pulses aren't strong.
- BestReviews
Twenty minutes is the least setting of the timer. The unit doesn’t feature a pause function.
- Best Health N Care

From The Manufacturer

The TENS machine is safe, non-invasive, drug free method of pain relief and pain management. Many people have even used it for intense pain from sports injury, knee injury, foot, hip, arthritis or tennis elbow.

An Overview On Tens Units

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) uses a battery-powered device to deliver quick electrical impulses to your nerves, muscles or joints. You’ll get pads that stick to the body, which connect to electrodes that connect to a small device. Often this device has a screen, along with buttons or knobs, and the screen allows you to scroll through multiple settings to get the exact type of treatment you need.

A TENS device can sometimes be confused with an electronic muscle stimulator (EMS), which is designed to deliver relief to muscles. Before you pick out a TENS device, determine the specific type of pain you need to relieve. If you have nerve issues, there are TENS devices that focus on that, while still others are better for taking care of joint pain.

Ideally, you’ll check with a medical professional before beginning treatment using a TENS device. This is the case with anything you do that can directly impact your health. If your doctor currently has you under supervision, you should steer clear of TENS devices unless you’ve cleared it first. Although TENS devices are now widely available over the counter, a physician can guide you toward the best model for your unique needs.

There are a variety of conditions TENS devices are reported to help with, and the benefits are usually specific to relieving pain. Consumers use TENS devices for issues like arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, back and shoulder injuries and tennis elbow, among many others. Joint pain affecting areas like the knee, arm and wrist can also be helped by TENS devices, although you’ll need to look for one that has pads that will easily stick to those areas.

The best TENS devices give you multiple mode options. These generally represent preprogrammed massage types, with some adjusting based on the body part you’re treating. Although it can be tempting to choose the device that has the most options, with some units, you’ll find that one mode doesn’t differ all that much from another. The manufacturer just varied it slightly to make it seem as though you were getting more options than you actually were.

Another adjustable setting on TENS devices is the strength behind the treatment you’re getting. If you need intense pain relief, you may be in the mood to put it on its highest setting. But primarily this adjustability comes in handy because intensity preferences can vary dramatically from one person to another.

DWYM Fun Fact

TENS devices are thought to relieve pain through the stimulation of endorphins, which then communicate with nerve receptors in your brain. That interaction reduces your overall perception of the pain you’re feeling, so the cause of the pain is still there. You simply aren’t aware of it. Opiates, commonly prescribed to pain patients, have a similar effect, but they can be highly addictive. TENS devices are a safe way to decrease your pain, but they can also increase your appetite, boost your sex drive and reduce your negative response to stressors. The feeling is similar to what you might get after a brisk run, also known as “runner’s high.”

The Tens Unit Buying Guide

  • The first thing to look at when shopping for a TENS device is how many electrodes it provides. A device with eight electrodes will be able to hit more areas than one that only has four. If you’re treating a large area like your entire lower back, consider that it will take multiple electrodes to cover the space and buy accordingly.
  • Also study the various settings offered. Go beyond looking at the sheer number of massage modes and focus on the options. You’ll find some devices have options like kneading, cupping, deep massage and acupuncture, for instance, and some will even let you go into a mode that combines multiple massage types to keep things interesting.
  • Different TENS devices are better for specific body parts. If you’re suffering from back pain, you’ll probably opt for a different massager than one that helps with tennis elbow. Look around and make sure you find the one that’s best for your specific type of pain.
  • The electrodes attach to your body using sticky pads, and those pads will eventually have to be replaced. Consider how many pads come in the package with your purchase and also research how easy it is to order replacement pads when those wear out. Some TENS devices use pads that can stick for only a time or two before you need to toss them, while others have pads that you can use for weeks or even months.
  • Pad size is also a consideration. Some TENS devices give you the option of small, medium or large pads, and those devices are more versatile. If you plan to only use your device in one spot, this may never be an issue, but there might be a day when you need pain relief in a different area and having a one-size pad will become an inconvenience.
  • Your TENS device comes with a screen, and that screen plays a very important role in your user experience. Look for a screen that’s easy to read and also backlit, if you feel you’ll be looking at it in dim lighting. You’ll also have buttons or dials to walk you through the options. Check that those are easy to manipulate.
  • When you think of portability in a device, usually you’re just thinking about how easy it will be to tuck into a bag. But portability in a TENS device can come in handy in a variety of ways. In addition to being able to comfortably clip it to your clothing to wear around the house, you can also tuck a smaller device into a pocket and use it while you’re at work, sitting in a business meeting or enjoying dinner in a restaurant with your family.