Artisan Dishwasher Safe Silicone Baking Mats, 2-Pack

Last updated date: September 18, 2022

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Artisan Dishwasher Safe Silicone Baking Mats, 2-Pack

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We looked at the top Silicone Baking Mats and dug through the reviews from some of the most popular review sites. Through this analysis, we've determined the best Silicone Baking Mat you should buy.

Update as September 18, 2022:
Checkout The Best Silicone Baking Mat for a detailed review of all the top silicone baking mats.

Overall Take

This silicone baking mat doesn't just work for baking cookies. You can also use it while roasting. It's freezer safe up to -40 degrees Fahrenheit, so you can use it to store vegetables and other items. It's both BPA and PFOA-free to keep your family safe.

In our analysis of 165 expert reviews, the Artisan Dishwasher Safe Silicone Baking Mats, 2-Pack placed 9th when we looked at the top 14 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

From kneading, rolling, and shaping dough to roasting meat and veggies, to freezing fruit, these Artisan Silicone Baking Mats are a versatile staple for delicious creations in your kitchen. Safely prep and cook cookies, pastries, candy, meats, veggies and more with this set of versatile, BPA- and PFOA-free reusable nonstick silicone baking mats. Each extra-durable Artisan mat has a strong and flexible woven fiberglass core completely encased in transparent silicone with a red border. Replace disposable parchment, wax paper, and tin foil with these reusable mats. Ideal for healthy cooking, use a mat without added cooking oils, butter, or sprays. Cooked foods literally slide off. When baking, pair these mats with standard 13×18″ half-size cookie sheets or bun pans. Mats are perfect for kneading and prepping and cooling. Do not use mats for cutting or with sharp implements. This is a pack of two half-size silicone baking mats. Each mat measures 11×16.5″. Wash mats before use. Wipe clean with a soft, damp cloth. Store flat or rolled. Folding or creasing the mat may cause damage. Do not use with cooking oils or sprays. Discard mat if it is cut or torn. From breakfast, lunch and dinner to dessert, great meals start with Artisan. Mats are composed of FDA and LFGB approved materials and are BPA free. Silicone Baking Mats are perfect for baking, roasting and freezing.

Expert Reviews

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What experts liked

All of the Artisan models can withstand temperatures from -40°F to 480°F, making this yet another versatile option for baking, roasting, and freezing.
- Foodal
These Artisan mats are both strong and durable but are also superbly flexible as they are made from woven fiberglass at the core.
- Kitchenistic
The mats boast of a fiberglass that has been woven into a strong, durable and flexible core which makes allows you to roll and bend the mat any way you want to.
- Food Shark Marfa
Clean up tends to be easy for these sheets as a simple wash with dish soap and air dry purifies them.
- Best Pickist
Liked globally, this is a BPA and PFOA-free silicone-baking mat for use in homes and restaurants. Its non-stick surface is ideal. The risk of your pastries burning is slim.
- Top 10 Best Pro
They are durable, made of BPP and BPA-free silicone, and have a versatile freezer, toaster, and microwave-compatible design that offers a healthier cooking option to oils and cooking sprays.
- Buy The Best 10
It is a versatile baking mat that can even do kneading, rolling, shaping dough and roast meat. Even it is suitable for vegetables and freezing fruit as all. It is formulated with strong and flexible fiberglass core that is covered in transparent silicone. That’s why it is comfortable and safe to use and it lasts for so long.
- Kitchen Folks
Each mat is very durable. It's made with a flexible woven fiberglass core that is then encased in transparent silicone.
- BuzzFeed
No worries about flavors or odors seeping into the mats. One of the best benefits to using these mats is that they eliminate the need for cooking sprays, oils, butter or parchment paper which means the food you cook is much better for you. You can use these Artisan silicone baking mats in the oven, freezer and microwave with no issues whatsoever.
- Best Consumer Reviews
What I like about this mat is its ease of storage. I can place it flat in the counter for easy access or I can roll it and place it in a drawer when I need the counter to be free of items. I can put it anywhere as it is flexible enough to fit even the smallest storage space in my home.
- JosephineDC
The artisan silicone mats are versatile in that you will use them for cooking, baking, kneading, rolling, cooling and peppering; making it a multi-functional product in your kitchen. This mat is quite flexible in your kitchen as you will use it in the oven, microwave, freezer or the toaster.
- Do Best Products
The baking mat is extra durable with fiberglass core and transparent silicone casing. It’s completely non-stick, reusable and convenient.
- Best Pickers
They feature a fiberglass core that gives the mat its strength and longevity and it is then coated with silicone to give it flexibility and a non-stick surface.
- Home Gear X
Made from FDA-approved and eco-friendly silicone, these mats eliminate the need for oils, non-stick pans, sprays and parchment paper.
- Julie Pro
These mats are versatile from baking, microwaving, refrigerating, and even freezing!
- Taste Insight
The two silicone mats are made of BPA-free and food-grade silicone materials. They’re ideal for baking, freezing, and roasting. You can even use the mat to knead, roll, and shape a dough.
- Chew The World
I found these Artisan silicone baking mats on Amazon and was amazed at the price! I wanted to give the mats as gifts, so I ordered some to try out myself first. I was very pleased with how well they worked! I gave them as gifts to dozens of friends for Christmas one year.
- Fabulessly Frugal
This silicon mat is designed in a way that its completely eco-friendly can be used for multi-purpose baking most of all it is compatible with all the types of oven having all this and also being economical and better reviews have made this baking mat to top our listing.
- Crazy 4 The Best
These silicone baking mats from Artisan is made with a transparent silicone case and a durable, strong woven fiberglass core. As a result, you clean these items easily just by washing gently or wiping with a damp, soft cloth.
- Small Sweet Home

What experts didn't like

It has to be handled with care and some precautionary measures have to be followed to ensure its longevity.
- Food Shark Marfa
Not ideal for recipes involving honey and brown sugar.
- Best Pickist
Conduct heat poorly.
- Top 10 Best Pro
Not recommended to be placed in a dishwasher.
- JosephineDC
Not ideal for sticky glazes.
- Best Pickers
What you might find unappealing about these mats is their brown color, which gives them a rather dull and uninviting look. Another disadvantage is that they lack measurements or helper rings to help with baking.
- Home Gear X
These mats are not ideal for dishwashers. They may become damaged or ruined in the dish-washing process.
- Taste Insight
The mats may smoke in a 350-degree oven after several uses
- Chew The World

An Overview On Silicone Baking Mats

Baking requires a variety of accessories for success. You’ll need either parchment paper or aluminum foil, or you’ll have to use cooking spray or oils. Otherwise, your food will stick to the pan at worst and cook unevenly at best.

Enter the silicone baking mat. This cooking tool tends to be something you don’t even know you need until you have one. Simply spread one of these mats across your baking sheet and enjoy even, nonstick baking. Some mats are even built to use without a baking sheet, letting you place them directly on the oven rack.

What are the benefits of a silicone baking mat? The first is that you’ll save money on cooking sprays, oils or nonstick papers, and you’ll avoid the extra calories that come from oils and cooking sprays. You also won’t be disposing of one-time-use parchment paper or aluminum foil. A baking mat’s reusability makes it an environmentally friendly solution.

There are several things to consider when buying a silicone baking mat, whether you’re choosing one for yourself or to give as a gift. One of the most important is the evenness of cooking. The right mat distributes heat evenly throughout the baking process, preventing burning and ensuring delicious taste in every bite. You’ll also need a nonstick surface to prevent your treats from sticking to the pan and tearing when you try to remove them.

Nonstick surfaces also mean easier cleanup. Simply remove the mat and wipe it down with soapy water, then rinse. Some mats allow you to wash them on the top rack of your dishwasher, but the size of the mat can make it tough to squeeze in. To be safe, it’s best to plan on handwashing your baking mat after each use.

Another thing to check before using your mat is its temperature tolerance. Baking mats are built to withstand typical baking temperatures, but if you’re baking at heat levels above 450 degrees, make sure your mat is built for it. Some mats can also be used in the microwave and the freezer, broadening the possibilities.

The Silicone Baking Mat Buying Guide

  • Even heat distribution is essential in a baking mat. Look for a mat built with food-grade silicone and reinforced with fiberglass mesh, which transfers food effortlessly while also providing a nonstick surface.
  • Cleanup is a big consideration with baking mats. Models that you can wash on the dishwasher on the top rack are the easiest to clean. However, fitting some of them into that space might be challenging. You can simply wash your mat with soap and warm water, then set it on the counter to dry.
  • Consider a baking mat that doesn’t allow food to fall into the crevices.
  • These mats are silicone, so there is a limit as to how much heat they can withstand. Some models have high heat tolerance, withstanding temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Others are limited to 480 degrees, but this is higher than most recipes. Some models promise heat tolerance of up to 480 degrees, but your food may start to burn once you exceed 400 degrees.
  • Spatulas and utensils you can use with a silicone baking mat are a bit limited, as metal may scratch it. Some mats are built to withstand metal, so you can use the silverware and spatulas you already have.
  • One of the best things about certain baking mats is that you can place them directly on an oven rack, no baking sheet required. Look for this feature if it’s important to you.
  • With some baking mats, you aren’t limited to oven use. You can actually use them in the microwave and freezer. Many are built to handle temperatures all the way down to -40 degrees Fahrenheit, so you can use them in the freezer, as well as the toaster oven and microwave.
  • In addition to using some silicone mats in more than one appliance, you can also use some of them to perform other types of cooking activities. A mat can help you with kneading and rolling in addition to baking. Other mats can be used to knead, roll and shape dough, as well as roast meat. You can even use them to cool your food items.
  • Safety is top-of-mind for many households. Look for a mat that is made from non-toxic, food-grade silicone to keep carcinogens out of your food.
  • As you’re comparing prices, make sure you keep in mind what you get in each set. Some mats are sold individually, whereas others come with two 11.6- by 16.5-inch mats.