ArtNaturals Anti-Frizz Organic Shampoo & Conditioner Set

Last updated: June 1, 2023

Specially formulated for individuals with dry and damaged hair, this organic shampoo and conditioner set does an excellent job of restoring moisture to every hair strand. The shampoo and conditioner feature such healthy ingredients as aloe, shea butter and argan oil. The formula is also non-greasy and won't leave your hair with any unwanted residue.

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Key Takeaway: This organic shampoo and conditioner set is loaded with natural ingredients that nourish hair and are safe for use on all hair types.

In our analysis of 64 expert reviews, the ArtNaturals Anti-Frizz Organic Shampoo & Conditioner Set placed 7th when we looked at the top 13 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

Brand GO ON A GLOBAL JOURNEY We curate our global collection of pure essential oils just for you by discovering the finest sources from around the world. So enjoy the journey without the jet lag with our Peppermint from Greece, Lavender from Bulgaria, Rosemary from Morocco, Tea Tree from Australia, and Frankincense and Eucalyptus from India. artnaturals strongly believes in the power of our natural senses, which is why we integrate aromatherapy and essential oils throughout our growing collection of naturally-focused products. Argan THE NATURAL WAY At artnaturals, our shampoos and conditioners are sulfate-free, paraben-free—and affordable! Natural ingredients, such as argan oil, aloe vera, coconut oil, keratin, botanical extracts, and vitamins, ensure that hair is clean, shiny, and hydrated, with no sulfates and no parabens, ever. You’ll love the way your hair looks—naturally! hair loss growth for men women woman natural sulfate free artnaturals naturals art argan oil 100 Fights Hair Loss Argan oil makes sure that you do not lose more hair follicles then the number you grow. Argan stimulates your scalp due to its rich nutrient content to produce more hair. Argan treats your stressed-out locks to a shower spa treatment. The fabled conditioning properties of Moroccan argan oil, combined with natural herbal extracts, protein and Vitamin E give you the confidence boost of another good hair day. hair loss growth for men women woman natural sulfate free artnaturals naturals art argan oil 100 protect moisturize sun damage frizz wrinkle fine line silver purple tea tree apple cider vinegar Define african american blonde young old dandruff itch itchy scalp treatment shampoo conditioner Dry and Damaged Hair for all hair types skin thick thin curly nappy argann Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner Get it together—and maximize the restorative, revitalizing results to your hair with ArtNaturals Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner Set. This power couple is first on The List for moisturizing, strengthening and protecting your crowning glory. ArtNaturals Argan Oil Hair Shampoo treats your stressed-out locks to a shower spa treatment. The fabled conditioning properties of Moroccan argan oil, combined with natural herbal extracts, protein and Vitamin E give you the confidence boost of another good hair day. The rejuvenating Argan Oil Conditioner absorbs into hair follicles, repairing and protecting it from styling heat and the sun’s UV rays. Botanical extracts and essential oils enhance the health and appearance of your hair, including its length, color and texture. Argan Oil Conditioner strengthens hair shafts, preventing breakage and frizz as it nourishes. The rich, moisturizing, organic formulas of both Shampoo and Conditioner, infused with restorative argan oil, aloe vera, white willow bark, burdock root, rosemary, and thyme, stimulates cell renewal and healthy growth as it revs up hair follicles and supports a healthy scalp. Hair feels healthier, less brittle, thicker and super-shiny. The Duo conquers static—and is always color-safe and safe for all hair types. The hydrating and protective properties allow you to blow-dry without worry—you’ll look like you just walked out of the salon with gorgeous, healthy, eye-catching hair! Argan Oil Plant Part Used: Argan kernels Botanical Name: Argania Family: Sapotaceae Origin: Morocco Method: Cold pressed Our Standards Sulfate free natural paraben argan shampoo and conditioner set top quality essential oils conditioner set treatment acne dandruff dry brittle split hair reasonable fresh amazon large small scent free tea tree oil carrier

Expert Reviews

What reviewers liked

ArtNaturals brings us not only a sulfate-free shampoo, but one that’s organic, to boot! What’s more, it delivers on its argan oil promise to maximize, revitalize, restore and protect your hair. This result comes down to the natural formula, which combines essential oils and natural extracts to boost health, color, and texture; and then layers on Moroccan argan oil to repair heat damage and repair sun and other damage – all without stripping color from your hair.
Best known for its capacity to restore, grow and enhance hair, Argan oil repairs damaged, dry, brittle hair from sun exposure, flat ironing and blow drying. This conditioner and shampoo set can be used by teens, women and men, curly or straight hair, brunettes or blondes. The shampoo duo-set is the best experience you can get. Our organic and natural components aid in repairing the damaged hair and protect it from the effects causes by excess styling and heat. The hydrating oils and minerals toil to keep the scalp and hair hydrated. This leaves your hair feeling refreshed and soft. This strong moisturizer washes away the excess dirt and oil.
This due features essential oils that stimulate hair growth. It has nourishing and restorative properties, and it offers a gentle yet effective cleaning.
Infused with aloe vera, rosemary, and nourishing argan oil, Art Naturals Organic Moroccan shampoo and conditioner moisturizes and repairs stressed-out damaged curls, restores natural volume, strengthens hair, and smooths frizz. Curly-haired users say it leaves their hair softer and free of tangles — and can even help hair grow.
- Bustle
This combo is all you need. I love this shampoo. It’s not heavy like other argan oil products and it has a wonderful lather for a product that doesn’t have any sulfates. I’ve tried other products that feel more oily than soft, or that leaves my hair feeling unclean. Now the conditioner — I used to have really dry hair, like straw. I actually stopped using conditioners for a while because I felt like nothing I did made a difference. I finally started using this shampoo and conditioner combo and my hair finally looks the way I’ve wanted it to! Shiny and soft. This conditioner is NOT heavy, doesn’t weigh you down, and doesn’t make me break out (I've had other argan oil products that did).
Buying them together does work out to a higher than average price tag when compared to other comparable products, but it is well worth the price for the results that you get. So if you have thinning hair or split ends – you should see a marked improvement from using this product. Customers have reported longer, fuller, and thicker strands after just one use! While it won’t get rid of balding spots since it doesn’t have any biotin, minoxidil or finasteride in the formula, it will help keeping the rest of your hair very healthy. This product is ideal for all hair types, and is gentle on skin so it should not cause an adverse reaction.
ArtNaturals Argan oil organic shampoo treats your stressed-out locks to a shower spa treatment. The legendary conditioning properties of Moroccan Argan oil, combined with natural herbal extracts, protein and vitamin E can lead to more good hair days starting now. The rejuvenating Argan oil conditioner absorbs into hair follicles, repairing and protecting it from styling heat and the sun’s UV rays.
- Heavy
This shampoo and conditioner set is made with numerous botanical oils to help hydrate and moisturize your hair. There is also Vitamin E mixed into its formula to help strengthen your hair follicles. This shampoo’s Moroccan argan oil will help to protect your hair from any UV ray and heat damages while also brightening your hair color. Its conditioner can be massaged into your hair (after it’s been washed with shampoo) where it will then work to help hydrate and add volume to your hair. Both the shampoo and conditioner are great to use on all hair types, including dyed hair, and are sulfate and paraben-free.
Natural botanical extracts and essential oils like aloe vera leaf juice, sea buckthorn extract, Neem Leaf extract, linseed oil, white willow bark, burdock root, rosemary and thyme, help to stimulate cell renewal and maintain a healthy scalp and hydrate damaged, dry, and brittle hair for both men and women. If you have colored hair, the shampoo cleans your hair gently without stripping it of its color and gives it a natural healthy shine.
It is perfect for both men and women. You can also apply it on any types of hair. It can prevent the hair from getting damaged. The duo set is economically best for the customers.
Suffering from hair loss? Do this shampoo that’s created with the following ingredients. Like aloe vera, vegetable oil, subshrub root, rosemary, keratin, and antioxidant. Its biological science ingredients help in learning the hair shafts and preventing curl and breakage. This shampoo leaves your hair feeling healthy, hydrated, and shiny.
Natural concentrates and fundamental oils improve the wellbeing and appearance of your hair, including its length, shading, and surface. The restoring Argan Oil Conditioner ingests into hair follicles, repairing and shielding it from styling heat and the sun’s UV beams. Hair feels more beneficial, less fragile, thicker and super-sparkling.
The Argan oil shampoo and conditioner duo contains no Parabens and absolutely cruelty-free. Infused with Keratin, this shampoo is 100% organic and gentle with the color treated and curly hair. This Argan oil shampoo also does not contain sulfates. Moreover, the nourishing properties of this shampoo effectively heal and vitalize the undernourished hair. The shampoo also contains the botanical extracts and Argan oil to provide health and shine to your scalp and hair.
This shampoo and conditioner set is suitable for almost all hair types. It’s sulfate-free and paraben-free. ArtNaturals provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee so you can get your money back when you’re not happy with the results.
Argan oil plus botanical extracts and oils enhance shine and health of your hair and scalp. Gently cleanses without stripping color. Conditioner hydrates hair and leaves it feeling soft and thicker. Paraben-free and cruelty-free.
It is gentle enough to cleanse the hair without stripping it and uses botanical extracts to make the hair shine. This is a restorative formula that is designed to make the remaining hair thicker and fuller while preventing hair fall out. If you are someone who is looking for a more natural option for making your damaged hair altogether look and feel better, than Art Naturals Organic Moroccan Argan Oil Set may be the product for you.
Moroccan Argan oil has proven to bring moisture-rich healing, reduce flaking and dryness, promotes the growth of healthy strong hair, and fills your hair with luster and shine. It’s an ideal aid in restoring radiance to damaged hair caused by the sun and harsh treatments.

What reviewers didn't like

Can cause dry hair for some.
Contains some SLS replacement ingredients that may cause some irritation. Have to use a lot of shampoo to give a decent lather.
The product is not at all suitable for the eyes. So, it should be used carefully.
Seems not to work well with curly hair. The conditioner is a bit sketchy. The consistency is thin
A higher price point. Some users report scalp irritation or dandruff after using it.
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